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Hi, currently developing our new site with the Journal theme. Really impressed! We’ve been working on it for quite some time now… getting it perfect prior to launch. There is not a better theme we’ve come across yet!! Really worth every penny.

Really looking forward to seeing Journal 2. I know originally you said mid January but I understand there is loads to do. Do you have any idea when it will be launched? We are delaying the launch of our new site until Journal 2 is released.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, thanks so much for your valuable feedback!
We will announce the exact release day + a full list of features next week.

Journal 2 is a new theme, built from scratch, so we suggest you hold off on your customizations as the settings from the current version will not be transferable to the new version and you’ll have to customize it again. However, the effort is more than worth it when you realize the unprecedented power and set of features we’ve built into Journal 2. Thanks for your patience!

Brilliant. Very much looking forward to the announcement. I see below that you said a list of features and a release date will be announced today, what time (and in what time zone) as I want to start planning a launch date for our new site. Thank you.

Hi, the release is scheduled for 17 february and the feature list will be announced tonight (GMT+2) Thanks!

Hi, I’ve purchased your theme last week just for the long awaited Journal 2.0 theme. Fingers crossed it gets released soon. Keep up the good work.

Hi, thanks for buying, we’re working on the last pieces now. It will be the most advanced theme in Opencart, the wait is worth it :)


Any change to keep the 1.8 versions alive when 2.0 is released. Just in case?

Hi, sure you can run both as separate themes. Thanks!

in admin – Journal control panel, when I do edit and save I got this error

Not Acceptable

An appropriate representation of the requested resource /admin/index.php could not be found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Please help me how to sort out, I already submitted my ticket but no response

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page Thanks!

Hi, i like very much your theme, but when i change in opencart to use a friendly url i get a error: Journal not installed – Read full installation instructions!/installation

If i use normal opencart url with ID’s the template work very well.


Hi, please file a ticket on our support page Thanks!

Journal 2 is a new theme, built from scratch, so we suggest you hold off on your customizations as the settings from the current version will not be transferable to the new version and you’ll have to customize it again.

This may have already been answered. Will Journal 2 be an update to this theme, or released as a new theme? Just wondering if I should buy today, or wait?

Thanks for buying, when it’s ready you just download the package again and you’ll have version 2.

Wanted to lock in the $45 price, as I’m sure the release of Journal 2 will increase the price to $50-$60. Now I will just wait for the update. Thanks!

It will still be $45 but as Opencart increases in popularity Themeforest may raise the price threshold in the near future.

Hi, Does V2 include any changes to the review section? As far as I’m aware the current version uses the default opencart-style reviews which are too bland and don’t fit with the style of Journal.


Hi, no we don’t change the product page review mechanism. Thanks!

hi All A module that includes the addition of a button with this thema does not work why is this happening? With the Thema default working properly but with this thema does not work … The button and added a button, a window opens popup java …

Hi, only verified buyers receive support, please use the account with which you purchased the theme when asking for help.


Hi, I have some questions about Journal 2:

  • Will it be compatible with the current Blog Manager?
  • The new template will use some modules Journal 1.8.2?
  • Do any file “Journal 2” modifies the core Opencart?
  • “Journal 2” is faster than “Jorunal 1.8.2”?
  • Have a SEO Tool?
  • When can download the new template? :)

Thank you.


  • Yes it will.
  • All existing modules are improved and made much better + we’re adding new ones.
  • No, we don’t modify any core files.
  • Performance is a main priority and Journal 2 will probably be the most performant theme.
  • Journal 2 will be SEO optimized and very Google friendly.
  • When it’s ready you’ll get an email. We will announce the full list of features + a release day by the end of this week


Thanks you! ;)

I just wanted to say thank you for spending the time designing a great product. I am excited to see what you hold in the future for V2. My website looks hand over foot better then any of my competitors.

Thanks so much, we appreciate it!

Just so i know before i purchase another extenstion. Will the new V2 happen to include, or the possibility to include an events calender?

Hi, no we don’t have anything like that in the works.

Hi there.

I just wanted to know if installing Journal 2 would affect my hierarchy and products already present?

Basically I am sketching out the new website on the original default Open Cart Theme.

However, I will halt if I should be really doing this via Journal admin.


Hi, Journal has nothing to do with products and categories, it will install over your existing structure. Those will always be editable through Catalog > Products and Catalog > Categories. The Journal Admin will only deal with theme settings. Thanks!

Do you expect to start sell journal 2 in february or it will take more?

Hi, definitely in February, we’re patching up the last features as we speak. Thanks!

if i buy now jornal 1 i will have acess to journal 2? ty

Of course, it will be free for all existing buyers, thanks.

Hello I would like to buy your nice theme, but I’d also need a module to filter the products based on attributes. You can advise a module compatible? If I buy your theme, you can do the installation for me? I can give you FTP data. Thanks. Gigi

Hi Gigi, Journal 2 will include an advanced filtering module so you don’t need to buy any module. We don’t usually include installation services but occasionally we can help you set it up. Thanks!

Hello, So when exactly will update the journal 2, the first information was in January, now on in February. First week or the second?


Hi, we’ll announce the full list of features and an exact release day this friday. Thanks for you patience!


I want to buy today this template, i like it very much but saw that you will release a new version 2.0 in a few days. If i buy now this template now and i want to upgrade to the 2.0 version (when you will releaseit) i must pay the template again? Or i will have free access to it?

Hi, Journal 2 will be free for all existing buyers, thanks.

Still some things to iron out, we’ll announce friday all confirmed features + a release day. Thanks for your patience!

Hello! I hasten to say that the template is simply gorgeous! Thank you for such a quality product! We are doing what that sucks. But will need to install additional modules, if something goes wrong, I can count on your support? PS I apologize for my English, Google took the translator.

Hi, thank you. We offer full support for potential bugs or issue with our theme but we do not offer support for 3rd party modules. Thanks!

I probably do not say so, if the installation of the module refuses to work template (website), you can at least give advice why it happened?

Yes, of course, your developer can then modify and customize any module to fit the theme. Thanks!

Great! then soon we will know the release date of version 2. Good job.

Yes, we’ll announce the day and the features list tonight so you’ll have it by morning, depending on your time zone. Thanks!

I want to change the Cart Icon instead of using one of these three font-icon, maybe an image. Can you kindly guide me how? Thanks.

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page for this Thansk!