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Just a heads up to people who may use the isotope plugin (used in the Portfolio page for tile filtering). There can be some overlapping issues with the implementation if you’re using Images. You’ll know this is happening because all of the items are squished together. I find it most consistently happen using the latest version of Safari on OS X, a resize of your browser will cause a reload of isotope and fix the problem, but the initial load looks incorrect.

To fix this go to the application.js file. The initialization of isotope should be made within the imagesLoaded event to assure that images are loaded prior to beginning the process of initializing isotope.

So what was: $(".isotope-w").isotope({ itemSelector: '.item', layoutMode: 'fitRows' }); Should be replaced with: $(".isotope-w").imagesLoaded( function() { $(".isotope-w").isotope({ itemSelector: '.item', layoutMode: 'fitRows' }); });

Hope this helps someone!

Hi, Thank you, thank you thank you :)))

Hi, Osetin!

Can you help me with few things in the template?

1. How can I insert my own icon image in the “sign in” button?

2. Where can I change the font to use all the features of google fonts?

Hi my friend, can you email me at tamik@soziev.com so I can provide you a solution?

Thanks. Already solved

What version of bootstrap is required? When I compile the less files with the lastest version of bootstrap I can see some differences to the already compiled css files. An example of a missing style is ”.header-main .navbar” which is in the css that comes with the template, but isn’t present in main.less or any bootstrap less file.

I’m trying to use the bootstrap less files that come bundled with bootstrap, but they are different to the bootstrap less files which come bundled with this theme. It is generally good practice to put all your custom styles in main.less rather than hack the bootstrap core files.

Who told you that? Bootstrap got a lot bigger then it used to be and in order to make any big modifications you have to change the bootstrap core as well, otherwise (in your “good practice”) most of the style classes will be overwritten and declared twice, which is not good for browser performance. It is a good practice to split the core only when the modification are only minor.

If you are using a template, what is a point of adding a bootstrap core again (it is already included in the template), just use the one that comes with a template.

I’m also using the bootstrap core files for a different theme so it would be nice to use the same ones. Also, if I wanted to upgrade bootstrap I can’t because the core files have been edited and I would need to extract those changes and move them to the upgraded version.


Where is the PSD? I was not able to find it in the zip file. You dont provide the psd so we can edit it with our own content?

Awesome! Thanks for the reply :(

Hi. Is it possible that i take only some characteristics of this theme (portfolio reel slider, i.o.) and incorporate it in a basic bootstrap 3.0 template? Thank you very much Luana

Thank you for the quick answer. I’ve decided to build from yours :)

Hi, Osetin. Is it possible to use svg icons instead of font awesome and still keep the animations? If so, is it a complex process to implement?

Ty in advance

Hi, I have no idea, I have never worked with svg icons

I dont see a drop down menu, has it been worked into this theme?

Yes, just use a dropdown class from bootstrap.

Hi. Really Really Awesome template! Is there a chance to add a image slider at homepage? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your kind words :) You can use a flexslider for that. http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/


very nice good luck;

This preview as well as another site crashes safari on iphone 4s http://jupiter.pinsupreme.com/index.html

Hmm, works fine for me, which OS are you using?

iPhone 4s 7.1.2. Safari still crashes.

Great theme. I give you five stars :)

Thank you my friend ;)

hi am wondering how well this theme will support bbPress have you tested or have an idea

its an html template, bbpress has nothing to do with it

Where is the app.less file! I can’t find it!

Hi, will this template work Visual Studio, C# web forms? (not MVC)

Hi, it’s an html template

When will this theme support bootstrap 4?

Hi, this is a Bootstrap 3 template, it will not be updated to version 4