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Hello again. I am also trying to change the wdith of the slider and nothing is happening when I change it in the CSS . I see a change when I change the size of the border though. Thanks.

If you are referring to Nivo slider, you shouldn’t try to change it’s dimensions inside CSS . Once you install the plugin, go to ‘Nivo Slider For WordPress > Options’ and set your dimensions at the top of the page. It is designed to work best when dimension are set to 614×244px.

Ok, thanks!

Hi, I emailed before regarding asking about changing the background colour, as it doesn’t really work for my website. Can you please instruct me on how to do so, or post another image. I’m not a website guru, so your assistance would help. Everything else about the format works for me, just not the colour. the address is canaanfruits.com for reference. I’ll appreciate any help

Hey affiong,

contact me over my profile page, and I’ll email you some css code which you can just paste inside theme options panel. Hopefully, that will be a good starting point for you.


I would like each portfolio item to link to a portfolio details page with multiple images. Is there a template like that in your theme?

Hi vadims,

there is no specific template for that, but you can create the details page manually using regular page template, and than link that page from your portfolio.

I have a big problem with “gravity form” and your theme. The presentation of “gravity form” is wrong because wpautop is active. Here is the example:

[one] [gravityform id="1" name="formname" ajax="true"] [/one]


... <div class="ginput_container"> <input type="hidden" name="input_1.1" value="Sortiment Ascocolor" class="gform_hidden"><span class="ginput_product_price_label">Preis:</span> <span class="ginput_product_price" id="input_1_1">Fr. 98.00</span><br /> <input type="hidden" name="input_1.2" id="ginput_base_price_1_1" class="gform_hidden" value="Fr. 98.00"> <span class="ginput_quantity_label">Menge:</span><br /> <input type="text" name="input_1.3" value="" id="ginput_quantity_1_1" class="ginput_quantity" size="10" tabindex="1"></div> ...

I can not remove the

I found this in functions.php

// ============================================== // SHORTCODES CLEANUP // (removing empty <p> tags etc) // ============================================== function jumper_formatter($content) { $new_content = ''; /* Matches the contents and the open and closing tags */ $pattern_full = '{(\[raw\].*?\[/raw\])}is'; /* Matches just the contents */ $pattern_contents = '{\[raw\](.*?)\[/raw\]}is'; /* Divide content into pieces */ $pieces = preg_split($pattern_full, $content, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE); /* Loop over pieces */ foreach ($pieces as $piece) { /* Look for presence of the shortcode */ if (preg_match($pattern_contents, $piece, $matches)) { /* Append to content (no formatting) */ $new_content .= $matches[1]; } else { /* Format and append to content OLD wptexturize(wpautop($piece))*/ $new_content .= wptexturize(wpautop($piece)); } } return $new_content; } // Remove the 2 main auto-formatters remove_filter('the_content', 'wpautop'); remove_filter('the_content', 'wptexturize'); </p>

But what should I do so the problem is resolved.

Hi crohammer,

wpautop is actuality removed, which is probably the problem when displaying your gravity form. I usually chose to disable the wpautop filter because it presents a problem when using shortcodes inside posts/pages – in this theme it was a problem mostly with lists shorcodes.

So, if you are not going to use the shorcodes for generating lists (you can still style them in HTML mode by simply adding one of the classes to them), you can delete the code you find inside functions.php (everything from ‘shortcodes cleanup’ to ‘registering sidebar’ hedings). Or even better, cut and paste that code somewere else if you decide you want to get it back.

Or, alternatively, email me a url to your site so I can take a look at the code. Those styling problems can usually be solved with a little css.

Is there any way to get Google Analytics to work with this?

Hi, there are several Google Analytics plugins which you can install from WP site. I haven’t tested them, but I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t work on this theme.

Well I installed the Google Analyticator plugin, but in my analytics account it only shows the home page under pages. I guessed this is because of the one page layout. Is there any way that the other pages could show up? Otherwise tracking is basically useless.

How many pages do you have? Do you have a blog page beside you homepage? Of course, you can’t expect to get separate statistics for top home, about, portfolio and contact sections, because those are just posts on a single page.

Hello, the client I am using this template for says that when she clicks on one of the homepage menu links it does not scroll to the page. She has to manually scroll. I am not having this problem on my end. The weird thing is that we are both using the same browser and OS. Do you know where the problem might be?

http://rainbymelodi.emerydesignnc.com The link that isn’t working is Contact/Appointments

Thanks in advance, Sarah

Hi Sarah,

the link is working fine for me. The only possible scenario that I can think off, is that she is browsing on a very low vertical resolution, so that ‘Contact/Appointments’ link gets cut off from the screen and therefore becomes unavailable for selecting. In that case, using smaller number of menu links (grouping two sections in one for example) may be the solution, or perhaps placing a smaller logo or decreasing distance between menu links.

Thanks for your response. I will try your suggestion. I have one other question. I have transferred the subdomain to a new domain and now the images for the nivoslider are not uploading. I need to change the permissions. Where can I find the upload path to do this and further instructions on how to change this would be also great. Thanks in advance.

Hey Sarah,

I don’t know an answer to that question, but try to reinstall the plugin and then re-upload all the images, and see how it goes.

Hi there Dabaman, So far so good with the site, I’ll show link when done.

I’m having some trouble, can’t seem to rearrange sections, your photo shows a RE-order button on the homepage but I don’t have it.

It seems like a simple thing but I can’t find it in the web

Hi, for that you can install a great plugin called ‘Post Types Order’. It will allow you to reorder you post with a simple drag and drop method.

In my portfolio (http://dauwedemolder.be.apache11.hostbasket.com/#diensten) I would like to have the thumbnail link to an external website (e.g. http://google.com) instead of to a lightboxed full size image?

I have tried changing the Link URL in the Gallery, but images still link to lightbox?

Any help?


Hi vuilefreddy,

unfortunately you can’t have image thumb linked to an external site (changing link url inside gallery won’t do anything), but you may consider adding a button to your portfolio post that is linked to an external site.


It seems that when trying to navigate this theme on an ipad, the links most of the time don’t work on the main homepage menu. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks!


Hi Sarah,

that is a problem with the scolling plugin that is used with this theme, so it’s not something that I could easily change. I will have an opportunity to test this theme on an ipad soon, so I’ll see what can be done about this.

Thanks. If you discover something please let me know. :)

Hi Dabaman,

Would I be able to use a mobile device detection plugin for this theme? I know that I would have to send it to a different theme but wasn’t sure if it was possible with how the jumper theme is set up. If so, any suggestions on what plugin would be best? Thanks for all of your help on this theme!


Hi Sarah,

I’ve never used such plugins but I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t work with this theme. So, because I can’t really suggest you any particular one, the best I could tell you is to try to search ‘mobile device detection’ on WP’s plugins site and pick one of the better rated products and see how it goes.


Hi Dabaman,

And you thought you were done with me! : ) I am going to use another theme in conjunction with the jumper theme that will be called when a mobile device is used. How do I get the homepage menu from the jumper theme to be available on the other theme. I have placed the menu-homepage.php, menu-page.php and homepage.php into the new theme. What else do I need and what functions do I need to call to get it to work? Or do you have another theme that has the same type of homepage menu that would work with the jumper one?

Thank you!

Hi Sarah,

I don’t think that you can do it like that. You can’t just place php files which are integral part of one theme into another and make it work. If you are using two different themes for two different scenarios (regular and mobile devices), I’m guessing that you have also two different WP installations. Why don’t you just export the content from one installation to another?

I am trying to avoid the client having to edit the site twice every time she changes an image or text. You do not need to have two different WP installations. If you look here http://www.rain.emerydesignnc.com/, I have two themes assigned to it. The jumper theme and a free WP theme. Right now it is assigned to the WP theme but is picking up the navigation menu from the jumper site. But it can’t take you to the links because the links aren’t pages or posts, they are sections from the homepage. This new theme doesn’t have homepage sections. I assume this will work as long as the themes have the same elements. So that’s why I thought maybe you could add homepage sections to the new WP theme.

On Jumper theme homepage sections are just custom posts that are placed into a single page (homepage template). Each custom post has it’s own id, so when you want to link to a section on the same page, you use # in front of an section id (for example: #about, #portfolio, etc). You should be able to do the same on your free WP theme but only if all posts are on the same page.

The template for displaying custom posts on jumper theme is homepage.php (use that template when creating a new page), and the custom post is defined inside functions.php under ‘custom post type for homepage sections’ title (copy that code to your other theme’s functions file). You will need those in order to use those section on your other theme.

Hello There! I have a little problem with the Jumper Theme. http://www.grondcycle.nl

In the menu every single page slides down, exept the contact page. This page scrolls up. How can i set the page in correct position?

Howdy, :)

you need to get the right order for your homepage sections (the order you see inside ‘Homepage’ needs to match the order of menu links you see inside ‘Appearance>Menus’).

You can reorder your homepage sections very simply if you install Post Type Order plugin.


I somehow deleted the blog link. How do I get it back?

Shoot! Maybe it would’ve been better to start my sentence with “I’m a 50-year-old woman.” I’ve actually done pretty well for being a newby. I had already done what you said, but it came out as a blank page, rather than the very cool template on this site. Is there something I’m missing? My website is www.ButhFreelanceWriter.com . . . if that will help. Thanks for responding so quickly!

As far as I can see from your website, your blog page is not linked correctly. When you go to ‘Appearance>Menus’, you have a ‘Pages’ box on the left side. There you need to select ‘Blog’ page and click ‘Add to Menu’.

If the blog page turns out white as you said, make sure you go to ‘Settings>Readings’, and under ‘Posts page’ dropdown select ‘Blog’ page. :)

Got it! Thanks for your help!

Shoot! Maybe it would’ve been better to start my sentence with “I’m a 50-year-old woman.” I’ve actually done pretty well for being a newby. I had already done what you said, but it came out as a blank page, rather than the very cool template on this site. Is there something I’m missing? My website is www.ButhFreelanceWriter.com . . . if that will help. Thanks for responding so quickly!