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Hi guys

Love this theme, it is the best theme for opencart by a mile.

Can the wide layout be made boxed?

Cheers Marco

Hi, thanks a lot, please file a ticket on our support page for any assistance you may need.

Hi again,

I have a small problem. My website tends to take too long to load and it goes from white screen to a fade to a the website completely loaded.

IT takes seconds to do so.

I checked your sample websites and they load each section in front of my eyes, making it look very fast.

Is there a way to avoid this white screen to completely loaded and change it to what you have as a sample (showing the loading process)?

My website has around 90 prod with pictures of 50 to 80kb top.

Thanks in advance!

That was my mistake!

Now is about the static banners. The pics don’t show. There is the space where it supposed to appear but is empty. Any idea of what I’m doing wrong again?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, make sure you don’t have any empty spaces in your image or folder names.

Got it! Thanks for the second heads up!

Working perfect now.


I tried to open the demo site with IE8, It load a while then halt on a blank page. I tested in two computer (XP & win7) but same result. No problem with firefore tho.

Hi, not all modern features work in IE8 but the theme itself should work fine. Which demo are you referring to?

I tested all your demo, all fail with IE8. I think as a world class theme, it should alert user to upgrade browser or make something responsive even the client’s browser version is not supported instead of just a blank page.

Hi, I’m sorry but I’m still not sure why you see a blank page when IE8 works fine in our testing. As I said there are certain features that don’t work because the browser does not support them but the theme itself works fine and you can view products and complete purchases. Here’s a recent screenshot of IE8

With that said, we’ll look into adding an optional notice for older browser.


Im referring to the above comment.

Dear developer, you have stated the following in your ThemeForest theme details:

“Compatible Browsers IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome”

I do agree up to a certain extent that providing an alert for unsupported browser versions does and will benefit this excellent theme. I would also appreciate if its looked into.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, sure we can add an optional notice for older browsers, however the browsers listed there are supported. Thanks!

Hi, I really love this theme however I have a suggestion which could ease our life. Please add a section where you define the all the colors you use in the theme. Then, in the so many color selection fields, reference any of the predefined colors, eg. color3 or color8. This way we can customize our theme’s colors in seconds. thanks adam

That’s correct, you can’t change a color in one place and update all occurrences. The colors are set via css for each selector, they can’t be used as variables in that environment. Thanks.

That could be an idea for a future release, then. I have also a second feature request: Some (me too) need a simple age verification modal for their shops. I think this better should be made in the skin than in the core, to fit the theme design. You could implement this in the next release. thanks adam

Hi, yes this is in the works for version 2.1, it will be a welcome popup that appears on top of the page and you can put any content inside. Thanks!

Hi, a couple of presales questions…
1. Is it possible to remove the menu above the slider completely? (the one that has Categories, New Arrivals, Shop by brand, etc) ?
2. The left sidebar, that has product categories, product slider, last minute deals, etc) – is it possible to customize what’s in there? (For example to leave only product categories menu)


Hi, you can hide the menu bar completely with some custom css if you wish. 2. Yes, the side bar is completely customizable, you can add any modules to the side columns, the layout you see in the demo is just a representation of what you can do, however they’re all optional. Thanks!

Hi, there I just bought this theme, and I already installed it. But I found a problem with theme control panel that I couldn’t save it. Could you tell how to fix it ? Thanks!

Hi, sure file a ticket on our support page Thanks!

ok. Thanks!

U test how fast work your Super Filter (Journal2) in shop with 10-20 k products ?

Sorry for english

Hi, there’s no way for us to test that kind of stock but it works on the same Ajax principles by processing and filtering so it ma take a while to process 20K products. Thanks!


What sort of compatibility does your theme have with vqmod ?

Hi, vqmod in general is not theme dependent and works fine. Specific mods may be incompatible, it depends from mod to mod? Thanks!

Is journal 2.0 this theme, or another theme ? Because i don’t think i can wait 1-2 weeks, cause i need my site done now. But i want journal 2.0 x_x;

so what are my options?

I just bought your theme. I like the front end and the backend. It seems to me it’s a good base them to start from, before i do tweaks. I hope to give you a fair review once i’ve had some time to use it. Tx.

PS: hope to see Journal 2 soon :} excited.

Thanks for buying, if you like the current version you’ll be amazed at J2, it’s so much better they’re not even comparable.

Hi DigitalAtelier. Are you still planning on launching Journal 2.0 on Monday?


Hi, actually no we’re about to release another announcement today citing a delay of another week. Some of the built in features require more work and the documentation hasn’t been completed.

Thanks a lot for your patience!

Hi everyone,

Out of necessity we are delaying the 17 february release of Journal 2 for another week because it is not 100% completed. The theme is extremely advanced and there’s still some work and testing to be done.

We assure everyone this delay is only in the interest of delivering the best possible theme with all features working harmoniously together.

Please bear with us as we’re relentlessly working around the clock to have it shipped as soon as possible.

Thanks so much for your understanding and patience!

You can still purchase the current version of Journal as the upcoming theme will be free to download for all existing buyers.

But this is exactly the sort of reason why we buy your theme. Yes i’m sad it’s not out yet, but understand the reasoning for it.

Keep the good work up :)

Thanks, we’ll press hard until it’s ready.

So, I’m new to OpenCart (3rd project). I just wanna make sure that I will be able to update the theme after I customize it. Am I understanding it correctly, I can change any of the tpl files but I should stay clear of the files listed in the File Structure?

What is the correct method of customizing a purchased theme? Can I create I child theme of this theme?

Another question, I’m trying to duplicate the features that you see in the demo. For example the popout icons for the map, twitter etc, also the homepage products that filter, do you have instructions or a list explaining what elements are and how there created??

Hi, the current version will not be updatable to Journal 2 since that would be a different theme with its own admin interface. It’s not recommended to change any files if possible, instead add your additional code through the provided Custom Code fields in the Control Panel. Opencart works differently than Wordpress, there aren’t child themes but you can install multiple themes and activate one at a time and customize it.

Hi, all features are explained in our documentation, but the ones you refer to are the Side Blocks (popup icons) found in the Control Panel and the Custom Sections module (homepage filter) found in Extensions > Modules > Journal Custom Sections.


Good luck with V2.0 I’m waiting for the release to buy and start a project right with the V2.0.

Thank you, we’re hard at work on it.

Hi, I would like to add some information in “side blocks” in Traditional Chinese language, however the characters cannot be displayed properly. Is it something wrong with encoding? I have already installed this language module. Please advice.

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so our developers can have a look. Thanks!

I love this theme. I think i’ve used it long enough to give a proper assesment. I rate from 1 to 10 ( later being best score).

Aesthethics – Front end: 9.5
  • hardly much complaints. Straight off the bat the theme is very usable for me. Although for my situation i still did some tweaks here and there.
Features – back end: 9
  • this is also the best part about this theme. It has a extremely user friendly administration for themeing/managing it’s modules, to tweak the front end. There are very few themes that bother adding a good back end for newbies to easily manage/tweak the front end. This theme can easily be in the top 3 for opencart themes that does this extremely well. The only weakness it has, is no live view for changes as you make them. The workaround for this is to open a new window and reload everytime you make the changes. But to their credit, they did add some screenshot links to show you where it is you are editing. Also the configurations are labelled appropriately so it’s not too hard to figure out where the things are located that you are editing. But a live screen editor would also have been nice.
Bug free – 8.5
  • the only bug i saw was zoom in, which still showed the original un zoomed image, hiding behind the zoomed image.
  • the main banner slider loads 2 seconds after the “featured”. “popular” etc… carousel loads. It didn’t feel as smooth loading as the demo. But after i changed the setting to add a ajax loader, it shows both at the same time, although there is a delay for the site to load. I’m still investigating how to make that part smoother.
customer support – ?
  • didn’t have much opportunity to seek help, because i hardly had much issue as of yet. Although i did post some enquiry here. So i left this unrated for now.

Anyway that is my review.

Hi and thanks so much for your valuable feedback and review! If you like the current version of Journal you will be amazed at what’s coming in Journal 2.

As far as the banner slider that would always take a little longer to load as the images have to be processed by the slider’s javascript engine and it usually happens after the entire page has loaded. Using the Preloader feature masks the entire page until everything is ready.

The admin live preview will not be part of our releases yet but we’re considering it for the future.

About your zoom-in issue we’d like to take a look at it, please file a ticket on our support page

Thanks again!

I think you should stop announcing specific dates for 2.0 as you are clearly not ready to release it yet.

Hi, it’s a huge project and we just have to make sure everything is working together smoothly. Some of the features proved harder they we estimated. Thanks for your patience!

Looking forward for the next update. No stress, take your time and make it good and stable. Thanks once again!

Thanks, we hope to release it as soon as possible but it’s much more important that every feature is thoroughly tested.

What should be the category Menu & Refine category image size??

Hi, it can be any size you needed to be, cheers.