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Its possible make a dark graphic and a portfolio with Web designer function (not image in a lighbox but link to external site!)??

Hi loranz,

I’m not sure if I understood you correctly, but if you meant is it possible to load external page inside an iframe (instead of an image), than the answer is yes. You can take a look at the Fancybox homepage to see all the possibilities.

No, not in iframe but in a new window (like the html target=”_blank) and if possible choose a dark skin?

I’m sorry, but I still don’t follow. Of course, you can link everything in a new window, and with a little knowledge of html and css, you can create and style just about everything.

thanks a lot :)

Hi. I like this one page theme, but need to know something before I buy it. I have a pre-school and where the ‘gallery’ is, I would like to have a ‘member login’ for parents so that they can see all of the photos of their kids. I don’t want this open for the public to see for privacy reasons. Would I be able to do this with this theme? I know that there is a wp plugin for this. Many thanks. B


first, please note that you commented on Jumper site template page – for WordPress version head over here, so that you don’t accidentally buy the wrong item. :)

There is a option in WP which allows you to password protect any page or post, so you can do this with the gallery. I’m not sure for a ‘member login’ system though, but I guess it is possible with the plugin you mentioned.

Great, thanks for the prompt response. I will go to the WP version to buy. Lovely theme! B

Hi Dabman,

great work,

I’ve got just a question: how could I change the border color of the thumbs of gallery section? I tryed with the css style but it seem working only for the gallery on the home.

Thank you! http://themeforest.net/images/smileys/grin.png


border color is defined with the following css code:
ul.gallery_group li img, img.frame { border: 5px solid #272727; }
You may want to change border color on hover as well:
ul.gallery_group li img:hover { border: 5px solid #000000; }



It works! Thank you so much!

Great theme

This template is really beautiful and clean! Compliments from me.


Is this theme localizable? Do you have any .po files for supporting the Greek language?


Hi, please note that this is an html temlate – you can check WP version from my portfolio. The WP version can be localized (po file includet, which you need to translate manualy), however, I dont believe tha Vollkorn font (used for headings and links) suports Greek letters. So, for those letters, the diferent font will need to be used.

Hey, this template is fantastic! Even so it seems that when I download the latest version it still doesn’t seem to work correctly under IE 9, even though it says that scrolling issues were resolved in 2011. Is is possible that I’m experiencing another issue? The pages open but the selector doesn’t scroll down correctly. Am I the only one experiencing this? And how is IE 10 support?

Hi Willem,

Sorry for the slow response. I’m not experiencing any problems here in IE9, the selector is scrolling down correctly as far as I see. Could you please post or email me your site link so I can take a look, or at least confirm that you are experiencing the same problem on my demo site as well?

About IE10 – I haven’t had the chance to test the template on that version because it’s for win 7 only, and I’m unfortunately a Vista user. Though I’ll be surprised to see that something is not working correctly there. Nevertheless, I’ll try to test it on IE10 very soon.


Thanks for your reply! I might have to come back on the error encountered. I’m really certain it didn’t work when posted but I do not manage to obtain the error again. It’s fine now so it must have been related to my setup. Even so I’m not sure what changed in the meantime. Anyways, sorry for having wasted your time and thanks again for excellent template. Keep up the good work!

Please help, I’m really lost. I don’t seem to be able to get a “blog” page with all posts on my website. I’m working with the sections up till now (mo-design.de), but I want to add “blog” to the menu, which shows me the page with all the posts I have made. How can I do that?


this is a comment section for html version, not for WordPress – I need to mention this to avoid any confusions for future buyers. :) For your case, you just need to create a new blank page (call it ‘Blog’ or something like that), and then set it to be your ‘Posts page’ inside ‘Settings>Reading’. That’s it – after that you can place it somewhere inside your menu.

Oups. Thank you, it worked great!