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Great Theme Man! GLWS

Thank you a lot. The customer’s feedbacks encourage our company to move forwards always. Hope to see you in our next products. Have a nice day!

Great template for event man! GLWS

Thank you :)

Good job mate!Wish you good sales :)

Thank you a lot. The customer’s feedbacks encourage our company to move forwards always. Hope to see you in our next products. Have a nice day!

After purchasing VENTURE the download does not come with a standard QuickStart package. Template blocked installation of sample data and download of QuickStart due to having been purchased via ThemeForest and not directly from JoomlaShine. So just be aware you need an extra few days following purchase in which you have to first find this out, then work out you need to email JoomlaShine your license file and wait on them setting up your account.

Hi fauxpony,

It doesn’t take few days as you stated. If you submit the support request in weekdays, the response with the account at comes in less than 24 hours.

I purchased on a Friday evening planning to be more or less done by Sunday night. However, as you confirm, because this was the weekend I had to wait 3 nights to get my account.

I’ve no idea what time zone you are in so how do I know if it is still a weekday for you.

It is misleading to claim it takes less than 24 hours as that depends on when I purchase.

Point in any case is the hassle of ‘applying for an account’, even if it did only take a day is not mentioned until after purchase.

I’m just flagging up the issues I encountered. I wouldn’t have to if you provided this information yourselves in the first place.

24 hours response guarantee is effective when you purchase and submit support requests directly on On ThemeForest side, there might be some delays with the response. As for now, you need the account and we don’t have problems with providing it to you. Just submit at here


i’m still waiting for an account on Joomlashine, i think it is unfair have to wait to have something I bought. Their support doesn’t write me… not good.


Please let us know your ticket ID in the support system, so we can serve you better.

If you purchase the product at, you could get all necessary files instantly after purchase.

With the ThemeForest we need to create the manual account for you.

thanks, this is my Ticket ID: DWN-313904, i send them my jsn-venture-responsive-joomla-event-template-license.txt.

Thanks for cooperation. I’ve just replied to your email.

I have same issue as another people. I purchased this theme and I got problem and asked support but there is no response. I would like to refund this because “if you buy this but you need to get problem and ask support without any notice”. Yes. I agree with another one said “unfair” that’s true.


I’m sorry for the delay with response. Right now, we’re re – organizing the support team, so it should be fixed soon. As for the delay, please let us know the URL to your support thread. I’ll buzz our support lead to take you more.

Regarding the refund, we don’t have any problems if you buy the product on OUR website. Since the purchase made on side, you need to contact them.

The refund is simple, but doesn’t solve any problems. To be honest, we are interested in fixing problems, so it’d be great if both parties collaborate with each other.


I have same issue. I Asked support, please, solve it ASAP. Ticket ID: MUV-632138. Tomorrow I need have a finished web. Thanks

I’ve just made buzz to our lead support staff. Please stay tuned with the solution.


Great, thank You.

Solved in record time, Thank You very much :-)

After purchasing VENTURE, the download does not come with a standard QuickStart package. Where is it ? Thanks.

It should be uploaded soon. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. If you need it urgently, please contact us directly at

We’ll provide you the customer’s account where you can download all further updates.

The image slider is buggy. I have images in the slider but it isn’t not displaying. It worked fine and then just stopped.

Is this a known issue? Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your feedback. We have the 24 hour response guarantee, which is effective when you purchase and submit support requests directly on With any question related to technical problems, could you kindly contact to us via live chat and support forum here: Hope that my answer can help. Wish you all the best! Thanks!

I saw that the demo template is Joomla version 2.5. Is there also a 3.x version available?

I mean is there a 3.x version available in the downloads with the demo content?

Also, I want to use this template with a quite big logo. As you can see here:

I’ll just have to remove the padding, but the menu gets smaller when you scroll. I assume it’s javascript because I wasn’t able to see it in the CSS. Is it possible to edit that instead of changing the logo?

Oh wow, I unpublished some modules and published it back on but it get messed up right away.. :\

HI Gerwin111, Sorry for late response. Firstly, getting a 3.x version with demo content, you can install sample data in Power admin (Go to backend -> Extensions -> Templates Manager -> Get Started -> Install Sample Data) Secondly, about the logo, could you pls resize it to fit the main menu. Our main menu bar can’t adjust the dimension. Sorry about that. Thirdly, about modules, to have a prompt answer and support, kindly access to our support forum ( to get your technical support. Thanks!

Do I get Ohanah license if I buy this Template?

Thanks for your interested in JSN Venture.

This package includes JSN Venture installation file + psd file only.

But once you buy JSN Venture, you will get 25% off to buy Ohanah here:

Hope it helps and save your money by getting that discount.

Hi Joomlashine. Nice theme, only thing I am struggling with is how to make the main menu fixed like in the demo. Please explain how to do this?

Hello wilkinsons13,

Are you using FREE Edition or PRO Edition? The sticky menu is available in PRO Edition only. Please download our Documentation and find the detailed instruction in “Sticky Desktop Menu” part:

Hope it helps,

my apologies, I was looking for the author of Venture not jsn Venture.

No problem, hope to serve you in the near future

Why does the colour param save in the Template prams but not reflect on the front-end?

I got this to eventually save, but now the Admin theme (Isis) does not want to save its settings? Is it PowerAdmin that interferes here?


I’m sorry for my late response. Please help raise your question here: . Our team will support you there.

Hope the issue will be fixed soon.

I want to buy. Please let me know if this upgraded to support Joomla 3.5. Thanks.

Hello okanime,

Sure, it supports Joomla 3.5 and we all try to update to make it compatible with the latest Joomla version :) You can check more details here:

Hope to serve you soon!