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Hello, I bought this item but I’m not good at all for the code. Is it possible to change the maximum size of images in the galleries? If so, could you tell me how? Thank you for you detailed answer.

Thank you for your quick answer!

The worry is that my images appear well in a larger size but my slide is not higher than before, so the pictures are cut off. Any suggestion?

Sorry for my bad english, I’m a french speaker. Maybe it’s easier for you to see the problem here: http://www.elisabethpanepinto.be/equus.html#/macro (I just changed the first picture size, don’t pay attention to the others ;) )


You seem to have copied the css code with pre tags. Please remove them. Since your image has the height of 569, the values you need to enter are as follows:

.zetaHolder {
.zetaEmpty div {

Perfect! Again, thank you for your help ! You’ve done a really nice work on ” Jupither ” !

Twitter module is not working for Jupither or Longwave. Any suggestions?


This is related to the retirement of older Twitter API https://dev.twitter.com/calendar We will try to provide a solution for this on our next update.

I see that you updated the package but removed the Twitter app at the footer. When can customers expect an update with a working feed on Twitter API v1.1?

We updated Jupither and unfortunately removed Twitter feed. Due to the retirement of Twitter API v1.0 we no longer will be able to include Twitter feeds in our templates. You can add a Twitter feed to your website by generating a widget via https://twitter.com/settings/widgets

My images are not showing!!! :( i replaced all images and when i click on a section the black window opens but nothing showing


Since some browsers deny local AJAX requests, the portfolio gallery template won’t run locally. Can you please test it on a working web server.

Hi, how do I choose my home page to be like Portfolio II – Top?


Please follow the instructions in the help documentation (title: Creating a homepage)

Sorry, just noticed you are writing about the HTML version. You need to rename the page you want to make homepage as index.html

Hi there! Been using this theme for a while and love it. My only complaint is that now the featured images on the blog seem blurry as if the pixels are being stretched. The rest of the blog images look fine. I’m sizing all blog images 658px wide. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? http://www.kiraderryberryphotography.com/blog/

And sorry this is Wordpress


Is there any way to include a captcha function into the form? We are receiving lots of spam emails from the current form. We are using the HTML version of Jupiter.


Can you please send us an email via the contact form on our profile page so we can send you a revised form code which should prevent spam emails.

Hi there! I’m trying to track how does the galery opens upon the click on the image. If I’d click on any picture I will see the link like this:


But If I click this picture in the address bar I will see the following:


If I just use the address above I will see the galery in a column with no scroll feature. So I suppose that there is some script which runs upon anchore click. But which one? How should I “call” the row-styled galery?


Jupither opens different gallery posts in the same page with a portfolio special script. So if you use this link http://themes.iki-bir.com/jupither/#/black-white, the black-white gallery will open in the main portfolio page, but if you use the direct gallery link http://themes.iki-bir.com/jupither/gallery-black-white.html it will open individually.

Clear! Am I able to open a galery with a slider as a main page? I can do it with htaccess forsure but am I able to do it with HTML coding only?

Hello and purchased the item to expand the gallery is located at the bottom and I would come out on top as this example I need to do thanks



If you would like to display the gallery slider above the thumbnails then you should add “zetaTop” class to the zetaSlider div, as follows:

<div class="zetaSlider zetaTop" id="zetaSlider" />


I bought your awesome Jupither theme a few ago.

I know have a problem with the slider (even on line).

When I first click on a gallery, all is right, but when I closed it and want to go on another one or go back to the first, the box is like with a grey opacity and pictures are hidden in part by it.

I sent you a private message with a link to see it.

I am sure this is something I changed somewhere which gives this error, but I can’t find it.

Thank you for your help,

Many thanks !!


We’ve just replied your email.


The website doesn’t show correctly on my mobile phone. It shows only the left side of the normal website. Is there something I need to add to the index or do I have to upload something?

Thank you!

Could you please provide your website URL so we can take a closer look? On which mobile device and browser do you check the page?

I would like to purchase this template soon. I have a couple questions before I do this:

1. I am ok with HTML and CSS but don’t know java, will your instructions make it easy for me to customize the template and have it live with relative ease?

2. If I have problems with the files or instructions especially with the JAVA, are you willing to help? You mention limited support, what does this mean?

I just want to make sure I will have a functioning website and not be left with files I can’t use.

Thank you, A

or is it the data-id in the
  • tag, where can I find this? I looked in the CSS documents and did not see it.
  • Your close button seems to have index.html link:

    <a class="zetaBtnClose" href="index.html">Close</a>

    but it must be left blank like this:

    <a class="zetaBtnClose" href="#">Close</a>

    yes, I changed that today to try to find a work around thinking maybe that would refresh the page for me so the zeta slider would work. That was not there when I started having the problems.

    Hello there,

    first I wanna let you know – I like the theme really much. I buy it one year ago, and now its time to use it.

    But I´ve got a problem with the Portfolio.

    Special in the single PortfolioPosts. I wanna sort by myself. The Theme make it s own order. I don´t know whats going wrong? There is the same probleme – even when I put the picutres on the portfoliosite or if I make a Gallery and “Drag and Drop” it…



    You don’t seem to have purchased the item. Are you referring to the Wordpress version? If so, could you please post your question here: http://themeforest.net/item/jupither-responsive-wordpress-gallery-blog/2174558/comments Thanks.


    msman88 Purchased

    I bought the theme it is great, but the gallery photos are not showing, a black screen is showing instead.


    msman88 Purchased

    Thanks for reply


    msman88 Purchased

    Hi elemis, It is great that I reached to my latest version of my website on this them.

    I observed that clicking an album on mobile opens the album photos only once. If you click in another album as next step it does not open the 2nd album. Any help to this limitation please?

    Note: Please open the website on mobile mode (using Chrom Developer tools for example and simulate the steps I mentioned in this post.)


    We’ve just sent you an email with instructions.