JSN Nuru - Responsive Joomla E-commerce Template

JSN Nuru - Responsive Joomla E-commerce Template

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JSN Nuru is a premium Joomla! template exclusively crafted for MijoShop – a powerful shopping-cart component. Therefore, it is aimed to serve any kind of online shopping website. JSN Nuru has neat, clean and straightforward design which visually conquers the client due to the large background, vibrant color variations and catchy graphic arrangement. Along with the built-in file compression for faster loading speed and responsive layout, JSN Nuru also works seamlessly with K2 & Kunena components.

What are waiting for you in JSN Nuru?

14 languages support


7 gallery

K2 & Kunena components styling support

K2 and Kunena.png

MijoShop styling support


6 colors


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Free Built-in Extensions in JSN Nuru

Free Editions of JSN PowerAdmin, JSN ImageShow, JSN Uniform and JSN PageBuilder are four built-in extensions in JSN Nuru sample data.

JSN PowerAdmin - Provide full control over your Joomla website in a single screen via an intuitive GUI with drag-n-drop operations.

JSN ImageShow - Display your images in a lively way. You can place it anywhere, in whatever size and filled with whatever content you want.

JSN Uniform - Allow you to create and manage effortlessly and effectively a wide range of forms as they want with diversified fields.

JSN PageBuilder - Drag-n-Drop suitable elements, construct content visually without any lines of code and get instant view with live preview.

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