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I’ve purchased this theme twice now (Love it!) once as an HTML theme, and now I am working on cloning that theme and replicating it as a WP theme for my website. Is there a way to replace the blog main intro with an image?

Here’s the HTML theme I have set up: www.kristinleeb.com and I’m duplicating it on www.downtherabbit.com

Sorry, not sure if we understand your request. Could you please explain or provide more information regarding your request? Thanks.

On Wordpress, the Jupither “Theme Options” menu, under “Blog”, has a section called “Main intro”, to input text that lands in an area between the header/logo and the blog entry. On www.downtherabbit.com, this says “lalala” right now. On my other website, kristinleeb.com, I used an image in this area by editing the HTML – it can be seen as a quote by Haruki Murakami. What is the best way for me to replace that “Main intro” text on the WordPress template with the image from my HTML template?

Could you please give us permission to your Wordpress admin so we can take a closer look? You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi, When i am publishing the site with webmatrix, the logo, favicon and socials icons aren’t presented (in the local site they are presented). do you know why?


You don’t seem to have uploaded a logo via the theme options panel that is why the website name appears as text instead. Could you please check the logo field in the theme options panel?

Thanks, i did uploaded the logo via the theme options panel and it is presented in the local environment,i saw the problem just after i published the site. The same problem happens with the Facebook icon

Isn’t local environment different than the Wordpress live website? Could you give us permission to your Wordpress admin so we can take a closer look? You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

I have received assistance to replace the Main Intro input text with my image, thanks! Is it also possible to do this on the other templates? Currently only works on the Default Template.


You can change the image path from theme options panel General – Main Intro

Thanks, I tried that and it didn’t work for some reason… I just changed it to plain text for now. When I use the Main Intro box for the image and its new path, the link is broken on all pages. Text works fine.

Can you give us permission to your new website so we can take a closer look? You can send the details with email.

A few more questions (URL is http://www.downtherabbit.com)

1. featured image size is too large What is the best way to resize the image size of the featured article for all posts?

2. in the Recent Posts sidebar using the native widget, thumbnail images are not showing up. it also does not have the appropriate headline font/formatting (trying to emulate the recent post sidebar from kristinleeb.com)

3. The formatting for each article is also inconsistent – the formatting shows up on each article page but is stripped from my home page (example the around the quotes and the

), show up at http://www.downtherabbit.com/articles/kitten/ but not on downtherabbit.com when the front page is displaying my most recent posts.


We just edited the widget for you, it now shows the recent posts. To have thumbnails in this widget though, you will need to use Featured Image.

Thank you! I think I have pretty much everything figured out except for how to center the featured image, right now it is aligned to the left. Other than that, I have resized the featured image to crop to my desired size on the website. Thanks for all of your help so far! If you have any suggestions for the best code to centre the featured image that would be great too. Thanks again!


Just centered the featured images for you via Custom CSS field.

Hi there, i use this theme since 2012 and I love it. I now need to upload a new portfolio (the images) but it seems that i’m unable to find the way it works in wordpress 3.8. Can you help?

I also use WPML plugin as a difference since last time.


Have you followed the instructions in the help documentation for creating a second portfolio?

Thank you for your answer. It was actually the WPML media version! all is fine now ;)

I have another small request. With bricklayer, i make a page with content & blog items. How can i restrict the blog item to show only a certain category. I don’t mind to hack the code for that… i’m using child theme.

Thank you ;)



Actually, mostly the same question but reverse. How to display every blog categories artcles BUT the choosen one ?


The link you sent seems to use a different theme and we’re not sure if we understand your question. Could you please provide more details? Thanks.

Hello, Why do I get this message when viewing my webpage in firefox (it’s updated) but it never happens in Safari. And I don’t even use IE7.

“It looks like you are still using Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, which is not supported by this website. Please update to a cooler browser”

It doesn’t happens every time…


Mikael Svensson


We use a plugin for that warning to appear in IE7 or earlier versions of IE, and it seems not to work properly when WP Super Cache plugin is used at the same time. Please remove the function from functions.php file line 20:

include_once (INCLUDES_PATH . ‘stop-ie6/stopie6.php’);


I set up the Jupither theme today and really like it, however I have a question about headers and wrappers )and my coding knowledge isn’t vast).

I’d like to create a solid color, full-width wrapper at the top of the page where the menu is, and insert my logo into this as well if possible. I currently have a full-page gallery as my background for the home page, so putting in the wrapper would help readability for the menu bar. What I’m going for is actually pretty similar to this: http://www.joeedelman.com/

In addition, I’ve gotten rid of “elsewhere” section in the header, but would like to remove the two horizontal bars where it sat between prior to removal. What should I remove to achieve this (and where?)

Thanks in advance!


It requires a customization which is a bit complex to explain here. If you can give us permission to your Wordpress admin we can help you make the header full-width with solid color. You can send the credentials via the contact form on our profile page.

Message with the information has been sent. Thanks!

What color should header be?

Hi There,

Great theme, I purchased it a while back.

Could you please provide instructions on how to utilise the zetatop function for the gallery to load on top of the thumbs, I am not clear from what I can find sorry. Where do I add it to the zetaslider div?

On another note, I am looking to use the zeta slider only, without the thumbs on certain pages so that the page loads, I insert the URL component manually via editing the menu links, the gallery loads as a slider so that I do not need to add a different slider plugin to the site.

I have it mostly working here: http://tanyazouev.com/sydney-photography/advertising-commercial-photography/#/advertising-pr-photography

the normal page url that removes the slider is: http://tanyazouev.com/sydney-photography/advertising-commercial-photography/

My question is, how/where can I stop it from scrolling to the top of the page on load as I would like the page to load normally with this slider as a piece of page content and for it not to scroll out the top navigation. The code I crudely hacked (I am not a techy) that I am using on the full width page currently for this FYI is:


<!-- Begin ZetaSlider In Page-->
$zetatop = of_get_option('zetatop'); 
$terms = wp_get_object_terms( get_the_ID(), 'filter' );
foreach ( $terms as $term) {
$slug = $term->slug;
  <div class="<?php if ($zetatop) echo ' zetaTop' ?>" id="zetaSlider">
<div class="thumbnail-wrapper col4">
      <ul class="zetaThumbs clearfix">
          $ppp = of_get_option('ppp');
          if ( get_query_var('paged') ) {
        $paged = get_query_var('paged');
        } elseif ( get_query_var('page') ) {
        $paged = get_query_var('page');
        } else {
        $paged = 1;
    query_posts( array( 'post_type' => 'portfolio', 'filter' => $slug, 'posts_per_page' => $ppp, 'paged' => $paged ) ); ?>
 <?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
 <li data-id="<?php echo the_slug(); ?>">
<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">
                      <?php $gthumb = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'rw_thumb', true); ?> 
        <?php if ($gthumb) {echo "<img src="$gthumb" alt="" />" ?>
                <?php } else { ?>
                <?php }  ?>
        <?php endwhile; ?>
      <?php else: ?>
      <?php endif; ?>
      <!-- Begin Page-navi -->
      <?php if (function_exists("pagination")) { pagination($wp_query->max_num_pages); } ?>
      <!-- End Page-navi --> 
      <?php wp_reset_query(); ?> 
    <div class="zetaHolder">
      <div class="zetaWrapper">
        <div class="zetaEmpty isDraggingFalse"> 
          <!-- populated by script --> 
      <div class="zetaControls"> <a class="zetaBtnClose" href="#"><?php _e( 'Close', 'elemis' ) ?></a> <a class="zetaBtnPrev" href="#"><?php _e( 'Previous', 'elemis' ) ?></a> <a class="zetaBtnNext" href="#"><?php _e( 'Next', 'elemis' ) ?></a> </div>
      <div class="zetaWarning">
        <div class="drag"><?php _e( 'Drag', 'elemis' ) ?></div>
        <div class="arrow"><?php _e( 'Use arrows', 'elemis' ) ?></div>
        <div class="keys"><?php _e( 'Use keys', 'elemis' ) ?></div>
  <!-- End ZetaSlider --> 
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
<!-- End ZetaSlider --> 



Option for opening the gallery on top can be found in the Theme Options panel (Portfolio tab).

Unfortunately option for disabling thumbnails is not available.


How does the blog aspect of this theme deal with images of differing aspect ratios? Does it crop them?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. The blog images appear as is. If they are larger than the width of a post, then they are being resized to fit the area.


I want to use the startscreen with the portfolio2 template, but not with the zeta slider. I want, that when clicked on a thumb, the linked page just opens normally. How is that possible?


Unfortunately such an option is not available.

Can you recommend a shopping cart plugin to use with this theme?




Unfortunately we haven’t tested any shopping cart plugins so we can’t make a recommendation.

Hi there,

I am looking for something as simple as this. Will it work on WordPress 4.1.4 ?

Please let me know.

Kind regards, Elena

Thank you for your interest. Jupither works properly with the latest version of Wordpress (4.1.1)

I try a next request…. it s the 3rd… my comments will not shown here? I have buy the theme in oct 2013 and now installed with wordpress 4.2.1 and have a big problem. I cannot change the Order in the Portfolios. I have 12 Portfolio-squares. www.wunderbare-tage.de – but I cannot change – it looks like it showes me always the newest pictures. – I mean the picutres IN the single Portfolios. I haven´t got the drag and drop menu like in the vimeo video. Doesn´t work the theme with wp 4.2.1?

Please give me a reply thx

so I make some Screenshots to show you what I mean… it looks different like the sequences in the video – looks like “gallery settings” not in there?!? Can that be?

Looking for this (screenshot from your movie www.inesmeier.de/Bild_1.png www.inesmeier.de/Bild_2.png

screenshot what I got when I click on “Add media” in the Portfoliosites www.inesmeier.de/Bild_3.png www.inesmeier.de/Bild_4.png

Could you please provide your Wordpress login so we can take a closer look? You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for this support!

Hi, photos inside the galleries are small, there is a way to see them larger and in fullscreen?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. You can use the lightbox functionality that is available for videos in the gallery to display larger versions of the images. Please check http://themes.iki-bir.com/jupither-wp/design/#/video when you click the play icon, the lightbox will open.

Hello. A previous developer used this theme on a client’s site. Everything has been fine since then (2+ years now), but I think the latest WP update has broken something. I am getting PHP errors on the front end and back end of this site: http://laurajamesart.com

Any assistance/advice you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you


Could you please send us a message via the account the item is purchased? We can only provide help to the actual buyer. Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for the reply. Original dev is long gone. I will see if my client can reach them. If not, I will see if she is interested in repurchase. Thanks

hello to upload images to portfolio not shown :(


You don’t seem to have purchased the item. There is no purchased badge on your comment. Could you please contact us with the account you purchased the item? Thanks.

Hi Elemis,

This theme is very good but I have some problems with portfolio. When I created a new portfolio item, if I use images already uploaded to my library, it doesn’t work.

It works if I upload new images directly but i can’t change image after (order, delete, etc..)

I use WP 4.3.

Do you have a solution ?

Yes, the images have to be attached to the page. That is why already uploaded images won’t work.

Hi elemis, I just wanted to let you know that my WP security providers found an security issue with the gallery tool called timthumb which your gallery uses. With their security fully in place the gallery doesn’t load the images, therefore I need to get a new gallery plugin.

But not everyone has a security service to make put custom rules in place, so I wanted to make you aware of it, as it’s a major issue which compromises anyone using this theme :-(

timthumb “This has been completely removed in recent themes. The reason it was removed is because it was a huge security risk. Since it’s been removed in 2014 it has not been maintained or updated by the developer which means all the security vulnerabilities are left in the code.”


You can disable the usage of timthumb via the Theme Options in the admin panel under Portfolio tab

Great – thank you :-)


miwakoK Purchased

I love the demo and purchased to use it for my web site. Now I have a problem with appearance of photos. When I click the eye catch images of portfolios on the top page, a black slit opens with squares with ? marks, it never shows the photos of a gallery I created. Will you please help me how to deal this ? I use Word Press ver 4.4.2.

When I create a gallery, there are some selections of links, columns, random, and size. Do these relate to my problems?

And I am very sorry for my poor English. I hope you will understand the situation I wrote. Many thanks!


miwakoK Purchased

I tried again. The number of photos in gallery and ? marks images in black slit is different…


miwakoK Purchased

Sorry again, it seems that the problem is solved. I check “Check to disable TimThumb” then the photos in gallery are shown in the black slit. Now I will renew my website in this way =)