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Wow, this is … quite amazing…

Good luck with sales!

very nice..as usual

could dig a dark theme option

Beautiful work – I love your unique sytle!

Waiting on support for this item…having a jquery problem. Can I expect an email soon?

Thank you, this support ticket has been replied to.

how difficult would it be to make this facebook friendly?

Nice work btw…

It probably depends what you mean by facebook friendly. If you mean controlling which image / text description appears when people link to your website then you can do this with meta tags as per facebook faq.

any way there will be a wordpress version of this? Looks amazing!

It’s on the cards – there are just a few technical difficulties to get around. (plus we’re updating all our old themes before working on new ones – so after that keep an eye out)

Quick question. I am trying to update the Support box. I coded the following link so that the question will be displayed when the link is clicked on. When I do this it goes all the way to very top above the navigation links. I tried adding class=”main_box_wrapper” to the div but that then leaves a big gap in the question listing. How can I get each question to display like each box does when clicking on the link?

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    Thank you in advance. :)


I’m not too sure on this one – if you can send a link to your page so we can see it we might better understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Please submit the support request with links in our support system: http://support.dtbaker.com.au

Thanks, dtbaker


any news on how long it will take you to have this theme ready for wordpress? I love the theme and can’t wait to use it! Thanks, Bernadette

No news yet sorry. Will post here when we start work on the wordpress version (after updating all our other themes to 3.2+ first)

Hi. Nice work here. I would, unfortunately, like to strip out the graphics and make my website look more like http://www.sumac.uk.com/. How possible is that?


Quite possible if you are experienced with photoshop, html and css. It would be a lot of work – a bit like creating a full blown website from scratch.

Hi, I am trying to add a slider page.. I have followed the instructions to the letter and cannot seem to get it to work..

Any help you can provide would be great.

Thank You

Please submit a support request to our support website:


please include a link to your website so we can see what problem you are having.

Hi !

I have 3 problems with this template

1. the side scroller on the product features page doesn’t seem to work on IE 7 & IE 8 . It just displays the side-scrolling pages from top to bottom on a single slide. So basically you just see one slide with all the scrolling content. Is there a fix, since you list IE 7 & 8 as compatible browsers.

2. on the product features page, all images are defined with border=”0”. This should be moved to CSS since I get 12 validation errors here.
Can you provide a solution?

3. the dtbaker_gallery (screenshots small&large) produces 10 errors during validation. I got the following message 10 times “Element dl is missing a required instance of child element dd” What’s wrong with that?

thanks for your time

Hi there, just purchased the beautiful template.

Though I have an issue. Unfortunately specific parts of the template seem to be failing in IE:

None of my IE customers can purchase or see cool lightbox and “slide” effects.

Now I do hate IE as much as the next guy/girl but because 50% +/- of my customers use it, I must accomodate.

Awaiting your solution so I can provide the 5 stars this template deserves.

Was going to submit a ticket but can’t afford to wait a potential 10 days for a response.

Regards and thank you.



je voudrais changer le pays ” Australie ” dans paypal et mettre ” France ” help me please


I want to change the country “Australia” in paypal with “France” help me please

thank you

That’s the problem when you deal with an author who is ‘too’ successful.
I’m like no. 50 in the support line – GREAT !!!

I’m having issues with this theme. Only part of the site displays on the ipad and iphone. You’re not able to see the animated leaves on the left side of the box when it comes out on mobile devices – you can only see the right side. Is there a way to center it so you can see the entire site on the iphone and ipad?

Hi Thanks for the great theme!

Can you please help me to make some of the order form fields required? I saw some comments in simplecart_email.php file but i could not change. Simply if you can make everything required and email me the php file that would be great Thanks

Please submit a support ticket so we can email you back. http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

Please include your licence purchase code and a copy of the simplecart_email.php and a list of your requirements for the fastest response.

Thanks, dtbaker

Sorry, but it will not work correct in IE 8 and 9

Hi, In Internet Explorer 8, still i can see the other disabled payments method and also total amount shows different then i set, and the sign still show $ ( I changed it to £)

It works fine on firefox and chrome, can you please help …