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Hey! I am your first buyer! Good luck!

Just what i ask for :) you must have saw my forum post

Great price also :)

Is the graphs and stats live and is it easy to set it up to the website for sale?

“Is the graphs and stats live and is it easy to set it up to the website for sale?”

will like to know the answer as well

Sorry, the graph is just an image and stats have to be put in manually I’m afraid.

However you can use this tool here: http://popuri.us/ to get most of the stats and if you have analytics or similar take data from that

Hello, I bought this template and have a question. I’m adding the simplest of jquery lines and finding that my php scripts get called twice in a row instead of once.

For example, I add this to the offer-area div:

$(document).ready(function(){ $(”#generate”).click(function(){ $(”#quote”).load(“track.php?track=1”); }); });


track.php gets called once. That is good. But after I switch tabs say to the stats area, if I go back to offer-area and click the link, track.php gets called twice. Been dead in the water, any ideas?

After extended troubleshooting with firebug, I’ve given up and created a tabbed paged from scratch. But Jsale was still awesome to teach me the basics of jquery and jui.

Looks like a slick item.. but since it is simply unusable without Javascript enabled and doesn’t degrade without it.. it’s fairly useless for us… too bad. Maybe there is a rework in the near future?? :D

Hey, love the item. trying to do a simple trick with it. I would like to use a fade animation instead of the slide. I tried to change the code on line 80 of scripts.js

$('#' + rel).show("slide", { direction: "up"  });
to fade but it didn’t work. Does the jquery-ui-custom-min include any other animations?

Nice template. Thanks!