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question, my friend purchased your theme and she is having trouble getting the blog to look correct on the mobile version. Right now, everything in the main sidebar posts on top of her blog when in mobile.

the blog is at www.sheworships.com . if you look at it via mobile, you will see what i am talking about.

any ideas?

It views correctly for me on the iPhone – what mobile device are you using and do you see the same issue on the demo?

i am using iphone as well. When you go to one of her blog posts, not the main page, click into the post, it puts all of the sidebar widgets on top of the actual post.

Did you click into a post?

love the theme been using it for a while. Would really love if there was a filter system and a cool search function that appeared on the homepage, in the header. and if you could make it so header could have a centered logo. Iono man, just a wishlist, I’ll probably sit down and do some stuff myself but I fuck with it so far.

Thanks for the feedback – will look into this for future updates ;)

Hi there,

Beautiful theme, looking forward to getting it all up and running. Could you please tell me how to fix the issue with the menu appearing vertically.

All the best!

I seem to have fixed the problem! Onwards!

Okay, I have another problem with my blog (alt) template not displaying the homepage correctly, it seems to be hiding the post summary and “read more” button for all posts. Tested on chrome & safari.



Hi there,

My blog (alt) template is not displaying the homepage correctly, it seems to be hiding the post heading, summary and “read more” button for all posts. Tested on chrome & safari. I see that someone else has had this problem but the solution was emailed to them.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Just add this css to your custom css box in the theme options page:

.home .post { height: auto; }

Hi there,

That hasn’t seemed to have worked, unless I did something wrong. Added under theme options and saved. When the page loads, for the briefest of moments the text shows but then disappears. I am not sure if you have any other suggestions. I am only really interested in using this layout style.

Thanks in anticipation!

Hi there,

I would really appreciate some support with my issue. That fix you provided did not sort out the problem.

Try adding this css to the very bottom of style.css:

.home .post,
.home .home-featured-wrap {
    height: auto !important;

If you’re still having problems, could you email the team directly with your login information to info [at] creerthemes.com,


Créer Support

Thank you, this worked! Much appreciated.

Hi there,

The featured image option has disappeared! It is also not available in screen options. Are you able to assist with this?


Could you email the team with your url and login details so that we can check out the issue.

You can send them to info [at] creerthemes.com


Créer Support

Thanks for getting back to me. It turns out it was a plugin that was causing the issue … I’ll have to deactivate it every time I want to update a featured image haha! #firstworldproblems

All the best


Hi.. love the theme. It’s very elegant. I noticed after the last wordpress update that I’ve been having trouble with the short codes. They often won’t apply and sometimes the short codes appear in the published page. Just wondering if there was a way I could fix this?

If there isn’t an easy fix is there a list of the shortcodes anywhere that I can use for my posts? Again, would be most grateful as I am trying to stay consistent with the styling of posts.

Hey cool theme!

Is there a way to reduce the space in between blog post when I have it set up under “Blog (full width)”??


Hi there,

Great theme! I wondered if there was a way to show a featured image on the contact page template?



Any updates on this theme coming soon? its so clean

Any advice for getting the menu to be horizontal? Ive tried to manually create a menu, per previous suggestion, but still isnt working. Please advise.

Does anyone here know how to make the header at the top sticky so it stays in a fixed position as you scroll?

Hi there,

your DEMO is not working:
This domain name expired on Jan 27 2015 12:46PM Click here to renew it.

how can i try demo? :(

Hi i want to hide the dates everywhere, how do i do that?

The Live Preview doesn’t work?