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Lovely design, good luck with the sales.


Beautiful Design/totally crisp functionality. If there was an option to use project specific pages as opposed to the old light box stand-by, I’d be a massive fan.

As of now, I’ll remain at very impressed!

Thanks angusgastle,

unfortunately there is not such an option at the moment.

Looks nice. I remember seen the HTML …

Thanks, it’s been a while since the html version. :)

Love this theme! Can’t wait to try it out, I’ll let you know how it goes- thanks for the great work :)

Thanks, looking forward to hear how it went :)

Hey Dabaman,

Thank you for designing beautiful theme!

However I do have a couple issues previewing it in Safari Mac, iPad, iPhone.

Issues previewing on a Mac – Safari: I’m running the latest OS X …

The color switcher under the main menu is not functioning. which is not a big deal for me at all… but it works beautifully in Google Chrome and Firefox on Mac.

Issues previewing on a iPad 2, iPhone 4S – Safari: I’m running the latest iOS 5…

The main menu is not functioning properly. when you 1st launch the website, you can click on any menu item after that. none of the menu items are functioning… the whole left side is none functioning. you can’t click on anything at all, until you refresh the website…

if you can fix those issues I’m definitely looking forward to by this theme now…

John B.

Hi Johnbabko,

color switcher under the menu is just for demonstration purpose, and it’s not included in the download, so that’s not the problem. :) Though it’s working on Safari running under Windows, so I’m not sure what could be the problem on Mac.

But thank you for your input about iPad and iPhone problems, I’ll look into it.

Hey Dabaman,

Thanks for speedy reply!

I just tried to send you a reply. and when I hit send it says.

“This comment has been flagged as inappropriate, and will have to be reviewed by one of our staff. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

if I did something wrong I did not meant to flagged your comment. I just want to reply to it…

anyways here is my reply to your comment:

Yeah I figured that color switcher under the menu are for demonstration purpose… but what about the iOS devices? are you planning to fix that in the near future?

I am sorry that i flagged your comment, I did not meant to do that…

John B.

Thats fine, those two links where to close to each other anyway. :)

The problem on iOS devices originates from the fact that mobile browsers don’t support fixed positioned elements (in our case the left sidebar) in the same way as desktop browsers do. I don’t know at this moment is there any workaround for this, but I’ll try to find one.

Hi Dabaman,

I was really hoping I’d be writing to you again on a better note- but I’m having some issues with the theme- one crucial item is really what I need your help with, I’m sure I can figure everything else out on my own.

Overall I’ve bought at least 30 themes on here and have never once had a problem with importing the demo content. In fact normally that’s always the easiest part of the whole process- right? Well, Uploading the actual theme was seamless but after multiple attempts to install the demo content, I’m having a hard time understanding why something which is normally so easy just isn’t working. Every time it loads I get a message that says the .zip file could not be imported and neither could the contact form 7 and then the usual “have fun” ending…. Now, I’m not new to this whole bit so I don’t think that it’s something I’m doing wrong- but it is always possible, which is why I’m seeking your counsel.

Is this an easy fix that I’m just not seeing? Please let me know, this is just one of those things that’s gonna drive me nuts if I don’t figure out… And it’s really quite disappointing b/c I was very excited to start working on this asap. I really appreciate your help in advance- Thanks!

Hi alchemy26,

this can’t be right, I’ve just tested demo uploading and it’s functioning as it should :)

You upload your demo like this:

1) Go to ‘Tools>Import>WordPress’
2) Find ‘demo_content.xml’ file with choose form, and hit ‘Upload and import’
3) assing posts to some user, and uncheck ‘Download and import file attachments’ if it is checked
4) Hit ‘Submit’ button

This will import the following:
- homepage sections
- three sample blog posts (those will be imported in the trash folder, so they don’t mix with your previously published posts – you can restore them if you like)
- portfolio items
- navigation menu

Basically, everything you saw in the online demo, except the images.

Then, one more thing to do to see your homepage is to go to ‘Settings>Reading> and set:

- ‘Front page displays’ as ‘A static page’
- In which the ‘Front page’ is ‘Home’
- and ‘Posts page’ is ‘Blog’

I forgot to mention that also three pages will be imported – Blog, Home and Shortcodes.

And, if you do get a note that some parts can not be imported, like a .zip file or contact form 7 (basically attachments) – that’s completely normal, just ignore those notices. The things I mentioned before are just the ones that need to be imported.

Yep, did that. Like I said, I know how to import it… and set the homepage and blog, etc.. but it still doesn’t look like your demo does. And obviously it’s gonna look a little different without the pictures and slider.. but it’s more than just that. In ends up looking like your theme’s cracked out younger brother. It’s just definitely not what I expected when you stated it would look like your theme in the preview.

Oh, I think I know what’s the problem here -you need to go to ‘Appearance>Jumper Options’ and save your settings. It is important to click ‘Save changes’ button (even though you didn’t changed anything in the settings) so that WordPress can memorize all the options that are available there (like the layout, fonts, etc).

Looks very nice! Few questions:

- What’s the easiest way to translate the whole theme to a different language (including in wp admin)

- Is it possible to make that when I scroll with my mouse (when I’m in the home page for example), it won’t go to other pages? I want to click on a page to get to it.

Thanks in advance!


- I’ve heard good reviews of Codestyling Localization plugin which you can use to translate theme.

- Yes, but it requires some changes in the code, though nothing complicated. Please contact me over my profile page, and I’ll send you instructions in the email.


First up, awesome theme, very nicely done. Need some help with the menu, see www.reach.com.my. When I scroll down, the Home ribbon is constantly showing, it doesn’t disappear.

For instance, when I’m in Home, the Home word has the ribbon, which is okay. But when I scroll down to About Us, there are TWO ribbons showing, one in Home and one in About Us. When I scroll to other sections, the one in About Us scrolls off to the new one but Home is still showing. Please try this and you’ll understand.

Did I do anything wrong? So far followed all the steps in your documentation.


OH! Haha just realised my mistake. My menu was pointing to the Home Page and not #home. Problem solved, thanks :D

Portfolio pictures, how do I change it to show Portrait orientation? E.g. 220px(h) x 150px (w)


Also, my Copyright notice at the sidebar isn’t showing right, it cuts off at the bottom. How can I fix this?

Hi michoscopic,

copyright notice shouldn’t be cut off, you probably have a WP admin bar at the top which is pushing whole site some 15px down. Try to log out and see how it looks then.

About the 4 column – well you’ll have to style it differently with css (create 4 columns instead of 3), and then make a small adjustments in one of theme’s php files. Contact me over my profile page, and I’ll send you directions in email. :)

Also – make sure you wrap your content in one one of layout shortcodes, for example inside [one] [/one], so that your text doesn’t stick to the left sidebar.

I have the following issue: When I change the slug of page under “Homepage” to a non-english language, it doesn’t work.

For example, instead of slug “about-us” I have written something else. And I did change it in the Menu link URL to #new-slug.

Any idea?

Again, it’s non-english slug

Yeah, I see what you mean. It’s seems than slug doesn’t function in the menu when you use non-Latin letters. I’m not sure why is this happening, but I’ll look into it.

Another problem is with nivo slider. When I put in “Image caption(optional)” non-Latin string it saves it as question marks…

I checked the database and it’s UTF -8

I’m guessing that WordPress doesn’t support such slugs, because they are being transformed into some weird characters at the end. For me, using such slugs doesn’t work in WP default Twenty Eleven theme either.

Are you using internationalized domain name (url written in your language)? If you don’t, than the slug should not be written with such characters because it becomes part of your URL , like so:


I’m guessing the same goes for Nivo slider, though I can’t speak for third party plugin.

Well I’m using such slugs in all of pages and posts… no problem there… The slugs themselves appear fine with the correct chars. It’s just when I click on them it doesn’t actually go to the place it needs to go…

I’m not using internationalized domain name

I got a Nivo slider on my other website using other theme (which I also bought in TF) and no matter what chars I’m using it works there and displays them correctly..

This is why it’s strange

I think that the slug here is less important. Because #slug will become part of your permalink for your homepage posts, and since you are not using internationalized domain name, than the slug itself should not be internationalized.

Though I’m sorry to hear that you can’t use such chars inside sliders captions. This is the problem with this specific WP plugin (not the original Nivo slider), which explains why it works with some other plugins based on Nivo.

So what should I do? I’m pretty much stuck with this… can’t do anything with this theme with only English support…

It’s seems that I had a minor problem with the theme which prevented successful localization, and I didn’t realized this until now. I will update localization-ready version probably tomorrow, with a .po file attached for easy translation, and an updated help describing how to do this.

Though it won’t probably solve the homepage slug issue (and Nivo captions, because that’s external plugin by another author), you’ll be able to translate everything else.

Is there anyway to put video on the home page (in place of the slide or even below it?)



you can embed a video if you like (for example, from a youtube or vimeo), but you can’t incorporate multiple videos and use them as slides.

For the portfolio element, is there functionality for dividing these up into categories?

Nope, but I might add that option in the future.


quick question: is it possible to replace picture at the blog post by YouTube/Vimeo video with the same frame?


though there is no option that will add a video instantly there, you can add some small html code when writing blog post that will produce the same effect you are looking for.

Hi there, Just playing with the blog and it doesn’t use the excerpts so full posts appear in the blog. Can you make the change or point me in the right direction?

Hi loxy,

you can place <!--more--> tag somewhere in your blog post – this will add ‘Continue Reading’ button. So everything before that tag will be displayed on main blog page, whereas the full blog post will be visible on single post page.


Love the theme!

I was wondering, does it have IE7 support?...

Hi gamemaster,

I’ve dropped IE7 support, but it’s still usable under this browser (only some styling problems will be visible).

Hi there,

I really like your design, but I have some questions before purchace.

When i look at the blog section, the page numbers are really lopking fine, but what will happen when I have a lot of blog post and there are a lot of pages in the blog section???

Will the page numbers then show all pages??? I don’t think that looks great?

Is it possible to use shortcode plugin like shortcodes ultimate with this theme?

And last question, is it possible to have a full page weidth? Because I want to have an events calender showing on that page.

I hope you send be a quick reply.

Kind regards, Antonietta

Hi Antonietta,

- I had this in mind – you can have a lot of blog pages and it will still look good. This theme uses WP-PageNavi plugin for displaying this navigation, and inside the documentation, you have a description how to set it properly. Basically, when you have a lot of pages inside blog it will look like this:
1 2 3 4 5 ...
You can contact me over my profile page, so I can send you a screenshot if you are interested to see how it looks like.

- I’ve tested the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, and it’s working fine as far as I see. Though, you should check ‘Disable custom formatting’ and ‘Compatibility mode’ inside pluign settings, so that it doesn’t interfere with theme styling.

- The Shortcodes page represent how the page looks like on this theme. Basically, it is full width minus the menu.