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I have a few problems with this theme. Though i tried to get support on the autor’s forum, i will also write here because i haven’t received any answer from there. my problems would be: articles page you can’t see “featured image”, the title’s name is doubled one over the other (on mobile and desktop view) 2.Some of the theme’s options are not working: info about slider, logo 3. in mobile view, the portofolio is not working. There is just a small slide with the pictures.

I hope i will get faster support here. I want to mention that wordpress is newly installed.

hi StafidutZ, you ask on wrong forum (photology), while you bought jphotolio. i already move your question on appropriate forum.

Thank you

Since i brought the theme i had all sorts of problems with it. But the most persistent is the big loading time ( i optimized the pictures, i installed all kinds of plugins that were supposed to help with that,i changed the hosting that i tested with other themes( loading time maxim 4s)). Where and how much do i have to pay in order to fix a problem that i had and signaled from the begining?

hi StafidutZ please send your request right here :


Is it possible for guests to login in the web and submit photos they take with mobilephones or cameras and submit them? As far as i know the couples use to ask for photos to their guests. It would be awesome to allow guests to share all photos through the web.


hi DavidSPN, unfortunately we don’t have this kind of option.

Thank you

Hi i want to buy the theme but your WordPress version compatibility is 4.5 ? New versione is 4.7.

hi robiberta, yes sure. this themes is compatible with WordPress 4.7

Thank you

What is the image size/dimensions for the front slider for optimal scaling ?
There is no article at this link
“you can read article on FAQ page."

hi robiberta, you can use any size of image on front slider. but you will need to make it smaller to make it load faster. our recommendation is 1920×1080 and not bigger than 500kb in size.

Thank you

I found the answer for this in the comments but it seems that part of it was deleted. I’d simply like to increase the font size of the text in the footer.

hi vrassociates, may i take a look at your website? and please let us know which element you want to alter.

Thank you – I’d like to increase the size of the footer text that says: For More Info, Contact Long Branch Trolley Company at 732-850-5449

you can use something like this :

.footercopy {
    font-size: 15px;
    font-weight: bold;


Presale Questions: Can load vimeo videos? Does it support Woo & wpml??


hi hellas-honey, vimeo only played on portfolio. on front slider, we not provide support for vimeo. Yes we are support WPML.

Thank you

Hi, I work with this theme for a friend who bought it, and on the front slider he use youtube videos. Why videos can t be played on mobile too?

hi adrianbolocan, please put your question on our support forum at

Thank you

Found a bug, when I switched my site to SSL I was getting errors with certain URLS trying to load over non SSL. Tracked it to fonts.googleapi urls. I made chances to init-register.php and admin.js to remove http: in front of fonts.googleapi urls. 3 in total. fixed the bug. FYI

hi erinfrancais, please go to this file :

1. jphotolio themes folder > functions > init-register.php and on line 329 just remove http so it become :

$fontstring .= "\t\n<link href='//" . $fn .  "&v1' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>";

2. jphotolio theme folder > js > admin > admin.js and on line 741 & 789 change same as above

$(fontblock).append("<link rel='stylesheet' class='fontchooser' href='//" + fontfamily + "' type='text/css' media='all' />");

Hi, Were i can find this YOUTUBE TAGS , Nikkihk? Thanks!

hi ovi22222, may i know where you want to put youtube?


I tried to install jphotolio theme as your guides. But it still looks like as a html layout. Please help me on this issue.

Thank you,


hi avhiroshan, do you mean that you need demo content?

hello…I am new to photography . Please tell me how to make a page like:

hi AmeeshaVerma, you can use our themes named as “Jkreativ” to have that kind of need.

Thank you

Hello, i have a problem, if you visit the page with video gallery doesnot start it loads infinite. when you try to refresh the page 3-4 times and after 5 mins the first request it is ok. the same problem appears in the contact page. please help me how to solve it.

hi mimisvas, there is plugin that causing this issues. try to disable those plugin. your page will load with no problem.

Thank you

Is there a possibility to add a function to the listing of added slider images, that shows a preview image of the added slider image(s)? It would be much more easier to get an overview of all slider-images.

hi gmaniac_de thank you for your input. we will take a look if we able to do something with it.

Thank you

Thanks. Until then I solved “the problem” with a plugin. Hope you will add the functionality.

hi gmaniac yes it you able to resolve this with plugin, it will be very good.

Thank you

This them compatible with WP 4.8?

hi tomassos yes this themes compatible with WP 4.8

Thank you :)

Hi, I have been using your theme with great results for quite some time now. I logged in today and I am unable to edit any of the pages. I want to make sure that you are able to assist before extending support. Thanks!

hi vrassociates, yes sure. but you can try to to disable all plugin. and if its not work. try to update the themes to latest version.

Thank you

Can I insert text on the homepage below slider?

hi ParaMar, unfortunately we don’t have that kind of option. it will need some kind of custom change to create something like that.

Thank you


odie123 Purchased

How to let Google traffic analysis got the record of user chick the single portfolio in homepage? (Like this page—

hi odiehiodie123, we have option for you to input your google analytics id. it will tract user click each time it will change the URL.

Thank you

I have input google analytics id in theme option tracker, but it can’t record the action of clicking the singe project in this page (

we will take a look at it. and if we able hopefully we able to fix this issues. the problem is page is loaded using hash page. not the real page. i still not really sure how it will implement this.

I decided to use the infobox on the frontslider, but the option to turn it on is gone. I guess some plugins fault. Any hints to bring back the option? Thanks!

hi gmaniac_de, can you please send your question to our support forum. we only use our forum to do support now.

please visit to request support.

Thank you

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