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Really flash as slideshow???? Hello ? why ????

Its nice template but flash kills it

Hi veltelcom,

The gallery you see on the demo is another product JSN ImageShow which has “HTML/JS version”. You can see the gallery normally on mobile devices such as ipad, iphone and other.

Hi! Nice design :) One thing, the sub menu corrupts initially on a Mac in Safari at least. Something to check out. Otherwise, nice!

Thanks tomdekok for your comment. We are aware about this bug and it will be fixed in the next version. Please stay tuned ;).

Hey joomlashine during installation sample data i get the message: The product version you are using is outdated. but i couldnt login to your customer site because I bought it over herer. What is to do?

Dear stisha-ac Please submit a your request for customer account at: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

Hi Joomlashine,

First of all, WELL DONE ! Brilliant theme!

I am however having a real lot of trouble uploading your template. I tried it several times through the Extensions Manager in Joomla itself, but it doesn’t work. I then tried it twice via my FTP . It uploaded because I’m looking right at the files but when I go into my websites admin panel to activate the template it is nowhere to be seen.

I’m pretty new to Joomla having worked mostly with Wordpress, so it may be something I’m doing wrong myself. I am however familiar with uploading via FTP and everything else has worked so far.

Your help would be welcome. Thanks.


You have to make sure that Joomla default has the writable permission. After that you use the standard Joomla installation process via back – end side.

If you need any help feel free to contact is directly via http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

In that way we can serve you better and in timely manner.

Thank you!

Thank you!!


I’ve bought your template and i must say it looks very good. I however have some problems with responsivness of the design when it comes to using a different theme / showcase for “promo slider”. If i decide to use the Theme Slider instead of Theme Classic (that is in the demo), so that i can have pagination for images & random slide effects, the slider becomes fixed with width and responsivness doesn’t work.

The second problem is more of a question if is it possible to make the background a fixed static image – or having them more. For an instance, one pattern that is repeated through x & y, and one shadow picture on the top and bottom that repeats-x.

Thank you for your fast response and help!

Dear rokiii,

Thank you for choosing JoomlaShine product. Please contact us directly for getting the customer’s account http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

Very Nice item :)

Thank you!