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Goto newsletter on the menu, set that up.

some tips: module boarder = 10 input height = 40 button offset 0 5 pick your colours etc.



Goto: Footer > Menu > Add row > add column

In the row part, turn items per row to 1 for everything. Bottom spacing 20

In the column part select newsletter Choose module “whatever you named the in part one.”

This should get your newsletter done…

But I really need the CSS minify, but even with this, its slow…

J1 site 1.3mb (uncompressed) = 1.7 seconds load. J2 site 760 kb (compressed) = 2.7 seconds load J2 site 800kb (uncompressed) = 4.4 seconds to load.

It’s a shame this is very slow, it’s going to mess up my google rankings no doubt.. There must be something wrong, as it scores much higher in tests like gtmetrix, and pingdom tools. It’s a fair test, I essentially made J2 site look like J1…

J1 = 92 / 82 GTmetrix J2 = 97 / 92 Gtmetrix

So in theory it should be much faster, not slower… Which confuses me.

My vitalia site, which is about the same size in content, loads up in 0.7 seconds… Which is pretty much instant, no wait. I was hoping the new Journal theme would be faster than the first one, as Journal is way more customizable, much nicer looking theme, and much better customer help, even with the slow, I’d still prefer it, although be nice if it can be fixed.

Hi, we’re constantly trying to improve the performance, however it depends a lot on features used, content and server setup. Please file this as a ticket so our developers can investigate and compare further. Thanks!

i cant save active skin to journal i

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with temporary access to your store Thanks!

Hello DA,

1. Which free XML sitemap extension you will recommend. If there is no such free, then which one would you prefer

2.Al;so, there is already one under Extensions > Product Feeds > Google Sitemap at backend. But i think this is only for products. Not for other pages. Will you recommend this one also.

3. Have you included Newsletter module with current update.

4. I prefer to update the theme by uploading the files through cPanel of my hosting account. So, can i just upload the zipped folder including 5 folders admin, catalogue, image, system, vqmod and then unzipped them, so that it overwrites the previous folders. Is this process also OK, because doing FTP takes a lot of time with me.

5. Will i be having my custom skin saved after updating also. Or it will be overwritten by the default 10 new skins.

Thanks :)


1 & 2. We don’t know and can’t recommend any such extension. This isn’t related to the theme so you should go with the one which serves your purpose better.
3. Yes we have.
4. That’s fine too as long as the new files replace the old ones.
5. You customizations will stay the same. Only the settings that you did not modify will fall back to the new Journal 2 skin.


Thanks for the instructions, samaraki.

I know it)) I would like to translate the theme settings in the Russian language. In version 1.8 you can easily do everything in a special language file in version 2 does not. And so I can translate it, but it will not transfer standard. Also in version 1.8 was able to save the theme settings, allowing painless switch to another version of the engine when installing opencart theme import configuration. Whether there is such a possibility?

Hi, Journal 2 is completely different in the admin, can’t compare anything from J2 with J1. You can translate the admin by changing each option manually, file a ticket on our support page if you need to know where to do that. You can export theme settings from Settings > Import/Export then import them back onto a different installation. Thanks!

Will it ever be possible to have custom tabs/blocks from the product details page, turn up somewhere in the Quick View window? Here in Europe new laws regarding information to customers before they put products in the basket makes life very difficult to us shopowners. The custom tabs/blocks are excellent to create this information, but it is a problem the customers can’t see it in the Quick View window, where they can also add the product to the basket.

Hi, adding tabs to the Quickview can make it slow to open and that’s the whole point of the QuickView, to be quick. We don’t have plans to add them at this time but we’re looking into the possibility for a future update. Thanks!

What is the best way to add divider (line)?

Hi, that is broad question, please file a ticket on our support page with more details of what you’re trying to do, or screenshots. Thanks!

Hi! Did not quite understand the warning when exporting to “Settings> Import / Export”, when selecting “Include Store Data” – “On.”: “Warning! You will lose all your existing categories / products / manufacturers”.

I want to export the current site settings for a subdomain, but these data will disappear on my current site?!...I do not understand is the point of this export …. Or is it “difficulties of translation” :) and I understood everything wrong?

P.S. Ie is meant not need export your settings demo skins, but their own customized settings template and site.

Thank you!

No, it applies to your local environment as well, only the “warning” applies to the demo since our demos have different categories and products. Thanks.

Now all is clear! Thank you very much for explanations! Now I can do the export calmly without worrying about that all the data can disappear :)

Right, but just to be clear, your store data will be reset to the data you export so if you only want to back up the theme settings you don’t need that option. Cheers!

Hi, how to make one slider in left side and two and three in the right side on the top on main page? The same like in preview on Jurnal 1? Thanks!

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so we can guide you Thanks!

is it possible to add product tab such as free shipping only for a couple of products?

Hi, yes of course, there’s a “Global” switch in the Product Tabs page, just turn that off and then you can choose the products on which the tab should be shown. Thanks!

Ohh okay, very good. It would be great if we can control it automatically based on product price. For example active the tab for all products which have price > 49$. Possible?

Hi, that’s not possible unfortunately. Thanks.

Hi DA, thank you for the theme update. I have just received some excellent support again, resolving issues that are probably outside the usual scope of a theme developer. Big shout out to Lucian for fixing my store. Buy with confidence, I’m a really big fan of these guys :-)

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback, very much appreciated! Let us know if you need any other assistance. Cheers!

Hello DA,

Just wanna say BIG THNAKS for integrated SEO Rich Snippets and also facebook open-graph..and many more features NO kidding many other themes won’t work as the way it should.

Those are major headache for me and now SOLD just using single journal theme (v2). WOW this is how i felt so confidence, I’m poor at English sorry, But Please don’t stop me to say it.

BIG recommended for OpenCart user

Regards, Pudom

Hi Pudom, thanks very much for your comment and feedback, we appreciate it!

Hey DA,

Will it be possible to just change the look of checkout from vertical steps to something like this It looks More Neat.

Just asking


Hi, we do not have plans to change the checkout page unfortunately. There are 3rd party mods for single page checkout though. Cheers!

Hi DigitalAtelier,

If I were to use this Journal

Can I create the homepage like

Where there is no products items showing on the main page and 4 boxes of pictures showing product categories.

Regards. Chun Howe

Hi, yes of course, you can do pretty much anything you want. For example the Home page has only the header and footer. The rest can be filled with any of the available modules (sliders, banners, cms blocks, etc) in any shape or form. Thanks!

Hey DA,

I am still having Trouble with Super Filters, i have a attribute Group “Colour” and under that group 2 attributes “red” & “black” and i have assigned red to one product and black to another.

Now when i go to store front the problem is the filter module shows Filter heading as “Red” which is actually an option like red,black,blue etc. and under that i see (2) thats all there is no black or any other attribute or attribute group whatsoever Here is the Store Front view

Please let me know what all can be the possible soultions.


Hi, that is not the correct workflow, you can’t add attribute groups to the filter, only the attributes themselves are assigned to products and will appear in the filter. Using Options seems to be a better approach to this situation. Please file a ticket on our support page so we can explain in more detail how options and attributes work in Opencart. Thanks!

hi it works with ? Did you test it ?

Hi, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it works with, the earliest is 1.5.4. Thanks!

The journal guys are genius’s,

If I just waited, I wouldnt of had to get expensing hosting with built in cache, bought other themes, etc.

Now I’m finding myself turning of the hosting caching and compression system, deleting my old themes, and because Journal 2 is so customizable, I can replicate my other themes which I liked, almost the same, but even better, because Journal 2 is the best.

I recommend everyone get this.

If you was pondering with getting another nice theme, don’t bother save yourself the stress get journal 2, the features are endless. When you run a multistore and multiple themes, you run in to so many problems, now that J2 is so customizable, you need not bother with multiple themes, you can pull off a completely different look even with the same J2 theme.

Thank you samaraki, we appreciate your valuable review. We aim to provide the best theme and service to our customers and this shows that we are on the right path. Thanks again!

Can I suggest an ‘All Layouts’ feature in the add to layouts section of the modules? This would be incredibly useful for us! Thanks!

Hi, it’s not possible for all modules unfortunately, only the Fullscreen slider and Side Blocks can be added to All Pages at once. Cheers!

Hello DigitalAtelier, Your theme have a problem with Lastest product. It can’t show friendly urls and when i click on any product in this module, my website is not responing anything. Please check and fix it, thanks you! My site:

Hi, please update to 2.2.1 released yesterday as the Latest issue has been taken care of. If you have any other issues please file a ticket so our developers can assist you Thanks!

Dear DA, Thanks again for amazing work, small suggestion please regarding adding Open In New Tab for Menus Section if admin selects Menu Item as Custom or HTML or even you can make it for all types

Please visit to see shopping mall link which is in main menu

Thanks for consideration

Hi, sure thing, we will consider that for our next updates. Cheers!