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Nice and Exceptional :) good luck with sale

Very nice theme and a big + for Multilingual support (each theme should have it).

Thank you guys!

JSN Neon can bring you more value than just Multilingual support. It’s RTL native, responsive, 6 color variations and much more.

Hey, this may be a dumb question, but what modules are you guys using on your demo? No modules came with the zip files unless I overlooked them. I really needed a module for K2 that shows the latest articles on the front page- kinda like how it looks on your demo. I purchased this theme on Monday. Thanks for the help.

Dear jmlthrwd ,

Please kindly contact us on We’ll create the account for you and can better provide the support.

The modules you see on the K2 part is default K2 modules. You can download all of them on

Hello, i just buyed your template but im affraid, i have bad uncknowledge of joomla but… how can i install your template ? Normally, there is a “quickstart package” that allow you to install the template and the MySql database and tables creations…. Can you just say me how to install it please ?

Thanks in advance for your precious help

Hi Yann,

We’ve just created the account for you in the customer area of our website, so you can get better support. Please stay tuned with the solution.

I purchased JS Neon for my site with JomSocial 2.8 and your JomSocial Template is not compatible with JomSocial 2.8. Please advise as to whether you are going to update it as this is the only reason I bought the template.

I understand that the JomSocial was probably a moving target and 2.8 just came out. Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Hi Russel, as I said above, our developers confirm about the issue of compatibility JSN Neon template with JomSocial 2.8. We are working on the fixes and it’d be released soon. Any news would be updated here.

Hello, I’m new to Joomla (2.5) and strangely, without having changed (to my knowledge) in the settings, configuration and php files, links to articles do not work (error 500). Before (yesterday) it worked normally.

K2 items and categories K2 and Joomla work.

Website: Tempalte: Jsn_neon_pro

The menu problem is the “Contact”: Conatct = single contact -> not working Tous les contact = displays the Joomla contacts list (2 in this case) -> works, but if one selects one of the two proposed -> KO

Same problem and also bypassed: JomSocial menu was in a separate module and whoever is in the complement was disabled (this is the same menu), something that allowed me to have notification icons. All links: Error 500. If I activate the menu in addition JomSocial (as it is currently), work.

More (it may be linked to the same problem) K2 voting system no longer works

SEO setings: Use URL rewriting : No

Any ideas?

PS: thank you to answer me at

Thanks in advance for your precious help

Hi yannanderson, Please kindly submit your question in our ticket system, so you can get better support from our team.


I got the same problem as TheAllusionist got. I uploaded the jsn_neon folder (from the jsn_neon_jomsocial_unzip_me_first folder) to components/com_community/templates when I set it to default my homepage break. When is an update coming for JomSocial 2.8?

Hi Nikolino10,

Please submit your support questions to our community forum or contact form.

Thanks in advance,

Same here like TheAllusionist and Nikolino10,

best of all its sayed: Compatible With JomSocial 2.8, JomSocial 2.6

but no way its do not work with 2.8 :((((((

Have i only read this two post before :(

FYI. The latest update. Our developers confirm about the issue of compatibility JSN Neon template with JomSocial 2.8. We are working on the fixes and it’d be released soon. Any news would be updated here.

Hi joomlashine, is now a resulution finish?

Hi stojanoski, please kindly login Customer Area, you can download the package support JomSocial (both 2.6 and 2.8). Thanks!

I will look into forum, but I posted here and sent you an email message and have not heard a peep. Thanks for mentioning forum as the response I got from this site was to post here and send you a message.


Dear Russell,

The best place to get support is in our website – forum. The main reason is we do not keep tracking new messages because ThemeForest doesn’t have notification system about the new comments.

Even more, the support forum allows you to do more such as attach the screen shot of possible issues and private messages. Participating in the forum you will get help from JoomlaShine community as well.

Each time I edit the top accordion in sampl’d Joomla Installation it breaks the accordion functionality, I tried joomlashine contact and forums no luck with downloading the 2.0.2. Please send me the latest version of the theme.

Hi juicepixel,

Please contact us via Contact Form for assistance

Each time I edit the top accordion, get broken, I send you a contact from your site, hope to hear from you soon. Thnaks

if it it the editor, and the code was detele, how can I get the code again?

hi mate, our supporter receive your ticket and will answer your question today. Thanks!

I got it thanks!

Hi, Nice template, This template have login area module?


Hi Jormen,

JSN Neon template includes the login area module. However, on demo, it is not assigned to publish in front end. To publish this module, kindly access to back end (PowerAdmin) and choose Extensions -> Module Manager -> Search Login module -> Choose publish. If there is any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via livechat or support forum: Hope my answer can help. Thanks!

there is problem with Joomsocial , demo not load correct

Hello Haik74, I have checked our demo page of Extended Style for JomSocial Page. It seems that there is no problem here. I also provide you link I captured the page: Could you please retry one more time? It can be affected by Internet Connection Speed. If you still cannot get there, please drop me a line, we will look deeper into your issue. Thank you for your feedback!

yes, think my chrome dose that , its load now. probbaly not load some CSS file . and it show not good

Please clear cache and try again. If it still does not work properly as the screenshot I sent you, please capture your screen and send me. We will investigate and get back to you then.

I see a Record Audio graphic on the demo page. Can the user actually record an audio?

Thanks Gugga for your question. I’m afraid that this graphic is for demo purpose only and there is no record extension included here.

If you want to have this function, just take a look at JED if there are any 3rd party recording extensions available now.

Look forward to serving you soon.