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Yes, it will be available in HTML but i don’t know when at this point.

Beautiful.. I just wish it was html or wordpress.

Hang on ;)

Very nice! love your design. :)

Thanks ;)

Love it :) I’m currently coding it all up for my website. Thanks!

Only thing that’s missing from this, is the rest of the forum skin (i.e. thread listing, posts, user profiles) but for $10 I cannot complain; I’ll just have to get my creative hat on and try to design them parts myself.

Well the forum skin is like bonus psd, i didn’t mean to make it fully featured … maybe in the next one -> http://dimitarrusev.deviantart.com/art/Gamebox-Coming-Soon-311557465

Thank you for the kind words ;)

This is a very nice site template! I am also very pleased with my buy. :D

Thanks, im glad you like it ;)

Hey, at this moment i don’t know exactly when, but it will be available very soon (couple of weeks). You can hit the “follow” button on my profile and be notified when it’s available. ;)

Hello i tried installing theme and it says i am missing the style.css style sheet

Hi, I am not quite sure what are you trying to do but have in mind that this is a PSD Template. No installs needed, just open up the files in Photoshop and you are ready to go.

HTML when produced, please notice the first time I purchased

I will notify you but i can’t seem to find any contact information on your profile. You can send me your email adress or hit the ‘Follow’ button on my profile for updates.

Dimir—I’m in the process of coding your template and their is an issue that can’t really be resolved without your self.

The background isn’t big enough and there is no way of getting around it because it is a radial gradient, could you update the .PSD and make a bigger background?

Thanks for the fast reply. I was trying to reproduce it in CSS3, but I didn’t know the dimensions. Most designers don’t use the gradient tool to do these type of gradients so I assumed I wouldn’t be able to recreate it.

Anyways, here is a link and how it’s not fitting—http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/7233/newsite.png

I’m a noob when it comes to CSS3 gradients, if you know the code on what I should try, please let me know.


Also, Tried it like you said in CSS3—It is looking close, but I’m not sure how I’d apply the pattern and abstract lines. Also, I’m not sure what percentages you use, it doesn’t fade away like the background in the PSD does. What are your suggestions?

There are two ways to do this, 1 – the way you started (with images) and 2 – pure CSS3. I got to say though either way is going to take some advanced front-end coding skills. And to make things clear, if you don’t know how to code this that doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the background :) This is a PSD file (image with layers) and it will always have a fixed width and height, on the other side you have a real working website and its dimensions will vary depending on the clients browser viewport (which depends on the user’s resolution). The current dimensions of the background are 1500px by XXX px, even if i recreate this to whatever dimensions you think it will fit (lets say 2000×2000 pixels) it will still not fit when someone with a 27” iMac (2560×1440) visits your site. You need to find a smarter way to code this, that is why HTML/CSS/JS are here for :)

However, i had some spare time and i created this for you. I hope you will learn something from it.



The little dots and fractal imagery is not reproducible in CSS and are part of the background as well. And loading another div of images with transparency on top of the CSS3 div would not make page loading any speedier.

Could you replicate the background but bigger, so it fits resolutions much higher. Thanks

Yes they are, check the link :)

Thanks, I will try this out now.

Ah, I see what you did. That’s easy—What I meant is doing it all in CSS3 without the images, no links to the abstract lines or the pattern, hence why I said it couldn’t be done in CSS.

And yes, I know what a .PSD file is, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be coding it right now ;)

Again, I just haven’t touched radial-gradients and had issues replicating it with purely CSS3. But since you sliced a couple images, that makes things easy.

Alright, so I put your files on my site to see what it looked like and it doesn’t fill to the 100% width


Any other suggestions. I know I’m having a brain fart, it’s been atleast 2 years since I last coded something

Sorry for all the spam DimiR—

I fixed it to make it full width by adding background-size: cover;

Also, like I mentioned above, this method will still require adding another div to overlay on top of this to include the fractals. It’s easier just to make 1 image that fits the whole thing rather than put so many divs and multiple images with transparency into its place.

So is this compatible with vBulletin out of the box or does it require integrating into a style for it?

No, this is a PSD template.

OK I will pass. Thought it would have been a simple install. Thanks anyway.

Dimir, is there any problem if I convert this template to be used on Wordpress for my own site?

No problem at all.

Hi, such a great template congrats ! Just a question will you do an html and or wordpress/joomla version of your psd’s ?

Thanks, i’m glad to hear that. Unfortunately no, Joystick will stay as a PSD template.