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This item “Jupiter” is in the wrong category . This is a wordpress theme and it is listed in Site Templates. Please correct

Just updated. Thanks for the heads up!

I wonder if this is Envato’s fault as it seems to be happening a lot of late in every category with misplaced stuff


That was our fault :) Submitted the theme on the wrong category.

OH WOW DUDE ….. this is NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot :)

Fresh work! very nice :)

Thanks :)

does this support video? vimeo?

if it did inside of the slider than that would be awesome.

also, is there any way to make the use of the keyboard arrows?


Thank you for your interest. The slider only supports images. If we receive more requests we can consider adding keyboard arrows support.

Hello ,

Can I resize the gallery to make it look bigger or enable a pop-up with a bigger version of the picture?



Yes it is possible to make the images bigger. If you purchase the item please send us an email via the contact form on our profile page so we can help you on this. Since the theme is responsive this requires several CSS changes.

hi, keyboard arrow use would be good …. can you also show me how to resize the pics / enable a pop up on the pics if purchased. any music player / background music ability?



If you contact us when you purchase the item, we can help you on resizing the images. Adding a lightbox will be complex to add to the script plus it doesn’t work well on mobile devices. But we may consider adding a lightbox in the future as well if we receive more requests.

The theme doesn’t include a music player, but it can be added with a plugin.


Is it possible to have change the height of the blog images?




Thank you for your interest. There is no specific height for the blog images.


Congratulations for the theme, especially the design and the features you added. I’m interested in buying it but the lack of SEO improvements holds me back for the moment.

Do you have any plans to improve it on short term?

Thank you!


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. Can you please give some details about what you mean by the lack of SEO improvements? There are some great SEO plugins available which can be used with the theme.


I’m planning to use Yoast SEO plugin but the theme must also have its own SEO improvements.

http://yoast.com/blog-headings-structure/ his advices from here can be used for the theme

What I would like to have is separate pages for each item in a portfolio


The theme has its own SEO improvements. For example, 1. The blog content comes before sidebar. 2. The titles of single posts and pages are h1. 3. HTML is valid. 4. It includes internal site linking with related posts, breadcrumbs and popular posts widget.

Jupither has an AJAX powered one-page portfolio, therefore the portfolio items have separate pages but since they are pulled into the gallery script they cannot have their own page style.

Hi, great theme!

Just wondering if you could tell me the name of the font used for the logo on the demo site and also is it possible to include ‘dropdowns’ on the contact form?



The logo font is BistroScript. Unfortunately the contact form doesn’t include dropdowns.

Thanks for the reply, could I just ask one more question. Is it possible to align the images in the blog?


You can align the images using image shortcode. You can watch this screencast how to use it: http://vimeo.com/40236990

Thanks, is there any way of aligning the image when it’s a ‘featured image’? otherwise the image doesn’t appear on the blog overview page. Also, when the text is shorter than the image, the ‘related posts’ and ‘submit a comment’ banners go over the image.


If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can take a closer look. You can send the login details to us via the contact form on our profile page.

I have just updated the theme to the latest version and the text has now dropped back down underneath the image. Would you be able to tell me what changes you made so that I can make the changes again.


We’ve just redone the changes for you.

I have just sent the access info. If you look at the first blog entry you will see what I mean.

Great Theme! Quick question – Within the detailed “slider” view of the portfolio gallery (where you can drag or use the ’<>”) I see that you are showcasing horizontal photos. Does this theme work with vertical photos too? Can it display both types within the slider?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. Yes you can insert both landscape and portrait images. Please check this gallery http://themes.iki-bir.com/jupither-wp/#conceptual which includes both.

Hi, I’m interested in your theme and have some questions:

1. When I click on a portfolio image, view the gallery and then click the x to close it the page doesn’t scroll back up to the top. Is there a way to make the page roll back down so that you can see the top of home page again?

2. Is it possible to have a full-width page as the home page and not portfolio?

3. In a blog page and a full-width page, is it possible to have a portfolio within it? i.e., could I have a picture that you click on and view the gallery of pictures in a blog post?



Thank you for your interest in Jupither.

1. Such function is currently not available but if we receive more requests we may consider adding the feature.

2. Yes, it is possible to make any page the homepage.

3. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Awesome theme, if it supported videos (Vimeo, YouTube, etc) I would’ve purchased it, unfortunately I have to pass this one.

Great work guys, looks very clean and slick. By the way, the arrow key suggestions would be nice to have :)


Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately video support is not possible for such a slider. We will consider adding arrow key support depending on the sales :)

hello very nice theme.

any plans for adding portfolio filtering?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. Unfortunately currently adding filter is not in our plans. But we may consider adding depending on the sales/requests.

I like the theme a lot but when the portfolio slides (multiple images), there is a very weird transition. The scrolling is not smooth and images distort for a split second. Too bad because I would buy it if this didn’t happen.


Can you please provide some more details? When do you experience the distort? While moving with the arrows or the dragging?

Hi elemis, one thing is for sure: you did a great job! Great user experience by grabbing the slider, nice…

Would like to suggest minor improvements, some were mentioned before by other users:

1. After closing the gallery, the page should scroll back up to the top

2. To use the gallery on my mobile device (iPhone 4) is not that floating, maybe can be improved

3. By disabling “allow comments” on a post, the writing “comments off” covers the speech-bubble icon beside the post title…

Thanks )


Thank you for purchasing Jupither.

1. We are planning on adding new features to the gallery in a few weeks. But we think closing plus scrolling animation may be confusing. So we are thinking of adding the option to open the galleries on top of the thumbnails instead of below.

2. Sorry we are not sure if we understand this one. We are checking the theme on two different iPhones and we couldn’t see any issues. Can you please provide more details (iOS version, screenshot, URL )?

3. Thanks for the heads up! We will include a fix for this on our next update.

Great theme!

I agree that when closing the gallery, the page should scroll back up to the top (or do something other than hovering over the footer). I also agree that (as you said) it may be confusing. Something easy to follow and simple would be good. Too much movement would ruin the ‘elegance’ and ‘simplicity’ this theme has. Excited for your update.


Thank you for sharing your feedback.