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In backend stays, there is an update. To update it, i have to fill in my account information at joomlashine. But if i do this, there is standing, i don’t have bouht it.

what should i do?

Hi mate, do you get your own account at JoomlaShine, if not, you can contact us here: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

Please kindly attach your license of buying JSN Metro. Thanks :)

Hi Thank you so much for design beautiful template . I using RTL of this template ,but I have problem with jomsocial templet . on RTL it dose not mach and its sprinkled . the windows are not symmetrical of LTR . http://i43.tinypic.com/2ugi8af.png How can fix it ? tank you for your answer best

Hi mate, please kindly submit your question here: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

It is a very nice theme, however why is it that the latest version available is 2.0.0 but we have to download 1.0.0 which is not what is advertised. Then to get the version advertise we have to signup joomlashine.com to get the update you thought you was getting in the first place. I am still waiting to get access. :(

Hi mate, please can contact us here to get account at JoomlaShine: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

Then you can access to our Customer Area to download the latest version. Thanks :)

Hello, i just install JSN Metro – Responsive Joomla Creative quickstart template, when i import db sample_data.sql give me this error

SQL query:

TRUNCATE `#__assets` ;

Need your help! Kind regards,

Hi Anderman_123,

Please submit your support request at our system http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

I’m not sure how and where the template business changed, but it used to be WYBIWYG, what you buy is what you get.

And in this case, I love how the live demo is not like what you paid for, and once downloaded you can clearly see things left out. At least you put the background image in this template which is more than I can say for the other template forest guy I bought from.

I don’t have a lot of time to gather and design icons, pictures, or work on some kids pet science project (joomla) to get it to look like what I thought i was getting in the first place.

These are 20 dollar templates where you guys are up selling additional features…and it is nonsense.

So I’m not asking for my money back, I’m just going to take my money back.

Hi maxumaccounts,

Please submit a ticket directly to our support system, so we could provide you the account in the customer area at www.JoomlaShine.com -> http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

We don’t have any problems with money back guarantee on OUR website, as for ThemeForest, you need to contact directly to them. For us, we’re really interested in solving the problem.

In order to have the demo site, you should have JoomlaShine customer’s account. So, just buzz us, then we’ll provide it to you.


Installation error with jsn_ “metro_pro_unlimited_j25_quickstart”

Blocks in step 4, you can not attach the database.

Database freshly installed and a virgin!

Thank you kindly help me.


Hi fred80000,

We’d really appreciate if you could contact directly via Contact Form at here http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html



Thank you for making the necessary.

Just a few optimizations in CSS, HTML as well as icons and turns really well.

Super theme. Really beautiful.

I really recommend the themes of JSN team (JoomlaShine).

Buy eyes closed :)

Hello! Your theme seems very good! I will buy it just for your unique JomSocial template, which i loved!

I want to ask though why “advanced search” is not working? I want for my members to be able to search other members based on gender, age, city/country. Can this be done there?


Hi Abendnebel,

On demo site we restricted advanced search, so that you don’t see it to be working properly. This module comes from JomSocial component, so if you have any questions related to this component, JomSocial Support team would be glad to assist you.


I was wondering if there is an easy way to make more Module Class Suffix like: “box-2 jsn-icon-info box-green”. I want to make 6 different colorstyles with an image and a personal icon. Hopefully it is possible. For now, I can not find any place to edit or code something…

Hi Jwduim,

Thanks for your interest in our template. You can easily make more Module Class Suffix by accessing to the back-end of JSN template and following these steps. Module Manager -> go to any specific modules -> make changes in Advanced Options -> fill color styles basing on your needs. However, we support icons not personal image in the box. Check the image to know more: http://bit.ly/1oLBGyE. If you have further technical questions, kindly go to our support forum and post your question to get the prompt answer :Dhttp://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

I bought this theme here but after I login to JoomlaShine.com, In my list only have free version. And I send my problem ticket to JoomlaShine.com already. Please help me. My login is wittayayut (wittayayut@gmail.com)

Dear wittayayut, Thanks for your interest in our JSN Metro. Firstly, let me say sorry about the inconvenience which you have faced up. I did report and raise your issue in the support forum, hence, kindly stay tuned and keep following to receive our prompt support. Thanks for your patience!

Hi, I use Pro and everything works fine. really nice template. But….. I notice that the load time is extreem high.. Can you please help me solve this? in a PM I will give the url

Thanks jwduim for contacting us. You will get PRO technical support as a paid customer of Joomlashine. Do you have any account in Joomlashine? I will give you an access to log in PRO box in Forum and contact directly with our Technical Support Team. If you have an account in Joomlashine, please give me your registered username or your email. If you have not created yet, please send me your purchasing code via our Contact Form, and I will create for you: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomlashine/contact-us.html

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Do you have this theme to wordpress?

Hello chatyss ,

I’m sorry but this template is available for Joomla only :)

Pre-sale question 1.Can one change the background, and have an image instead of color background. 2. Can the theme have a footer menu, like example click here http://prntscr.com/6atb16

Thank you

Hello ericgithua ,

For this technical pre-sale question, please help to post on our Pre-Sales Box on our Forum, you will get detailed answer shortly from our Technical Experts: http://www.joomlashine.com/forum/32-pre-sale-questions

I’m sorry but I’m responsible for sales questions only :)

Thanks for your consideration and understanding.

Hello is template compatible with latest Joomla and Jomsocial ?

Thanks for your questions.

JSN Metro works smoothly on Joomla 3.4.1 but as Jomsocial has been released new version yesterday (4.0.2) so we will need to test it and update in next 2 weeks.

Please stay tuned!

Hello, Before to buy this amazing template, I need to know if is possible to modify the content-top area for obtain 2 lines of modules (I need to set 12 modules here). Thank you for your answer

Best regards


Hello Mariano,

Yep, if you buy this template, our support team will send you a hot fix to obtain 2 lines of modules.

After you purchase:

Step 1: please verify your order to get JSN account: http://www.joomlashine.com/themeforest-verification.html Step 2: let us know your request here : http://www.joomlashine.com/forum/74-jsn-metro our Technical Team will support you in details.

Hope it helps and let me know if you need further information

Hello Mariano,

Yep, if you buy this template, our support team will send you a hot fix to obtain 2 lines of modules.

After you purchase:

Step 1: please verify your order to get JSN account: http://www.joomlashine.com/themeforest-verification.html Step 2: let us know your request here : http://www.joomlashine.com/forum/74-jsn-metro our Technical Team will support you in details.

Hope it helps and let me know if you need further information

I am realy hard to understand your and themforest’s general update policy? I received an update alert mail. But there is no information either version or change log? so what is the latest version and where is the changelog? How can I decide if I need to update my temp or not? I don’t see latest versiyon info and changelog? Please if you realese and update give more information? this is not just about joomshine but for all publisher on themforest?


I’ve updated the graphics for JSN Metro as we no longer support for Joomla2.5. We updated it on our website (joomlashine.com) nearly months ago but due to lack of resources, we could not update it in Themeforest simultaneously at that time.

Do you have JSN account to get updates and download latest version? If not, please verify and create PRO account here: http://www.joomlashine.com/themeforest-verification.html

We do mention about changelog in our website clearly, you can check it out here: http://www.joomlashine.com/joomla-templates/jsn-metro-joomla-template-details.html

Hope it helps and do let me know if you have further questions.

I will like to buy this template but is this METRO or METRO 2?....because that’s what’s on preview

Hello, it will be Metro 2 from now but if you want to purchase JSN Metro, we can switch to you then. More information about JSN Metro 2, you can find out here: https://www.joomlashine.com/joomla-templates/jsn-metro-joomla-template-details.html

Let me know if you need further assistance

Hello dear, I bought JSN Metro 2 And I have a Item Purchase Code. But When I want to update my template to last version I am not able to do that. How can I do it?

Thanks a lot .

Hello Madhi,

Sorry for this inconvenience.

The problem has been fixed, please help try again.