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I use Control panel to edit Body Font. I can change Font Weight, Font Style and Font Transform but cannot change Font Size.

Refer to picture attached. When I change Font size only the sign ”>>” (for example Home>>Account>> Login) was Changed!! Please see Orange circle in the picture. For other position font size is NOT changed.

Please kindly help.

Hi, we’ve responded to your ticket. Please follow through with this on our support page. Thanks!

I need help..I dont know how to install new theme

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page and we’ll try to help you. Thanks!


I receive this message “Journal modules are not enabled!”

i already put the line code and choose the theme on the admin page but still get this message it’s crazy supposed to be simple….

Hi, we can’t tell without looking at it, please file a ticket on our support page here Thanks!

hello only the delete button give me this issue and disconnect my session btw the cart are not show on the top right side

Hi, please file a ticket, we can’t offer support here in the comments section. There may be some third party mods you’re using that interfere with the theme, we have to look at your setup. Please file a ticket and provide admin and ftp access.Thanks.

the good thing about updating so often, is that you force us to code up-grade proof, witch is very good :D thanks! keep up the awesome work!

Hi, yes, that’s good coding practice. We actually have another one coming tomorrow, 1.4.1 with some important fixes :) Thank you!

Very nice Theme, now I can really do what I want. And thanks, to improve your theme, day after day. :)

Thank you jackh69! Yes, we want to make it better and better! Cheers!

Hi DigitalAtelier Great theme. Is there any option i can reduce the products images width and height and display more products in per row?


Hi, thanks! Not right now, it needs an extensive modification of the product grid to account for all the responsive states. We’re considering this as an option for our future updates. Cheers!

Hi DigialAtelier. Thanks for the prompt reply. May i know if i don’t option to choose between few sizes and i just want to set 1 smaller size for all. Please let me know which css to change?

Hi, you can change the image sizes but the product grid won’t be affected. We don’t recommend modifying theme files so you can easily update the theme in the future. You can instead write your css in the provided code boxes from the Control Panel. Please file a ticket on our support page with your url so we better understand what you need.


Hello, I have a little problem, the sale badge don’t work. It’s write -NaN%

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page so we can look at it and help you out. Thanks.

Hello! Could this theme be used for OcStore (Russian version of OpenCart, with russian localization)? The thing is that I’ve installed it, everything is fine, when i work with my website through the admin panel (all new modules and new admin panel are installed, design of website is changed). BUT when I click to my website through my browser, i can§t get in. It§s written “Journal not installed”

Hi, we don’t know if Journal is compatible with OcStore and can not guarantee that because we haven’t tested it. However, if it says “Journal not installed” you probably haven’t pasted the line of code in index.php. (step 4 from the installation instructions in documentation) Thanks!

I’ve installed the code, well will try smth else to do

If you have installation problems with Journal on OpenCart (not OcStore) please file a ticket on our support page and we’ll try to help you. Thanks.

I have the same problem as Blizny..

Hi, please see our response above. If you have trouble installing Journal on OpenCart please file a ticket on our support page but we can not guarantee compatibly with OcStore. Thanks!

Hello, First of all I am very satisfied with this template. I have nevertheless a problem at the level of the visual depiction of my images of subcategories in Google Chrome. The images are stacked as well as the titles(securities) of sub-pages. There is another problem, I do not see where we can modify the size of the images of subcategories, because they are quite vague. We can modify in system the images of the categories, but not the images of the links towards under categories. Here is as attachment a capture of the problem. Thank you in advance

Hi please send us a message from our profile page so I can send you the ticket number. I basically asked if you have the latest theme version installed. In any case, go ahead and send the message so we can continue this on our support page. Thanks!

Hi, we’ve responded to your message, just making sure you got it and it didn’t go to your spam. Thanks!

I receive well your messages. On the other hand, I cannot always consult the ticket of the support and see your answer. The theme was downloaded at the beginning of April, thus I am going to ask to my person receiving benefits to update it, because even with bought extensions, the images are not shown still correctly in IE, GG Chrome, Safari…. Thanks


I want to accomplish the following -

1. Remove the ‘Extras’ column in the footer. 2. I would like to move some of the links from the Information column to the Customer Service column. 3. Finally is there a list of the particular image sizes that need to be followed for categories, subcategories and products? If yes, where can I find these specifications? 4. I have created the category and subcategory structure in the admin, however I do not see the subcategories appear in the top menu when hovered on the main category.

Please suggest.


Hi, all our support is conducted through out support system. Please file a ticket here with all these details and we’ll get on it right away. Thank you!


I do not see the License Certificate link after having logged in to the account. It only says ‘Regular License’. Any hints?


Hi, yes, once you open the Licence Certificate link, you should see your purchase code in there, about half way down the page. See this image



Does the theme support and include swedish language?

This is a lovely theme and I want to buy it tomorrow!

Hi, it sure does support multiple languages but doesn’t come with any pre-installed. You can easily install any language pack yourself afterwards. Let us know if you need any assistance once you purchase it and we’ll help you out. Thanks!

Hi this theme is amazing thank you. I just have a small question, I noticed that on your demo have manged to allow you menu items on the home page to show up to a 3rd level and fourth level at times. How can I do the same. Did you have to add a module to your store if so could you let me know which one so that I can purchase the same one as I know there wont be any conflicts.

If no module is required would you mind letting me know how it is done.


Hi, sure, that’s a feature we’ve built specifically for Journal. OpenCart only offers 2-level dropdown menu for the categories. You can implement that menu in Control Panel/Custom Menus/Multiple-Level Menu. Instructions on how to use it are found in our documentation, click on Control Panel and scroll down to Multiple-Level Menu.!/journal_cp

Let us know if you need assistance with this. Thanks!

Thank you very much for such a quick reply, we are very impressed with your service will def recommend your theme to anyone.

Thanks a lot, we appreciate your comment!

I’m trying to get Fullscreen Background image on Journal II theme, my background image is 1220 X 1220, and the image only starts below the slider, how do I make it fullscreen like the demo?

Hi, we have to look at your setup to see how we can help. Please file a ticket on our support page with your installation url and we’ll look at it. Thanks.

Hello! I want to buy a topic if I russifitsirovat it (to make Russian)?

Hi, you can easily install the Russian language on this theme. Let us know if you need assistance with installing the language pack. Thanks!

It is very necessary for Russian) How do I do this? Please purchase this topic?

Hi, we’re not sure what you mean by “purchase this topic”? Can you be more clearer?

) Sorry for the english) First, buy a theme?

Yes, you first buy the theme, then you download a Russian language pack and install it as well. You can then customize the language files to say whatever you want. Thanks!

Thank you!!!!!!

Hi I am having an issue, every-time I go into a category then click on the sub category icon in that category i get an error. It gives me a page not found error.

Not Found

The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80


Okay done, please let me know once you have any news as we are meant to launch this site in the next 2 hours and have just encountered this issue. Hopefully its an easy fix.

Hi I managed to sort it out, I removed all SEO keywords as that is what it was linking too.


Great, let us know if you need any other assistance. Thanks!

In Journal Skin 4 is there a way to make the logo bigger?

Hi, yes but it requires making the other header elements smaller. Please file a ticket on our suport page and we’ll try to help you with this. Thanks.