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Can’t wait for your announcement today regarding features and release date :D

Yes, we’ll announce the day and the features list tonight so you’ll have it by morning, depending on your time zone. Thanks!

How much time is left at the announcement?

Hi, we’ll announce it tonight here in the comments. Thanks.

When do you plan to make the announcement tonight? Also, how do you plan to make the announcement? Will you have information on release date on Theme Forest or on your demo site? Do we need to sign up for a mailing list?


Hi, the announcement will be made here on Themeforest and once released all customers will receive an email alerting theme the update is ready. Thanks!

Journal 2 is scheduled for release on February 17. We’re hard at work making sure we deliver a world class theme for our wonderful customers. Here’s a list of confirmed features. There are even more features in the works but some may make it in version 2.1, after we launch version 2.


  • Entire theme redesigned and recoded from scratch with best practices in mind. Built to scale, built for the future.
  • Automatic minification and combination of JS and CSS files including all CSS generated from the Control Panel. The body element starts at around line 20
  • Additional optimizations throughout the theme resulting in a significant improvement in Google Page Speed and other performance scores


  • 100% Fluid Responsive – utilizing our own grid system – Journal 2 will fit any device in portrait or landscape mode from end to end
  • New header layout with centered logo
  • 3 column support – you can now use Column Left and Column Right on the same page
  • Top and Bottom Positions – exclusive to Journal 2 this feature lets you position modules Top or Bottom – between the header and main container and between the container and footer. Can extend to full width and have per module background settings (color, image).


  • New Journal Admin – Ultra Advanced Single Page Interface with access to every theme feature in record time.
  • Flexible Site Width – support for multiple site widths up to 1920px
  • Items Per Row Editor – you can now choose to display from 1 to 6 products per row in any grid module or category layout. You can declare items per row independently for each resolution and for each module – Unprecedented layout control!
  • Icon Editor – Included font icon pack – also supports png icons
  • Font Editor – The entire Google Fonts library with subset support, variant support and custom text preview inside the editor
  • Color Editor – Support for RGBA – create semi-transparent backgrounds
  • Smart Links System – a new feature that allows you to create any menu item and link it to any internal page automatically.
  • Advanced Footer – Create unlimited rows and columns with links or any HTML content. Footer links are now entirely created in the admin – can edit, delete or reconfigure any footer link utilizing the new Smart Link System

General Features

  • Product Labels – display automatic labels on products for Out of Stock, New and Special (discount %)
  • Advanced Search Auto-Suggest – displays product name, image and price in the auto-suggest list
  • Advanced Add to Cart Notification – displays product image as well
  • Improved QuickView with support for product options and product labels
  • Product Views option – displays the total number of product views at product page and QuickView (vqmod)
  • Auto-updating option price difference at product page
  • Second Image on mouse over for product grid and list – displays the first additional image from each product (vqmod)
  • Improved Menu System with support for Mega Menu, Infinite Level Dropdown, Products, Brands, Categories, Custom Links, HTML Content

New Modules

  • Super Filter – Advanced Ajax filtering module – filter products by option, attribute, category, manufacturer
  • CMS Blocks module with support for any HTML content
  • Carousel module with support for single or tabbed carousels – display products, categories, brands on any layout – automatically populate carousels with products from Opencart modules (Featured, Bestseller, Latest, Special), products from any specific category, any specific Manufacturer or custom products. It can also display categories and manufacturers directly so you can create Category or Manufacturer Walls – also supports the Items per Row feature allowing you to create different modules with different number or items per row.
  • Side Column Category module – The default OC category module if very limited so we’ve created a custom module with support for infinite sub-levels – you can now display all your subcategories in 2 built in styles: accordion or fly-out dropdown
  • Text Rotator module – Multi-purpose text rotator module to use for testimonials, reviews, headlines, news, etc.

Improved Modules

All other existing modules have been redesigned and improved.
You can now populate the Custom Sections module with any products (same as Carousel above). Improved Slider module, Photo Gallery, Static Banners, Side Blocks, Fullscreen Slider.
The Product Tabs module now has support for 2 additional positions: on the right under the product options and on the left under the product image – you can now position custom html blocks (with any content) in 3 places at the product page. Each product tab can be added globally all products, individually to custom products or to a specified set of products.

Important Journal 2 is a new and separate theme, not upgradeable from the current Journal version, meaning theme settings and modules will have to be recreated in the new theme. Journal 2 will be free for all existing buyers.

Thank you!

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Excellence in everything! Congratulations DigitalAtelier counting the days!

Thank you grmid!

Hi DigitalAtelier, I would like to ask you a quick question regarding the tabs of the modules on the homepage: how can I get them (those tabs) next to each other in one row..?


Hi, that is the Journal Custom Sections module. You have to create multiple sections within the same module and they will show up like that. Thanks!

Thank you @DigitalAtelier

Hi, now I read what will be in upcoming version and I must congratulate you, great work. I don’t regret any crown, what I gave for this template.

Journal template is between all templates for OpenCart best! Keep it up.

I can not wait on date 17.2. :)

Thank you PepeCZ!

Hello digital,

It is for sure the number one theme of all history of opencart! F A N T A S T I C. WAITHING FOR 17 FEBUARY. i only have a question in version 1.8 in revolution slider it makes me put only 4 sliders when i put the fifth or the sixt in slider in home page it does not i wromg in something? can you please help me. thank you

Hi, we’re not sure, please file a ticket on our support page so we can investigate. Thanks!

hi digital, now it works. thank you

Looks like a great theme; Question your custom TOP MENU mentions in the docs that you can mix and match with the OC menu by copying the original links; however does that mean there is a way to get the number of wishlist items added in the a custom Journal menu for Wishlist (x) as well to update automatically – it all seems very text based?

Hi, in Journal 2 all header menus use the Smart Link System so you can mix an match any menu. You can create and order your menus any way you want, you have all internal Opencart pages available in the system, you create a menu item and assign any link from the dropdown, including Wishlist, any category, product, etc.

Sounds nice, thanks for answer

Second Image on mouse over for product grid and list – displays the first additional image from each product (vqmod) I love you :) thanks

Glad to hear it :) Cheers!

Journal 2 does not include special countdown module?

Hi, we’ve considered this and it will most likely come in v. 2.1

Just wanted to write when will update? and then this news! It is waiting for updates Thank you!

The same blog manager is supported.

I read wrong, I thought you make your own blog module

No, we don’t plan to create our own blog module.


So excited for the version 2.0!

Thanks a lot Digital Atelier!!

Thank you Sander, we appreciate your feedback!

Version 2.0 sounds like it’s going to be impressive. I look forward to seeing how it looks and would like to thank you again for all the hard work you have put into this theme.

Can I ask, will there be a carousel option for the additional product images under the main image in version 2.0?

Hi, we haven’t put a carousel mechanism on those images but we may do it in 2.1 Thanks!

Only small question:

Future updates (for example from v2.0 on v2.1 etc) will be work same as in version 1?

So setting everything again, we will only with arrival version 2.0, and then it will all again the same as in updates previous versions (for example from v1.8.1 to v1.8.2)?

Hi, every future update will be done on the same codebase from now on so once you install 2.0 all you have to do in the future is just drop the next update on top, no more resets. Thanks!

Ok, thanks for answer.

All i have to say is you guys have absolutely awesome customer support. I would not have figured my issue out had it not been for your help. Thank you so much and i will definitely be sticking with you in the future for new products!

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback, much appreciated, Cheers!

Hi, I am new to OpenCart and now using the version. I love your theme and would like to know if the current theme v1.8 is compatible with version? Should I install the current theme version or wait until the coming v2.0?

Hi, the current version works fine with OC so you can still purchase now and have both Journal versions when 2.0 comes out. Thanks!

hi team, waiting for the announcement. regarding upgrades. when it is expected ?

Hi, it’s here in the comments on this page. Thanks!

Hello Thanks for creating this awesome wordpress theme, it looks like it suits the fits for my new project very well. I just have one question, before I purchase the item, which would be quite important to me, and please bare with me as I am not too much into WP: My plan is to sell music products, and I would really need a option for the customer to preview a demo version of the product. Now my question would be is there a way to add a audio player, to the posts/ products in general - and most important is there any way to add a small audio player next to the “add to cart” field in the preview section e.g. on the homepage (in form of just the play symbol of a jquery audio player)? Sorry for all the text, it would be great if you could let me know and I will get this theme right away :) Thank you very much and please continue the great work

Oh I see now, stupid me, thanks for the information! So in this case I will have rethink things a little I guess.. Thank you so much!

Sorry for the multiple comments :/ Seems like there was a connection error

No problem :) Cheers!

Does it support Multi-Language and RTL ? If not, Do you provide RTL service ? Thanks

Hi, yes it supports multilanguage but it doesn’t support RTL and unfortunately we don’t provide the service. Thanks.