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I would like to know how can I change the browser name “portfolio” to “sucos” and if it is possible to include a second or third option selection choice in the portfolio page, as many of the items belong to two or more categories. There would be some form of “funnel” or go refining the selection process? I also thought the possibility visitor can choose all food ingredients (categories) of the item to only be able to select dps.


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Hello, please open a support ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com

Thank you and best regards

I would like to know how can I integrate your theme with woocommerce?


thank you for contacting us.

We are sorry, but Juicy theme is not woocommerce ready theme. So there is not easy way to implement it, you need to style all woocommerce pages.

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PS: We have other woocommerce ready themes in our portfolio and if you have any question about it, just contact us.

Hi, I have your theme and would like to use the testimonials section. I can’t find the shortcode to place this in the page, can you help? Thanks

never mind – found in in the posts shortcode

Hello, great to hear that you have found the shortcode. Feel free to contact us if you need anymore help.

Hi Anps, I am facing a horrible problem. Category page showing posts from all categories. When i post to article in same time into two different category. like one article for fruit and one article for vegi. the problem is fruit article is showing into the vegi categories page. if i change the publish date of fruit article then it worked. that means i cant post fruit and vegi article in same date. What i can do ?

Yes, we did not find the issue in the latest version. Just make sure not to overwrite the old theme, but upload a fresh folder. This is because files were removed and will stay if you just copy/paste over the old installation.

If you will experience issues even after updating, please send us a link to your site with login details, so we can find what is causing the issue.

No it is not working. I can see the loop.php have the main problem. Can you check your loop.php file again?

Please send us a link to your site, so we can take a look. As mentioned, I cannot see the issue on our testing server and it would help us solve the issue much faster. Thank you.

I loaded the theme and it looks nothing like the preview yet the last time I bought a theme everything worked immediately – what is wrong ?

This is the fourth template I have bought from Envato and every other one included all the images shown in the preview. I sold this template to my client who owns a fruit business based on the quality of those fruits shots included. I feel tricked but now have to get thsoe fruit images – where can I buy them if needs be

Ok so I have fixed nearly everything myself and reloaded revolution slider and got it working (template shortcode was for wooslider so that needs to be updated ) now all I need is images. If you know where I can get them that would be appreciated Thank you

Hi, I would like to know if the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.6. I would like to upgrade WordPress but I’m not sure if it will work.


Hello, yes the latest version of the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.6.

Let us know if you have any questions / issues with the update.

Thanks for the quick answer! Using the last version of the theme, I had no problem upgrading to WP 4.6.1

Thanks again!

No problem. Great to hear you did not have any trouble updating.