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Hi Dabaman,

Yes, if you could send me a screenshot of the page navigation, tha would be great.

Thanks for replying so quickly.

Kind regards, Antonietta

Sure, just email me over my profile page so I can catch your email.

Great design, easy to install, good integration into the WP admin area. Buying this theme is a good investment!

I’m glad you liked it :)

Hey Dabaman,

I love the theme and purchases it today, and then I uploaded to my WP site. I think something went wrong though, now my website looks like this: www.findyourvoiceconsulting.com

Then I tried importing the demo content, and it gave me an error message. If possible I want it to look exactly like it does in the demo, and I can change as needed.


hey dabaman, the ordering worked, but im still having troubles with the spacing in the menu, as the copyright/social icons overlap the menu. changing the image size didnt work.

nevermind! im an idiot! only the blog/back to home thing isnt working.

any ideas?


as I see from your site, the back button is working fine.

what about video, can theme support video


not inside the portfolio area, and not inside the slider – but everywhere else you can embed youtube and vimeo videos using shortcodes.


is the left dropdown menu on the blog? And can be inserted under the menu widgets?


Hi DrDisco,

I’m not sure that I understood your questions. Widgets can be placed only inside blog sidebar, and not under the menu.

and so is the menu dropdown menu will appear with?

If you’re referring to homepage links that are not being displayed on blog page – this theme is designed in the way that only a homepage shows all the links, whereas any other page displays only the current page title and the “back to home” link inside the menu. I will probably improve this in my next update, and create a version where all links are visible on all pages, and where direct linking between pages and homepage sections is possible.

Having a problem installing the theme properly in wordpress. For some reason the links in the nav bar to the various sections of the page have been duplicated 4 times. Have a look here davidcroney.com

any ideas how i cant rectify this?

Thanks, Dave

So ive tried deleting and installing a few times, whilst following the instructions you gave to someone else, with regards to saving changes again and also changing the appropriate settings under the ‘reading’ section

when I import the demo stuff i get this error: Media “favicon” already exists. Failed to import Media “Project 2” Failed to import Media “Project 3” Failed to import Media “Project 4” Failed to import Media “Project 5” Failed to import Media “Project 6” Media “logo_green” already exists. Failed to import Media “dragonfly” Failed to import Media “dragonfly” Failed to import Media “slider_05” Failed to import Media “slider_04” Failed to import Media “slider_04” Failed to import Media “jumper_WP_1.0.zip” Homepage “Home” already exists. Homepage “About Us” already exists. Homepage “Portfolio” already exists. Homepage “Contact” already exists. Failed to import “Contact Form”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form Page “Blog” already exists. Portfolio “Project 1” already exists. Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form Portfolio “Project 2” already exists. Portfolio “Project 3” already exists. Portfolio “Project 4” already exists. Portfolio “Project 5” already exists. Portfolio “Project 6” already exists. Post “First Post” already exists. Post “Second Post” already exists. Post “Third Post” already exists. Page “Shortcodes” already exists.

Page “Home” already exists.

Hey Dave,

the menu links are duplicated because you’ve imported the demo content several times. Basically, the first time you did it, it was successful.
Error that says ‘already exists’ when importing the demo means that you’ve already imported this, WP will not import the same pages and posts twice (but it will for the navigation menu, hence the duplication).
Error that says ‘Failed to import’ refers mainly to the images, and for Contact Form 7 plugin. Those are not meant to be imported anyway (you are going to upload your images anyway), so that all fine and you can ignore those notices.

I just made a mess of the whole thing now, deleting pages and homepage things i shouldnt have… is there a way for me to start completely fresh? Is there a way to completely clear what ive done in word press too?

It can look worse than it actually is :)
Go from top of the dashboard to the bottom, and delete everything that was imported inside Posts/Homepage/Media/Pages/Portfolio/Appearance>Menus. Make sure you delete everything from the trash as well.
Once this is done, import your demo again, and follow the steps described in the documentation. You can’t go wrong :)

Hello dabaman.

I am interested in your template for a website, but I have a critical question for you: is it fully compatible with qTranslate?

I faced issues with a previous template bought on theremeforest which was supposed to be “translation ready” (probably only the theme). For examples, is it possible that the widgets get translated using the plugin?

Many thanks in advance for your answer!

Best regards.

Hi Quetzal,

I must say that I’m not familiar with qTranslate plugin. I’ve tried to test it with my theme, and all I see is that it adds a multilingual content management, but I’m not really sure how to translate a theme using this plugin.
This theme can be translated (front-end as well as wp-admin) with any program that is capable to edit .po and write .mo files, like a Poedit which makes translation process rather simple and straightforward.
Also, in order to have a complete theme translated, a localized version of WordPress should be used. Widgets that are included with this theme (search, categories, archives) can be translated as anything else.

This is a quick note to anyone interested in purchasing a theme developed by dabaman.

I purchased his Jumper theme and dabaman has been more helpful than I could possibly have expected in helping me implement specific customizations to the template.

Whether or not a theme author is willing to help you out once you’ve purchased and downloaded a theme is, in my opinion, equally if not more important than what the theme looks like or how it functions.

Thanks, I appreciate this :)

Hallo Dabaman,

thank you for the theme, it ist realy fine. But one qustion i’ve got. It es about the slider. There is one sentens. Please tell me, where i have to submit these sentens, on wich page?

Is it Editor -> Hauptindex-Page -> (index.php)?

Thank you for your help.

LG, Ina

Hi Ina,

I’m not sure that I understand what you mean. Once you install Nivo slider for WordPress, all that’s left is to place a [nivo-slider] shortcode where you want it to appear (for example in first section of the homepage, but this is already done if you imported the demo content), and to configure the slider to your needs.

Looking great!

However, atm, Nivo Slider is not working for me.

When I add an image, it gives me an empty screen with only “Nivo Slider For WordPress – Add Image”.

Any help?

Hi Vuile,

that’s strange. When you open ‘Nivo Slider For WordPress’ inside your dashboard, do you see ‘Add New image’ button? When clicked, an filed will appear which you can use to upload your image.

I do. It’s after I upload the image, set the cropping/name/etc., that the screen goes blank. If I go back to the Slider images, the image is in the list, but not shown (the image is not there …).

Already tried the 0.3.4. beta from the developer.

This is keeping my website from going live, so quite frustrating :)

Try temporarily deactivating all other plugins (especially if you have other nivo based slider installed) and see if that helps. There may be some conflict present between them. I didn’t asked before, but you haven’t changed any theme’s php files?
If you have an online version of your site somewhere, it would the best to email me a link so I can take a look.


I just bought your theme and would like to know if it’s possible to change the background colour. I would like something orange or green as I’m in the health business. Please let me know if it’s possible

Hi affiong,

you can set your custom background color using CSS , but than you will need to change the styling of some other elements (like a font’s color, buttons bg, etc) as well so that complete theme looks good. Because if you change one major style like a background color, the rest of the design may look weird.

Hello there,

Absolutly love this template! Great work!

I know from a previous file that you said it wont play video in the Portfolio section or slider, is there anything that can be done to adapt it so it can?



If you want to replace the slider with only one video, that will be inside a border and with a bottom shadow just like a slider, of course you can do that.
All you need to do is to replace [nivo-slider] shortcode in home section with this code (you will need to use HTML mode):
<iframe style="border: solid 10px #404040; border-radius:10px; margin:0 0 -20px 90px;" src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/31215588?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0" width="614" height="244" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
<div id="slider_shadow" />
Where 31215588 is the video id which you can copy at the end of your video url.

Hi dabaman,

Have finally got around to getting information into the template and am stuck when it comes to opening videos from the portfolio section in a light box or other pop out window. Would really appreciate a work around to this if possible. We have the slider video working perfectly, it just plays in the slider and works really nice.

Would really like video in the portfolio section to open as the pictures do now, that would be ideal but if not realistic, will try whatever you suggest.

Best regards


Hey Joe,

I already sent instructions on how to play videos from portfolio section to one buyer, so just send me a message from my profile page so I can grab your email and I’ll forward you the instructions right away.

I really like this theme. Easy to use and crafty.

I do have a small issue. I can’t seem to see a margin on my site in the main content area. Just to the right of the navigation bar your theme shows about 60 – 70? pixels. Mine is showing 0.

Any ideas?


when you add content in your homepage, you should place it inside some layout shortcode. For example, if you want your text to be in one column, wrap it inside [one] your text [/one] shortcode. You also have [one_third], [one_half], and [two_third] at your disposal, and you can access all of them from a buttons above your editor.
When you use a layout shortcode, it generates a left margin of 40px.

Hi Dabaman

Firstly – thanks for a great theme! Dabaman – when I add the featured image to a portfolio item and then preview it, the pop-out window states that it’s displaying 1 of 6 images, how do I get another 5 to show? You can see what I mean at http://www.artholidaysdorset.co.uk/#portfolio.

Thanks in advance H


when you click preview in your wordpress admin, it will show only that particular item and not the rest. You need to add featured image for each portfolio item and then publish each of them.

Dabaman Do you know of any plugin that will allow multiple pics per portfolio section?

I’m not aware of such plugin, but I don’t believe that you can have multiple pictures per portfolio item here.

Thanks anyway . . . and thanks for the prompt help * H

Hello, Thanks for the great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of the vertical scroll bar on the main page. Thanks!


I don’t know if there is a method for hiding a scrollbar, but if I found one, I’ll let you know. Though personally, I don’t think that removing a scrollbar is a good idea.

Hi Dabaman – another little question – does your Jumper template allow for child pages within the main navigation on the left – can’t seem to do it:-(

You can add child pages to the menu, but they shouldn’t be nested. Also, you will need to add them manually, because they won’t be added automatically when you add a parent page.