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Hi, this theme looks fantastic and after reading many of the comments, your support seems amazing! I do have some questions: 1) Do you have an estimated roll out for the upcoming multi-store function as I am running sub-stores that require theme, content & color changes? 2) can the optional custom menu items be added at the beginning, end, or mixed in between the categories? Is there a sort order that can be used? 3) Request ability to add internal and/or external links to the custom section (product) modules. That would really make it unlimited in it’s possibilities. 4) Product Compare is on the categories page but not on product page. Default opencart is like that too, but when you add a ‘product to compare’ the acknowledgment box doesn’t disappear until you click it. Could we add this to the product page, or go back to default click to close? Customers won’t know to go back to category page to compare products. 5) +1 as well for the auto complete feature

Thank you! Kelvin

Hi Kelvin, thanks for the kind words!

1. Not an exact date but it’s definitely coming in May.
2. Yes, there is. You can mix and match default OC categories, sub-categories or custom menu items. You can use any sub-category as a menu item (no matter how deeply it is nested) and yes, you can sort the order in which they appear in the menu. You have full control over your navigation menu.
3. We’re going to implement this feature as well in an upcoming update.
4. You can turn off the custom notification or extend its timeout limit from the admin. Disabling the custom one will bring back the default OC acknowledgment box.
5. Working on that too :)

Thank you!

Hi, just checking in to see if points 1,3, and 5 are still coming soon? Especially 1 :)

Hi, we’re still working on the multistore, proved to be more complex than we thought. Points 3 and 5 are coming in our next update. We’re pushing for the end of the month. Thanks!

Installed the theme. Everything works except for the manufacturers. :( Does not add a new manufacturer. Does not edit the old manufacturer. OpenCart v. Set as: OPENCART SEO PACK PRO v4.0, Blog Manager v.1.3.1

Hi, this seems to be OpenCart related, our theme doesn’t affect any manufacturer functionality. Please file a ticket on our support page with your installation url and temporary admin access so we can look into it. Thanks!

5 Star theme from a 5 Star developer.

The support these guys provide is unmatched.

Thanks so much! We appreciate your comment and rating!

Hello, I am interested in your theme but I don’t see any compatibility for Google Structured data. Can you make an add on for it to make it compatible with Structured data? Thanks

Hi, unfortunately this theme is not optimized for that functionality but we’ll look into it for our future updates. Thanks.

Any update yet? I am still hopping you can come up with an update to make the Structured Data work. Thanks

Hi, I’m afraid is not possible with this theme at this time. Thanks!

Hi, Great support and I see you’ve taken care of the little things I had reported. Still working on my customers site, and haven’t bought the template. There’s another little thing that maybe you could improve. Page loading seems to take too long on mobiles devices [ Samsung Galaxy SII] It loads very fast during the first part, but then at the end it loads slowly, it takes like 3 to 5 seconds depending on the page you’re accessing. I guess this is due to jquery plugins loading. I’ve tested other responsive templates [obviously can’t compare cuz they are different], and they load faster. Could you please check what module or plugin is delaying the page load? Is it possible to disable this module/ plugin only for mobiles?



Hi Marvin, the fullscreen slideshow module can be slower on mobile devices and indeed we have made an option to turn it off. Other scripts that are not needed on mobiles can be turned off based on request, so I’m sure a balance can be found. Thanks!

Hi, I have a question about css list. All lists (ul li) have a padding 0. How to change that ? Only for product description (text) and information page. Because lists have a really bad look with padding 0.

Hi, please file a ticket on our support page as we have address this issue recently. Thanks.


Wonder if you can help me.

I am having a couple of issues with the add to cart button.

When some of my users are on the home page and they click on add to cart under featured, specials or latest nothing happens it doesn’t add the item into the cart. However when they go into the product itself or into the sub category they can then add the product. But the minute they click home and return to the home page the cart clears itself and once again we cant add to the cart. If we try to once again go into the product itself the cart has all the items in it once again. The same thing seems to happen on our mobile devices, and most browsers.

Secondly I tried testing the shop on Safari on a Mac and the the background shows up but the rest of the shop only appears under the background and not layered on top of it. Its a also reporting that there is an error.


Hi, the theme may not have been installed properly. Please file a ticket on our support page so we can look at it Thanks!

Hi! Your JOURNAL theme is so wonderful that I love it very much. However, I have one question about it, and I hope you can reply to me. :) I know that on the backstage of Opencart, there is an option to set SEO URL, which makes the eCommerce more search engines friendly. I wonder whether I can set SEO URL for the blog you have provided with the JOURNAL or not? In addition, there’s another little thing that maybe you could improve. I found that every article of the blog has a tags. For example,, this article has a tags of ‘journal’. However, when I click on it, it do not lead me the search ‘journal’ on the shop, but just lead me to Search page, and I have to input the keyword again if I want to search. I hope you could improve it.

Hi there, thanks a lot!

Unfortunately the blog you see is not included with the theme. That is a popular third party extension that is sold and maintained separately by its developer here:

We’ve only provided styling so it blends in with our theme. However, when you click on a tag it should indeed bring out only tagged items, we’re looking into that right now.


Hello. Buy the theme weeks ago, but I can’t install it, I get an error in the installer of wordpress. I try to install manually decompressing the. zip and passing it to the server. but neither works. Any help?

Hi, did you say wordpress? This is an OpenCart theme and does not work on Wordpress. Please clarify your request for assistance. Thanks.

oohh sorry, I’m wrong comment.

No problem, cheers!

hello.I can’t change the size of the photo in custom sections .Could you help me

Hi, the image size in custom sections is set in “System/Settings/Image/Product Image List Size” but the box width is maxed out at 280px. Please file a ticket on our support page with your installation url to see how we can help.



Hi! i have some issues with the notice box when you press BUY (comprar) at the home page and other pages too. It doesn’t show the text “your item was added to the shopping cart”

Also in the demo version when you press buy it goes directly to the product page.

Please check:

Hi, I see you run an older version of the theme. I suggest you install the new version, 1.4.1 as it has significant improvements, including the Add to Cart notification. Update instructions are found in our documentation (scroll to bottom)!/update

Please file a ticket on our support page if you experience any difficulties with the update.


Thanks! but how can i change the button so when they press “add to cart” goes directly to the product page.

Please check:

Hi, this is default OpenCart functionality and will require a tweak if you want to go straight to the product page when you click Add to Cart.

However, if the product has any options attached to it, you will be taken to that product’s page to pick your options first.

Please file a ticket on our support page if you need the tweak (regardless if there are product options or not). Thanks!

Okay, I have gotten to the point where I am ready to throw this pc out the window! I can not for the life of me get these sub-categories to work. I have followed the documentation word for word. It pops up on the top category bar, so I have to. I put the link in for my existing one and it still goes there but I do not want the same category listed twice on the top. I want to add a sub category to one of my “already made in OC” sub categories! Help me Please!

Hi, just file a ticket on our support page here and we’ll look at it right away Please provide your installation url and temporary admin access. Thanks.

Also, when I start to type in my category, nothing pops up in auto complete list. I know it exists it right there on my site

well I hope envato support wont do anything with my UN and PW I sent them

Hi, we’ve addressed your ticket just now. They won’t do anything with them, I’m surprised they don’t respond and point people in the right direction, as they know theme developers have their own support systems. Thanks!

Hey! Since you are so awesome with getting back to us so quickly :) Can you check out my ticket please? G77-HGQ-HXYT Thanks!!

HI, Would love to buy your theme, however there is something really bug me and would like to see if you could fix it in order for me to purchase it:

The 3 Little banners with texts: ” Shoes” ; “Promo banners” ; “Module” Are almost useless as when I resize my browser those banners almost disappear. I believe they should stay at the same height and show only 1 when resizing my browser or on cellphone.

As it is now, they are becoming way too small on resizing! Please let me know if you can address it?


Hi, yes, we’re working on that for our next update. There’s still some fine tuning to be made on that module but it’s coming soon. Thanks!

Just realized, the main slideshow is not touch responsive… Is it possible to have it touch responsive?


This too, we’re looking into it for our next update. Cheers!

Hi there,

I am receiving this error code after installing template:

Notice: Error: Could not load template /home/tscustom/public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/commercials.tpl! in /home/tscustom/public_html/system/engine/controller.php on line 70

Hi, it looks like it’s not loading the Journal theme as that path points to the default template. Please file a ticket on our support page so we can look at it.


Too bad really needed today or latest tomorrow! Anyhow, let me know when you plan to do this release?


I can’t say it’ll be ready by tomorrow but it will definitely come next week. Thanks!

Love your theme. Just one question: Is it possible to self easily make changes so that there is a video pop up instead of still image when user clicks on product image?


Hi, that’s not possible out of the box. We’re haven’t tested videos in that gallery and it will probably require a custom modification to make it work. Thanks!

hi, i am a newbie, i already installed your template but i have a problem to paste code on index.php

your installation setup : 4. Open index.php from the root directory of your setup and paste this single line of code around line 220.

$controller->addPreAction(new Action(‘module/journal_cp’));

what i did: i open the file manager from cpanel then i click the index.php and click the code editor but error popup when i click save changes

i want to submit ticket but i did not find my purchase code..i did not see the licence certificate.. please help me

hi, i’ve already file a ticket..

Hi, we have responded to your ticket 20 minutes after it was received. Please make sure our emails are not in your spam.

Your issue is not related to our theme, it’s a server issue, but we gave you a solution, let us know if it’s working out for you.


If you didn’t receive the automatic reply with your ticket number you can recover the ticket with your email address here (click on Forgot tracking ID)


This theme is extremely customizable I have used many opencart themes but this is it. Thanks to Digitalateiler for the theme. For the support I think they are the best forget the rest very quick reply and detailed support information. Good job.

Thanks so much for this wonderful comment, clkrenntech, we really appreciate it.

Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thanks again!