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Hello ! I’m probably gonna buy your theme, but have just one question. Is this kind of scrolling effect possible (parallax?) : http://aesopstoryengine.com/ => when scrolled, the content’s going over what’s above it. Hope my question’s clear^^ Thanks!

Hi, no JRNY is parallax free :) You could make it parallax with some custom coding but that would be something you’d need to do yourself or pay us to customise for you.

Hi – I am thinking about purchasing this theme but I have a few questions. I purchased a somewhat similar theme a few weeks ago, but the images are not responsive even though they claimed to be. Since I purchased that for nothing – I’m just hesitant that this theme won’t fit my needs either.

Do you know if “categories” can have an image behind the text instead of just the text with a white background?

Would it be possible to change the header font to a font that I have purchased and downloaded? Along with that, can it be changed to black?

Hi there yes my first answer still stands. In WordPress there is no way natively to set an image per category. There are plugins that do it though, however you’d need to also edit the theme files to make it work with those plugins.

Great, thanks so much. Just wanted to make sure I was being clear. :)

No problem at all if you need a hand getting it to work we do perform bespoke customizations so please let us know :)

Hi, is the JRNY icon in the top left a logo or a text field?

It comes from the site title, so you’d edit it from General settings or “Site Identity” on WP 4.3

Thanks! I’m really digging your Textual and JRNY themes. :)

Kudos on your quick replies too.

Cool, thanks and no worries :)

Hi! This is my 1st purchase. I’m a kind of ignorant about programming, so this probably is a stupid question: can I add videos (from Youtube or Vimeo) in the post? In the Live preview i didn’t see any video. Hope you can help me, thanks

Yes there is video on the live preview and yes you can embed them inside posts. If you need anything else please use our support channel https://meanthemes.ticksy.com

Can you setup the blog headlines to always show on each image and not just when you hover?

Can I change the font of the main menu on the righthand side of the screen?

You can change all the theme fonts from the customizsr


Regagarding Hero on the Homepage…

1. is there a way that the image is not full height? or to put the latest post there?


Hi there, Apologies for the delay, as stated on our ThemeForest pages, we’ve been on holiday for the past 5 days, just catching up now.

You can adjust the height with a little CSS. No you can’t put latest post into the hero area, but you could just disable the hero via the Customizer.

Hi, I am creating a magazine dedicated to long form stories. I would like to work with JRNY or Myth theme. I have chosen Myth theme for the Aesop story Engine. But I prefer the JRNY appearence. - Is JRNY compatible with the Aesop story Engine (can I install it without trouble?)? - Can I install a paiement plugin which is going to restrict the access to some parts of articles (both on JRNY and Myth theme)? Thanks for your reply! It will help make my choice! Regards!

Hi there,

- Yes, you can install Aesop Story Engine on JRNY but the theme has not been built for it and we don’t officially support it. You may have a few issues displaying full page width images, etc. Myth on the other hand fully support ASE. We’ve also recently added Gutenberg support for Myth theme.

- You shouldn’t have any problem installing a payment plugin with both JRNY and Myth. For the use you’re describing, I would suggest a membership plugin.

Anyway if you’re facing any issue with our themes don’t hesitate to send us a ticket ( https://meanthemes.ticksy.com ) ;)

Joachim from MeanThemes


I’m not seeing this question asked/answered recently. But I’d like to know if you can you upload a video into the header instead of an image?


I’m very sorry for the late reply. Yes, you can upload an mp4 video just like you would upload an image for the hero header :)

Regards, Joachim from MeanThemes

I’m not seeing how to upload a video. None of the videos I have uploaded into my media library show up as an option to use for the header. Only images.

Indeed WordPress only shows images there. But if you click “Upload”, you can upload any .mp4 video ;)

Note: For quicker support, use our ticketing system.

Hi, I’d like to follow up on my question about the video header. I’d like to purchase this theme but I’d like to know before I buying.

Sorry, we completely missed your previous comment. We usually try to respond within 24h. Thanks for this reminder :)

No worries. Thanks for getting back to me! I purchased the theme.

One more question, are you able to upload custom fonts?

Thanks for your purchase. I hope you like our work.

You can select a few default fonts but the theme also support Google web fonts, Typekit and Adobe Web fonts. You can learn more about this in the theme documentation file ;)

Hi. I submitted a ticket several days ago and have not received a response.


Looks like we replied to your ticket a few hours ago :)

Hi, is there a way for the featured image on a page (ie on http://jrny.mtdemo.meanthemes.com/jrny-typography/) to be fully open and without the overlay ON LOAD? Thanks, Tim

Hello – I got a minor issue with the Footer Tagline. I want it to open in a new window when it redirection to another website, but even when I enter the right HTML in the Custom Text Box, there’s seem to have a permanent error/bug and it still open it on the same page. Kindly advise. Thank you.

Hello – do you ever reply? I sent you a ticket days ago on top of this post, and I still haven’t heard back from you? Support is included in my purchase, kindly could you reply? Thank you.


ybitwb Purchased

Hi. Unable to contact you via your support page. Setting up a page to use “Categories” template displays each category’s items in a grid of miniatures but these are not clickable, they only show items’ title and main image. Is there a way to make them clickable so that a user can jump directly to the linked items? Thanks.

The comment section has stopped working on my theme. People can leave comments and I can see/moderate them on my dashboard, but they don’t actually show up on the site. Is anyone else having this issue?


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