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Hello. First of all, thank’s for such a brilliant template. I have a feauture request (if it is possible).

Can you integrate a function that changes logo image according selected language?

My website has two languages (for now) and i have a slogan at the bottom of logo. When i change my language it has to change to the image of selected language.

Again thank you very very much!

Hi, thanks for the kind words! Please file a ticket on our support page to see how we can help with that. Thanks!

I recently downloader Journal (again), and it still version 1.5.1, although in change log you mention v1.5.2. Is it not available on themeforest yet?

Hi, yes, it was supposed to be today but it will come tomorrow morning. You will get an email when it’s approved and you will see v1.5.2 in the download package. Thanks for your patience!

I purchased Journal a few weeks ago and have built a beautiful website using the Journal Template.

I have tried many Templates, but this is the best. Really fantastic, even for people who have limited coding skills.

What’s even better and very reassuring is the amazing response time and service from support. $45 is too cheap for this level of professionalism, and they also offer regular updates.

In case you think I’m too happy with the product. No! I have absolutely no connection with DigitalAtelier. I’m just a website owner.

Thanks so much for this wonderful comment! We love when people enjoy our work and we strive to make it even better! Please let us know if we can be of any other assistance. Thank you!

Hi, very nice theme!

Is there a HTML version included in the package also?

Because we would move from OpenCart to something else. (Because we don’t want to have to fill in prices without tax anymore, but including tax. And the option system does not work for special wholesale group prices, all option prices are ignored when you give a group a special price).

Hi, it seems that way but in this case we’ve built the theme directly in the browser from the default OpenCart theme. We just started modifying the css and tpl files until we came to the present design. There’s more to it than that, as it’s a very complex theme, but no plain HTML was made specifically for this. However, we’ll have the wordpress version soon which will include HTML files. Thanks!

All right, thanks, I will wait until it is ready. :)

Ok, thanks!

Yes, Journal is 1 of the most outstanding template with easy understanding documents and even the built in ”?” will help us more understanding the actual feature link with.

Compare to another Author whom sold OC Theme which named “Kxxx”, his support extremes suck, his latest themes “Uxxxxxxxm Pro” got bugs and limited support from author. Why? Because that author always disappear and don’t care the buyer… Can you imagine the Author only “appear” 2 times within 2 months to help ans some questions and now still disappear for almost against for 1 month since last replied…

DigitalAtelier, you ROCK!!!

Thanks a lot for your reassuring comment. We aim to deliver the best quality to our customers. Thank you, adamngai!!

I suggest that we should have a showcase column, that will help to boost up our mindset on how other people whom use this great themes to build for this site…

That’s a good idea, if people send in their stores we can have a showcase section. We are bringing more skins too, we want to have 10 different skins so we’ll bring 6 more in the next month or so. Thanks!

hello, when i try to do seo url ,this warning appears “Journal not installed”. what should i do ?

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so we can look at your setup. If it says that you probably haven’t pasted the line of code in your index.php file (step 4 from our installation instructions). Thanks!

Wow, this is the first theme that makes me feel like useing OpenCart. I am more than amazed! (But will consider to wait for WooCommerce).

Thanks a lot for the kind words, we appreciate it! Stay tuned, WooCommerce is coming early summer :)

How can I made my website using Journal to show fullscreen (like when viewing it on iPad in Portrait mode)? Currently it don’t extend to fullscreen, there’re 2 bars on the side :(

Another problem: on iPad – portrait mode, the Custom Sections is extend to full width of the display, but on phone (Xperia ZL – 1080p screen – Portrait mode), it only extend to half the width and left-aligned :(

Hi, this theme can not be made fluid/fullscreen because the animation plugin used in the Custom Sections module requires specific breakpoints in order to rearrange the product grid correctly. There’s no way to know all the device resolutions out there so we covered the most common ones. The 1080p you mentioned is not true 1080px, it’s more like 360px depending on the dpi. We are however introducing more breakpoints so please file a ticket on our support page with a screenshot of your device’s screen so we can check it out. Thanks!

Hi, will your theme work on Version 1.5.3?

Hi, it should work, but we haven’t officially tested it. Thanks!

How to backup/copy the custom skin out? Because some issue for my site and I have no choice to reinstall everything now. I have saved entired folder our, so if I have the way to copy the skin back to the current site, then I do not need to organize it against… Can advise where should I find the custom skin? Thanks!

Ummm, if possible, it will be much more better to have 1-click-save-skin button/function available, and we can save it offline and upload against after that… Can consider?? :>

When you type some keywords into the search button, it will show some similar products that being contains with the keywords that you have type… (i.e.: Product name in store: Samsung Galaxy S4 / Sony PS4… So if customer type S4 in the search area, the system will show these 2 products into the search area…)

Yes, we are considering that feature and it will come in our future updates but can’t tell you an exact date. We’ll try to push it into the next one. Thanks!


This is one of the most impressive themes for opencart so far. But before I make a purchase I have some questions.

I use swedish language. How does this them do on international languages? IF everything isnt right or something is strange, will I get full support to find a sollution to fix it? Regarding the meny. I saw that the meny was on the right side, is it possible to change it to the left side too?

With best regards, Stefan

Hi Stefan, thanks for the kind words! Yes, this theme supports multiple languages (OpenCart has great support for multiple languages) and we have a very good suport system in place so we’ll do our best to help our users get started with this theme. However, you will need to be familiar with the OpenCart system itself.

Yes, you can position the side modules on either side, left or right.

Let us know if you have any other questions. Best Regards.

Thank you for your reply!

I got another question. On the footer section, there is something called “extras”. Is it possible to disable it and for example have text or a picture on that space instead?

Hi, you have to do that in code as Opencart does not have an editable admin section for that. Open footer.tpl and you’ll see the “Extras” links in there. File a ticket on our support page if you have difficulties with this. Thanks!

Theme is better than perfect it is made for unlimited customization. And for the opencart store customers it is as simple as possible. This theme increases sales.

Thanks a lot for this beautiful comment, clkrenntech, we love hearing this! Thank you so much!

If I update the theme, I will lose the changes made in the files? Can merge the information?

Hi, all your Control Panel settings are preserved the way you have them now, you won’t lose anything. However, if you’ve made modifications directly in the files you will have to do them again as you have to replace the theme files with the new ones. Thanks!

Hi DigitalAtelier

i cant find the “blue Update Theme button” for the update? as u stated in the Update Instructions. where is the button?

Access the Control Panel from your Admin and click on the blue Update Theme button


Hi i mean where does that button appear, in which section? in extension/modules?? or can you tell me where i can find that button?

Hi, it’s in the Control Panel…Extensions/Modules/Journal Control Panel. Sorry, we’ll try to make it more obvious.

Hi DigitalAtelier Thank you so much!! got it! Great

opss.. sorry i am not sure why the text are so huge


I am looking to purchase a theme which works well on mobile browsers as well as standard PCs, I have tried a few and most seem to have issues or are just not nice designs.

I love the design of your theme and am looking to purchase but have noticed an issue which affects mobile devices when used in portrait mode which is quite important to me.

I have tested your preview “Journal 1” on my mobile which is the design I would like to use, but on my HTC Android phone (HTC Sensation), it looks good BUT I have found an issue with the layout and wondered if this has been fixed in the downloadable files?

If you look at this screenshot from my Phone:


and notice the item description overlaps in to the price etc. which spoils the nice design.

It only happens on the mobile platform and only in portrait mode due to the narrow size, when used in landscape on my mobile it is fine.

Does your preview use old versions of your files or are they the current versions…. i.e. Has this actually been fixed and would not be an issue with the current downloaded files or if it is an issue can it be fixed as I would love to purchase and sue your theme but for me it is important to have a good useable template on mobiles.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply.

Hi, yes, all our previews are up to date. The list view is not available on the lowest resolution phones (below 480px) as it automatically switches to grid view. I’m not sure what resolution the Sensation has but we’ve increased the breakpoint so you should see the grid view now. Thanks!

Hi and thanks for the super fast reply.

Sorry I should have stated this problem is only when you use the search and it displays the results. For items with a short description it does not matter but for items with a long description it overlaps in to the price.

When I click in to any category it does show items in grid as you state so that is not the issue, they display fine and look good, it is only when using the search (sorry I should have mentioned this).

I checked the res. of the HTC Sensation and its 540×960px so not too bad and everything else seems to layout well.

Thanks once again for the quick reply and of course your hard work on the theme.

Hi, no problem, you pointed out an omission on our part, we hadn’t set the grid only view for mobiles on the search page. We did so now, so if you check it again it should display properly. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi I tested the live preview/demo on my iphone and when I click on the shopping cart it does not show me the contents of the shopping cart. Is this an issue with the demo? Am I able to see the contents of the shopping cart and estimated shipping from a mobile on the real version or is the demo pretty much an accurate reflection of what I would get?

I am looking for something that allows one to see the shopping cart and estimated shipping before having to register a new account. I noticed that when I view it on my laptop I can see the shopping cart….but not when I check it from my mobile devices….

I like the layout a lot though!


Hi, please check it out now. Thanks!

wow that was fast! Thank you! I can view the contents of the shopping cart now!

I noticed something else though, after going through the order and when I do the estimated shipping costs …the page isn’t responsive (for mobile…specifically iphone)

I’m still going to buy it though as I am confident you will fix it. Thank you so much for a great product and fantastic service!

Hi, there are some html tables on the cart and checkout pages that are somewhat impossible to make fully responsive without moving the html structure around with javascript. We’ll definitely take another look at that. If you purchase and do find any bugs, please file a ticket on our support page and we’ll take care of them right away. Thanks!

@ 2SnAK

I have just been testing this theme “Journal 1 Layout” on an Android phone and can confirm it DOES work fine on that, the goods are in the basket and can be seen and you can select the shipping estimates and see all the totals etc. as you would expect, so it sound like it is maybe an iPhone issue, but as you correctly ask it may be the demo files are out of date.

just thought I would let you know ;)

Thanks for the clarification, Sophuni, cheers!

Great theme. How do you handle tags?
Can categories and tags be placed in the product page? I assume if so, I could upload and a live link would appear in the product area and/or description.
Alterrnatively, I coiuld place specific keywords in the produyct description and have them search for their keywords and include the product description.
What do you recommend?

Hi, the tag feature you’re referring to is not part of our theme, it’s a default feature built into the OpenCart system. There are many features available in OpenCart that we haven’t mentioned in our documentation because we assume people know about OpenCart before buying this theme as it only works on that platform and not by itself.

We will try to mention more of the default OpenCart features to differentiate it from other ecommerce solutions.

You can check out the OpenCart system before making your purchase decision here and also their documentation here ‘

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Hi, I’ll have to bulk upload tens of thousands of products.

I’ve heard that turning off the product count helps—true? Also, what csv bulk upload script do your recommend?

Are there any suggestions you can make in regards to the uploading and creation of thumbnails which might cause a timeout or other problem?

BTW nice features presentation. J

Hi, thanks!
We haven’t used any third party modules (except the Blog Manager) so can’t recommend an ideal solution but if you visit this page and search for bulk import you’ll find some third party extensions that may suit your needs.

I’m not sure about the product count but it makes sense since there are lots of calculations made in order to display the count and you have so many products.

Thumbnails sorry, we don’t know any viable solution.

Thank you!

hello; Added to step 4 Site opens. but particularly seo url “Journal not installed” writes. Important Please help seo url

admin ftp send ticket information. cause of the error, please tell seo url.

For help please

Hi, we’ve responded, please follow the ticket thread with any other issue you may have. Thanks!