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Congrats! I have a good feeling about this :)

Wow, nice first theme! good luck with sales!!!

I have the same good feeling about this. Good luck!

Excellent one, I like it!

Does this theme come with any other header options? Also, is there a social media tool bar?

Yes it does come with header options that helps you customize the header the way you want it to look, We’ll also include more options and features in the next version, Please take a look at all the options

Looks nice! Congrats!

Hi there!

First of all you made an amazing theme! Within that great theme there is the page ‘features’ with a ‘tab’ (dont know the specific name of the module). is that tab included in the theme ?

Thanks in advantage!

Hi nesnemor and thanks, yes this theme includes both horizontal and vertical tabs, it is very easy to implement them, with just one click you can insert them on every page or post you need or desire :)

Yes we have included all the elements in the theme

Clean theme! Good luck :)

Finally :)
Best of luck!

Theme looks great.

Does it support multi level menus? We need 2 level menus.

Please post your feedback at the earliest.


Hi rajsriram, yes it does support 2 level menus, even you can customize the look for them, please check this screenshot at the bottom there is the option for second level link navigation http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/4236650-jungle-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme?index=2 :)

I did purchase theme. Very impressive work. I would like to customize few things. In templates, it seems you don’t have a simple page with side bar. Could you please add it? I badly need this and don’t know how to customize the templates. I would like to reduce the white space in the header and below the slider. Can you provide some pointers?


Hi rajsriram, Thanks for purchasing one of our files, We will add the single page with sidebar in the next updates. About your other question please send us an email via support@themeseagle.com and we’ll be happy to assist you!


Just purchased the theme. The service icons doesn’t show up. How can I fix this?


or simply write to us at support@themeseagle.com

sended you an e-mail

Thanks, we already replied :)


Can you share the code/files used in LayerSlider of your demo? can’t find them in theme files.


Please contact us via email at support@themeseagle.com

Just received them! Awesome support guys. Much appreciated.

Glad we helped shaki ! :)

Quick question… if I want to set it up like your demo/use your demo files as the basis, and then modify from there, which file needs to be uploaded? Is it the one file in the DemoData folder?

Thx :)

Hi chas68, thank you for buying our product. The one in the DemoData folder is only for the site content (not the LayerSlider), please write us to support@themeseagle.com and we will be glad to immediatetly assist you.

support the theme, other effects of the sliders (Recent works, Testimonials, ...)

Hi Koka-Koala, thanks for you interest. :)

Currently all sliders (testimonials, recent work, latest blog or simply carousel) support three effects: slide, flip or fade. They can be easily changed or implemented.

For example in the shortcode for displaying testimonial goes like this:

testimonial_box effect=”fade or flip or slide”

Ofcourse, this shortcode can be done with just one click from the shortcode button into the post or page.

Hi Themes Eagle,

I like the look of the theme but I’ve been receiving difficulty with deployment. Following the directions of the Install process I go to Appearance ->Themes ->Install Themes, select the Jungle.zip file and select Install Now. This has consistently returned the following: Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error. Is this a known problem, and is there a solution on your end?

Thank you for any information you provide.

Hi servicebyte, thanks for buying our product.

It is error caused by your server permission. Did you try uploading via FTP? Please contact us, send us an emai to support@themeseagle.com and we will help you and assist you, thanks.

can I translate the Theme easily into another Language (German)? BUt without to make Changes in the Original Theme files (Updates)

Hi Koka Koala Jungle theme is a translation ready, that means you can easily translate to your native language.


Are there social media share buttons with a box count available?

If not, what are the alternatives? Wich plugin f/e?


Unfortunately we don’t have this feature available, I suggest you to use ShareThis

And I also have a problem when I have my iPad like this:

camera | | | | button

There is a gap between the slider and the “our service” section.

Also the featured images are in odd display. And the big orange button at the big advertising is not well displayed. Is that on Evert iPad? I have an iPad mini.

Love to hear from you, thinking about buying.

Please take a screenshot and send it to support@themeseagle.com and we’ll take a look

Can you please answer my e-mail themesEagle?

Hi Samuel, We’ve sent you an email.

Thanks, problem solved, your support is the best!

How I turn off the Responsive feature?

Hi esamuelperez, Thanks for purchasing one of our files, Please post your questions on our support forum and we will be happy assist you!

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