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Awesome & Unique Design ! GLWS :)

Very curious to see how this one will look on WordPress. :)

Great work! Good luck

Thank you for the comment LioIT.

Nice design. good luck

Thanks papatheme!

Thanks for the comment.

very very nice and good style!! but i don’t know how to applicate this theme on a site. Do you think to accomplish this for wordpress?

Yes, we’re working on a WP version at the moment.

Thanks for the comment.

thank you for the answer, but can you notify me when the project is completed? p.s. with a comment here or with a mail…..thank you….

Sure we’ll leave a comment here and send you an email ;) thanks for purchasing the PSD version.

i neeeeeed WP versiooooon!!! :) can you tell me how long it will be complete? please

We’re not 100% sure, we’re having a lot of new themes on the way at the moment.

Looking forward to the WP version of this! Very sweet!!! Great work guys! :)


any news about making it WP compatible? I’d love to have it ASAP.

We’ve just replied your email.

Is this theme WP compatible? If so, I’d be interested.

Hello, it is my template! Any news about WP compatible version? Thanks for a your reply and compliments!

Hi, any updates on WP version?