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Can all journal settings from one multi store be copied to another multi store?


Hi, you can just apply the same skin to the other store, each store can have its own skin. Cheers!

I use local install of opencart 2.1.x with journal2 theme, and I have 2 questions:

1 – How can I add all icons from fontawesome and more custom icons in journal-icons font set?

2 – How can I use SVG icons? (loading png files anyway looks bad for retina screens, i want svg)

I upload and choose SVG icons and get an error in front – Browser load blank page with error message: screen – http://i.imgur.com/Trd7uw1.png

“Content Encoding Error The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.”
error log:
PHP Warning: imagecreatetruecolor(): Invalid image dimensions in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 109
PHP Warning: imagealphablending() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 112
PHP Warning: imagesavealpha() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 113
PHP Warning: imagecolorallocatealpha() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 114
PHP Warning: imagecolortransparent() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 115
PHP Warning: imagefilledrectangle() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 120
PHP Warning: imagecopyresampled() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in _______/system/storage/modification/system/library/image.php on line 122

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you.


Hi! I have a presales question. Can I use this theme to create themes for my clients? I would like to create different themes for my clients where no two themes look alike. Can I do this with Journal?

Hi, yes but you need to purchase one license for each of your clients, as it only covers one single store. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply. I will just factor in the cost of Journal to each Opencart project.

I added some new products today, but they did not have the “latest label”. But some of old products have latest label. And latest product did not show on first of Carousel Latest Module. Could you have me? I use 2.7.3.

I fixed it. Sorry.

Hi, how to adjust width of heading/title box for the side banner? refer >> http://www.junioraulad.com/image/data/how.png

Hi, the side columns title width cannot be adjusted, it will have to fill up the entire side column.



Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you.


In my opinion the journal super filter is missing an interesting feature. It is not filtering the default opencart filter items. I know that one can use the attribute filter as an alternative, but the advantage of using the items of the opencart filter is that one can easily choose the filter items from a dropdown list, while one has to fill in the attribute values manually for each product. This is extra work and can lead to erraneous entries.

Are there any near future plans to incorporate the default opencart filter into the super filter or is there any other workaround? Regards

Hi, unfortunately we don’t have plans to expand on the filter module at this stage, it will potentially need core rewriting which will interfere with all existing modules upon update and most people don’t want to have it reset. It may be possible to customize the module to fit your needs though, please consult with your developer.


Hi, I want to create for each category and subcategory a unique Fullwidth top slider. Is this is possible?

Thank you!


Hi, yes please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you.


Dear Journal Support Team.

I lost my config images size default in System->Setting->Emage. Please give me setting default for images size .

Best Regards.

Mr Minh

Thanks you for your support

Hi, does your theme support full-width designs and drag & drop layout?

I’m comparing Journal to the following design. Can Journal achieve this?


Hi, it does support fullwidth layouts, however it’s not Wordpress, the admin is different and doesn’t have drag & drop like Avada so we can’t say that you can create the same exact layout. You can achieve what your see in our 10 demos.


Hello, I normally provide Wordpress solutions but am looking into OpenCart as an e-commerce solution for a client. So I am new to OpenCart and excited about it – especially going on a journey with this theme. Forgive me if my presale question is “dumb”. Would installing this theme “undo” all the work that has already been done to an OpenCart set up? Or like Wordpress, when you install a theme, it does not affect the content. You just simply switch over? Would this be the same?

Hi, yes you install the theme and your current catalog (products, categories) stay the same. You can then create new content such as sliders, banners, custom blocks, etc. via the available theme options.


Hi, will installing modules using ocmod or vqmod mess up journal? Please advise.

Hi, no if the modules are compatible with custom themes they will not, however not all modules are compatible with custom themes so some may not look right without having them adapted to the theme’s code.


hello there is an effect that makes the banner make this far? follow the example http://www.graficacopiaecia.com.br/

Hi, if you’re referring to the hover effect on the banners, we do not have an effect like that unfortunately. Regards.


I want to import journal demo 10 skin? Do i have to renew support to import demo?

Can I get demo 10 demo file? Please …

Hi, of course not, just use your existing purchase code to export any demos you want.


Hello DigitalAtelier, I bought long time ago your theme… ! I want to make a marketing strategy. I want to disable account creation posibility and remove mandatory email field only on GUEST shopping. Can you tell me how can i remove email mandatory? Please little help for this.

Hi, you’d need to file a ticket on our support page so our developers can tell you what files to edit to make the email non-mandatory.


I’m having trouble with Journal Modules padding top and bottom on the homepage. The padding settings in the CMS are working for Revolution slider, but not for any of the other Journal Modules. Is there a global setting that I’m missing somewhere? I’ve also tried adding the padding via the custom code editor and even used ’!important’, but these settings are not working. Thanks for all your great support.

Hi, we would need some screenshots and temporary access to your store, please file a ticket on our support page so our developers can assist you.


Quick Checkout doesn’t work with card payment. The theme looks great, but I’m not satisfied with Quick Checkout. Two dvelopers tried to fix the problem with Checkout, but they gave up, and they say that the Quick Checkout cannot work with all payment methods. I think that Quick Checkout will have problem with all card payment methods which have embeded card information fields inside. If Journal provides a solution for quick checkout, so the solution should work with all cases. Otherwise you have to use awful default checkout, so you will have a lot of abandoned checkout or you have to try another checkout solution which is not sure that it will be compatibel with Journal. I’m disappointed!

Hi, that is correct, the Journal Quick Checkout does not work with all payment methods. This is stated in our documentation as well.

This checkout is included for free as a bonus but it’s not a full blown advanced checkout system. Whoever needs more advacend checkout systems they can install 3rd party extensions such as Ajax Quick Checkout (note that they have a free version as well), or use the default Opencart checkout.



I can’t see filter options on my smartphone, is the filter working on mobile devices? If not, do you plan to make it work on mobile, because for me filtering is essential for ecommerce website. For my future ecommerce I need filter for mobile devices on top of category pages or something like that?! Will I be able to make it if I purchase your theme?


Hi, yes it is possible to display the filter on mobile, our developers can help you do this, just file a ticket on our support page after purchase.


Where exactly would be displayed?

On top of the main content, below the header.

Hi, I have problem to share a product on facebook when I click on the facebook plugin in my line picture doesn’t appear like ( your customer) Miguelcamargo2 … The other social plathforms are working properly… Would you please tell me what can i do for solving that problem ? ( Meanwhile I will buy another one of your theme very soon…)

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page with access to your store so our developers can assist you.


Hi, just wanted to know before I buy the theme. I currently have OC if I were to upgrade to OC 2.2.X … Will there be any issue?

Hi, you should do the Opencart platform update first and then install the latest theme version on top. There shouldn’t be any issues regarding this process.