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Hi again!

I would like to add a PayPal button to my website, preferably in the area of the social media buttons. I’ve downloaded the plug-in “Nice PayPal Button Lite,” but I’m not sure where to go from there….

Thanks, Lisa

Hi Lisa,

author has probably given some instruction on how to use that plugin. As I can see at his page, you need to place a shortcode in one of your posts (you won’t be able to use it next to social icons), so that button can appear.

Hi dabaman,

I was wondering if there is a way to have two are more portfolio pages (like #portfolio1,#portfolio2, etc..)? I had a idea in why I’m trying this so figured I bring it up if possible.


you can have multiple portfolios, but it requires some additional coding. If you are interested, contact me from my profile page and I’ll email you the instructions.

When visitors click on the images in my portfolio, I’d like them to visit the actual linked content rather than seeing a larger version of the photo. Is that possible?


Hi Adam,

unfortunately that option is not possible. You can only link to external pages using an additional link/button, just like you already did.

Hello, When I import the demo_content.xml file many of the items fail to install and because of that I can’t get the sample layout. Help?

Hi tartar,

when you import demo_content.xml, some thing will not be imported (like images and contact form data – that is the fail notice you see, and it’s completely normal), but the important parts like pages, posts and menu will be imported.

So, after importing you will have to add your own images and install contact form 7 plugin (if you need it). Please take a look at the documentation for guidance, and feel free to ask anything if in doubt.


Just bought this theme, however does not quite look like the demo page. http://toplinecreative.com/

How can I change header font, color size? How does the side bar’s color come on? How can I add photo? How can I erase “Back to Home”

Thank you for your support


- You can change headings and links font inside ‘Appearance>Jumper Options’. For color and size though, you will have to adjust css. You can paste this code inside ‘Custom CSS code’ area and alter it as you wish:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { color:#4a4a4a; }

h1 { font-size:2.5em; }
h2 { font-size:2.3em; }
h3, #sidebar h2 { font-size:2.1em; }
h4 { font-size:1.9em; }
h5 { font-size:1.7em; }
h6 { font-size:1.5em; }    

- Menu is not displayed properly because you didn’t went to ‘Appearance>Menus’ to add your menu links. Please take a look at the documentation to see how to do this.

- You add photo inside pages and post as with any other theme: by using ‘Upload/Insert’ button. For portfolio images however, you need to use featured images options (described inside documentation).

- Because this is one-pager, you should create a new page that is going to serve as your homepage and hold your sliding sections. All pages except this homepage will have ‘back to home’ link, however. I strongly suggest that you import the demo content (described at the beginning of documentation) first, it will make editing this theme much easier.

I have entered title and tagline, however they are not appearing on my site. Why is this?

Thank you http://toplinecreative.com/


title will not appear as a logo – you need to upload your logo as an image file by doing the following:

1) upload your logo image inside media library
2) copy file URL and paste it inside ‘Appearance>Jumper Options’ (logo filed)

On the other hand, tagline is not supported with this theme. If you want your logo to look like the one inside the demo, you have a photoshop file called logo.psd inside PSD folder, which you can use to save your logo image, and later upload it to WordPress.

How about a mobile view on a cell phone? What can be done?

Hi SmithErick,

I believe that in order to achieve the best experience on a cell phone devices, a new mobile version should be designed and used. Because of it’s specific design, this theme is primary intended to be accessed from devices with larger screens.

1.How do you set up the Slider on your Sample Home page? 2.How do you make 3 columns like the Sample Home page? 3. Do you plan to release a cell phone compatible version soon?



1. First, you install ‘Nivo Slider for WordPress’ plugin, which will create a page inside your dashboard with the same name. There, under ‘Options’, set dimensions of slider to 614px x 244px. Under ‘Add/Edit Image’ you add your images. At the end, place [nivo-slider] shortcode where you want it to appear (home section probably).

2. You need to divide your content inside three layout shortcodes, like this:

your text...

your text...

your text...

3. I’m afraid I can’t work on this currently, but I plan to do something about it in the future.

Awesome. THank you.

1. How did you manage to get those circular icons on home page in the 3 columns?

2. How do you make the effect of sliding to next page? When I click on my tabs on left, I just normally move but on your demo it actually slides down to that page.

3. I seemed to have added a “Home” page but it is not shown in Page or Homepage category. Where can I delete that?

THank you for your quick support

1. You add them as a shortcode, like this [icon type=pencil]. You have a full list of shortcodes inside the documentation.

2. Sliding effect is by default. Just make sure that the page you use for your homepage has a template set to ‘Homepage’, under ‘Page attributes (see B inside documentation).

3. I’m not sure what you mean by this, can you explain it in more details please?

Hi Dabaman, first of all thanks for the theme. It’s really nice.

I am having a small problem with the menu on pages. The “Back to Home” button is appearing in the same position as the other page buttons. It’s hard to explain.

My site is www.scionmasterminds.com

You’ll see the problem when you visit the blog page.

Thanks in advance


the problem is in added css, the following top margin needs to be 100px instead of 40px as it’s currently:

#menu_list, #back_home { 

Thanks, worked. I wanted to get the menu to show up higher so that it shows up on smaller browsers, but I guess that’s not possible. For some reason, my social media icons are not showing up now.

Of course it’s possible, try experimenting with something like this:

#menu { padding-top:30px; }
#menu_list, #back_home { margin-top:40px; }
#back_home { margin-bottom: -40px; }

The last two selectors need to have the same margin value, only difference being that the latter is negative.

I’m not sure what’s the problem with social icons. Make sure that they are set in the options page, or that you don’t have some css added that hides them.


I have two questions. My site is toplinecreative.com

1. When I am on my homepage, “Home” does not appear. If I go to another page, I have “Home” and “About” which both link back to Hompeage. How can I delete the “Home” which only appears when I visit other pages?

2. When I make a list using your shortcode, how can I indent it?



1. If you don’t want to use this theme as a one scrolling page (if you do, please check the documentation on how to add homepage sections to your menu), you can remove ‘back to home’ link if you go to ‘Appearance>Editor’, and from the right side chose ‘menu-page.php’. Find the following part and delete it (or better cut it and paste somewhere to have a copy):

    <ul id="back_home">

2. You can do it by pasting something like this in ‘custom css’ area on options page:

.lists-regular { padding-left: 20px; }

To anyone thinking of buying this theme, Dabaman has answered every question, and I have asked a lot. For someone like me, who is making their first website, I truly love the design and mainly Dabaman’s quick response and support he has given. Thank you so much!!

1.) And to ask another question, how can I make the main font slightly bigger? Not the headings but the basic fonts that appears as plain text. I want them slightly bigger on all pages so they stay constant, so do I add in the Custom CSS code?

2.) Also, on my site and some others I have visited from this forum using your site, I noticed that when you minimize and maximize the screen, the menu becomes smaller and enlarges. Sometimes this cuts off the logo. Is there a way to make that constant so it does not move and cut off the logo?

Thank you very much in advance

Hey, as I wrote at the beginning, you need to change a line inside functions.php. That line is located under ‘ADDING THEME SUPORT ’ title.

Also, how can I change the font size when I hyperlink? Each time I hyperlink, the font becomes smaller. How can I make it so it stays the same font?

Modify the css from step 1 to include hyperlinks as well:

#wrapper p, #wrapper li, #wrapper a { font-size:14px; }

3) http://toplinecreative.com/portfolio-authors how can I change image size of featured photo? I uploaded for first 2, an image directly in the text, and also featured image. I would ideally like to change the size to 212×300 like the other photo, but cannot seem to find HTML for the featured image.

I would ideally like to use featured image because of the shadow effect and also when you click on photo, you can click left and right 1 out of 10 photos. So if changing feature image size is not possible, can you tell m e how to add the shadow effect and the clicking on photos left to right effect?

4)And also, on my portfolio page, I want to link Read Author Bio to the corresponding author. How can I do that?

Hello I think i will purchase this theme, however the scrolling does not work on my ipad. Can you advise? Thanks

Hi, I believe that’s the compatibility issue between Waypoint plugin used in this theme and iOS. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about it.

This is a good theme. Well documented. The code is organized and commented. A great example of a minimal design.

Thank you!

Two questions:

1) The Grey icons. I need to change them to something new but can’t find them. Not in the image gallery. Not sure how they are linked.

2) The RSS feed and copyright information is showing below the edge of the browser. How do I get that to move up?

Great theme!


1) The icons are located inside theme’s directory (‘images/icons’ folder), so you’ll need to extract the theme’s zip file to get to them. After editing, keep in mind that naming of icons should remain the same, so that shortcodes can work properly.

2) That’s probably because you have WP admin bar at the top, which is pushing down your copyright information. Try to log-out and see how it looks then.

Thanks for the quick reply!

One more issue. How do I remove/change the border on the images and slider?

This is the css code that adds borders to slider, google map and other images:

#slider { border: 10px solid #404040; }

#map_canvas { border: 5px solid #404040; }

.portfolio_group li a img, .frame, .feat_blog_img img, .blog_text img, 
img.size-full, img.size-medium, img.size-thumbnail, img.size-large { border: 5px solid #404040; }

.portfolio_group img:hover, .feat_blog_img img:hover { border:5px solid black; }

You can alter it to get the look you need (for example #404040; is the color), but keep in mind that removing borders (border:none; ) will require additional adjustments of margins and positions.

Since I installed the Jumper theme, I get an error when loading my page: “password needed for u72001803 on ftp://www.mo-design.de” I suppose it’s something with mysql, maybe? If I click on cancel, the website loads without any problems…?

Sorry, it has to be a theme related problem. When I activate the wordpress theme twentytwelve instead of jumper there is no error message!

Me again, sorry, it was my fault. I pasted the ftp-image-url for the logo… Just stupid. :-)

I’m glad you sorted this out. :)

Hi, great theme and I’m really happy.

Just a quick question, I’m using the “Portfolio” as a Services list, and would rather have it so that if someone clicks on the portfolio “Featured Image” it takes the user directly to that category (much like the View Details button below it)

That probably doesn’t make much sense, but hopefully you can work out what I mean by looking here: http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/#services

So rather than the Image opening as a slideshow, it takes the user directly to a different point on the site.

Can this be done?


this can be done currently only if you paste your image link as an html code. It’s not really complicated actually. Go to ‘Text’ view when editing a portfolio post. Paste something like this inside textarea:

<a class="portfolio_thumbnail" href="#cinefilm-transfers"><img src="http://www.norfolkfilmandvideotransfers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Cinefilm-Icon-200x140.jpg" /></a>
<h3>Cinefilm Transfers</h3>
<p>Using the latest Frame-Scanning technology we convert Super8 and Standard 8mm cinefilm to Full-HD DVD.</p>

This is the html code for your first thumbnail. The href attribute is the link to where your image is linked (‘cinefilm-transfers’ section). Source attribute is the full url to your thumbnail image (you can get it if you click on your thumb image and chose ‘Copy image URL). That’s basically it, all that’s left at the end is to remove featured image and the title of the post, because you don’t want that to be echoed on the page, since you are using previous html code.

Thanks so much for your help, that worked very well. Dead pleased with how the site is looking, thanks again for the support.

I’m glad I could help. :)

Dear Dabaman,

I’m making a website for a client and this template seems to be exactly what we are looking for.

There are two things I need to be sure of before I decide to buy this template: - my client wants a google calendar integration with the website; does the Google Calendar Events plugin work with this template, preferably on a page instead of just the sidebar-widget?


- does this template work with qTranslate, to make the site bilingual, with country-flags positioned somewhere on the page?

Hope you can help me out with these 2 questions, because it is hard for me to judge when not having the code to check it :)

Thanks in advance for your support.

With kind regards,

Jeroen Havinga

Hi Jeroen,

I’ve tested both plugins. Basically they are both compatible with the theme, but:

- ‘Nivo Slider for WordPress’ plugin causes conflict with Google Calendar Events (events pop-ups don’t show on mouse hover). So, Nivo would need to be disabled. Anyway, this is a third party plugin – in my next update I will built in a version that will not cause problems. In the meantime, you could use some different slider if needed.

- qTranslate’s flags (language select) are added as a widget, but this theme has only one spot for widgets, and that blog’s sidebar. So, in order to display it, let’s say, above social icons, you would need to register a new sidebar for widgets inside the theme functions file. This is actually pretty simple thing to do, and I could of course help you with it.

Beside this, there are just some styling issues, but thats an easy fix. Email me if you buy the theme.


Hello, very nice jumper but I have a problem.

When I add a homepage sections in the menu on the left does not respect the order when you scroll, how I can fix it?

Widgets (including search form) are available only on the blog sidebar. You can’t reduce space between links I’m afraid, because that space is equal to the height of ribbon graphic.

Hello one more time, and sorry for my questions… the theme work to 200% is great!!! only have a problem… in portfolio can i have various galleries? or various portfolios? i need have 6 sections for different services and in every service the photos of the service. Its posible?


there is no direct option for adding multiple portfolios. I have, however, created some additional theme files that can enable a second portfolio (though, still far from you six). If you are interested, you can email me and I’ll send you those files.