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I think that Jeg doesnt know what he is doing really. It is really surprising that Envato lets him sell his themes here. It drags the company down really.

hi WarrenBKIngston, its also very surprising that you having problem that i never encounter and any people having the same problem like you is none. i ask you about URL where i can see the problem. but you don’t give me any answer. so anything is up to you. either you want us to help or you don’t want us to help.

Why is it asking for a password? This seem to be a buggy script. I am hesitant of buying it.

hi radz123, what themes you are buying? you are not having buyer flag on your name.

Thank you

Hi Jeg Your theme is great – very impressed. I’ve looked through the forums and help pages – but cant find the solution to my problem? I have 5 pages under the home page, when I add additional pages the frame breaks – I have tried loading several different page styles but the page will only appear under the home page (but not always) and cant be moved in to the “menu” system – it appears in the menu (admin page) but doesn’t move on the live web page.

Thanks in advance :)

hi Paulatapex, yes. you can login using account that buy this themes. we will very glad to help you once you did it.

Thank you

Hi Jeg, I am logged in.

hi Paulatapex, may i know why you don’t have any buyers badge on your profile? please ask envato support if you still don’t know what is wrong.

Thank you

I am having trouble in the gallery ( masonry ) I want this gallery but only 1 photo you want to open. ajax coding for how to do this?

  • Beautiful Flower

I would appreciate if you can help.

Can you give e-mail address. my adress demirelmehmet@me.com. Thank you

my english is bad,I send the code I wrote in the gallery e mail.

hi demirelmehmet, you can contact me from my profile page right here : http://themeforest.net/user/jegtheme

Thank you

Hello, how i can display the Theater Mode gallery view???? pleace Help me

hi hi marvino2015, there is no option for theather mode gallery on template. we only have those option on WordPress version.

Thank you

Hi, first of all thanks love the template, but when i put a video html from my server it doesn’t show the button to go fullscreen im not talking of the front slider, when i put a video on the blog part it doesn’t show the toggle fullscreen how can i do that? is there a simple method? please help

hi jipithebest, we have fullscreen button on HTML 5 video. please take a look right here : http://jphotolio.jegtheme.com/light/audio-video-gallery/

if you upload audio, you won’t have those fullscreen button, but if you using video shortcode, you will definitely having those button.

Thank you

i go through the link you send me and i can’t see the button of toggle fullscreen in html 5 video & music is just the space for the button but it doesn’t show is invisible

hi jipithebest, i attach you image where fullscreen HTML 5 button on those page.

Thank you

Pleace help meeeee Hi, I have problem with html portfolio. if i click on the picture of the gallery witch uploaded pictures this do nothing. i habe update the code in the doc: $(”#jeglio”).jeglio({ itemWidth : “220”, galleryDim : “3”, descDim : “1”, loadAnimation : “sequpfade”, theatherMode : 0, lang : { portfoliotitle : “Password : admin”, passwordplaceholder : “Password”, submit : “Submit” } });

var ajaxdata = {
id : 'flower-peda',
width : 560,
height : 400,
theater : 0,
action : 'get_portfolio_item'

. I dont now what to do steep to steep. I try since 14 day. You ca check it hier

Pleace helpp . merry chrismas

hii this resolved!! tank you. I have just ohne question: HOW I CANN SET AND CHANGE THE ADMIN PASSWORD????

hi marvino2015, what admin password should be controlled from your backend. this is only HTML template and will not having any response for as a backend.

merry Christmas too friend :)

Thank you

recently purchased this item… but no jphotolio.zip folder this there

i try to zip and upload available jphotolio folder but i was unable to upload theme at wordpress please reply


hi techno9 , you are trying to buy jphotolio HTML template. you should buy jphotolio wordpress themes instead.

Thank you

he comprado JPhotlio version html. En el live preview que esta en la web cuando entro al menu de PORTFOLIO me salen todos los espacios para fotografias y al hacer click sobre cualquiera se me abre la imagen mas grande y con galeria, pero en la plantilla origina e queda pensando y no me abre como el live preview

Por otro lado las imagenes cuando las reemplazo no me las deja ver todas solo algunas, que debo hacer

hi Holyescoma, can you try to use english. i don’t really understand about what you writing.

Thank you

I purchased the JPhotolio template html version. I must clarify that I am beginner but eager to learn more and more in this environment of web pages.

I have a question regarding the menu Galleries PORTFOLIO in the preview test found in the web page looks like every time you clicked on an image gallery that is enlarged and displayed a description .

This operation when done in the files that you download only goes up the image of the gallery and is not extended or anything not even previewing the image, the accompanying documentation I think is the explanation but not understand, that file should I modify and which are the lines I should add programming to appreciate this menu

I will try to attach previous images

hi Holyescoma, can you give me URL where you having problem? also on which page on demo you want to replicate?

Thank you

please can you help me I need to add music and pictures but I don’t know how and also I want the images I put on my web to slide not to open in a different url

hi zitochris, i have reply your question on email. btw if you have another problem, please send your question on our support forum at http://support.jegtheme.com

Thank you

Hola! compre con ustedes la plantilla jphotolio-responsive-wedding-photography-template pero arroja un error cuando la estoy instalando, dice No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css. Que puedo hacer?

hi armando, can you use english to ask question. i don’t understand your question.

Thank you

My jquery are not working on my site JPhotolio.

hi nesobajo, please put your question on our support forum at http://support.jegtheme.com, we will help you to answer your question right there.

Thank you

Problem open portfolio gallery https://youtu.be/8UQ5-oKnqjk

hi nesobajo, you will need to have phtml file inside ajax folder. that related with your portfolio name (url)

Thank you

Hello, I have a problem when I try to install this theme in wordpress I detects an error, ” has not been able to unzip the package. The issue has sheet style.css style. ” , And check the tablet and if contains but not detected, it is possible that the file that you buy is damaged , you may review the template and give me a solution please , since I just bought the issue and urged me to use the template , you could give me a solution as ASAP please , thank you.

hi citlavi, you are buying template (HTML) not wordpress themes. i think you getting wrong file. you should buy JPhotolio for WordPress instead. to get your issues resolved, please contact envato. they may have solution for you.

Thank you

yes, that was my mistake you , have some contact envato , maybe you can help me to make the change if you can, thanks

hi citlavi, unfortunately we cannot do it. you will need to contact envato about this issues.

Thank you

All the sudden the image gallery template stopped working on my jphotolio wordpress template (v.4.5.8). My clients cannot even input their password (the pinwheel just keeps moving but nothing happens) to view their proofs. If I use a regular template (like blog view) and add a plugin for the images, it works perfectly (although it then allows them to steal the pics from the site) so I know the problem is with the template. Any ideas? www.antoniofrancophotography.com/clients (click on leiliane). If you click on Karol, you will be taken to a login page (that’s the one I chose to use the default template). Thanks in advance!

hi valeska78, please ask your question on our support forum at http://support.jegtheme.com/

Thank you