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Hi Elemis!

I am trying to customize this theme. Can anyone put me in touch with a reliable theme customization expert?

We have extensive thumbnail galleries (MySQL) that need to be fed into the portfolio areas of the theme. Because we are dealing with thousands of images, I’m not sure that it is possible to integrate this functionality using the admin area.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Unfortunately we don’t offer customization support we only fix theme bugs if there are any. You can find a freelancer here: http://freelanceswitch.com/

thank you for your reply the other day. it was most helpful and I was able to figure out several things. I published a portfolio and was able able to get Portfolio 1 to look perfect. However, there seems to be something going on with Portfolio 2 where the gallery images are showing up on the main page. It’s pretty strange. here’s a screen shot of how it’s displaying. any thoughts?



Please make sure you don’t click on the “insert into post” button, only attaching images is enough. You can delete the gallery from the post editor.


Is there a lightbox plug in that you recommend to open video’s from the slider?


The padding value is changed through the script. You can edit it in style/js/custom.js line 11.

Thanks again,

I don’t seem to have that file. Here is the location I am looking in: public_html/thevanhills.com/wp-content/themes/jupither/style/js/

I’ve also run a search on the entire site for any file named custom.js, and there is nothing found.

I’m happy to give you access to my wordpress admin if that helps.


Ah sorry about that. The file is style/js/scripts.js, you will need to edit the padding value on line 148.

Hi Elemis could you help me please. I’ve realized that all the template is not working properly, could you check my web?


If you need to check inside I can give u access.

Waiting for you comments


We couldn’t see any issue on your website. Can you please give more specific details?

Hi Elemis I’ve solved the issue. The problem was related with a WP version update. I had to deactive all plugins in order that update process would run properly.

Thanks anyway.

I purchased the HTML version of this template b/c I prefer to edit the code and am not comfortable using WordPress. Now, however, I think I may need to purchase the WordPress version after all so that I can maintain a blog without having to hard code an HTML page for each post.

My question Do the date fields automatically populate with the wordpress theme? Or do I enter those separately? I noticed you have vimeo videos for certain portions of this template, but not the blog portion. Does the comment count automatically populate? Or is that a plug in I need to include?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither WP. Dates and comment counts automatically populate. You don’t need to include any plugins. You can embed Vimeo videos in the blog too.


Beautiful theme! I’m trying to customize it here: http://annie.pairserver.com/wp-admin/customize.php but, don’t have access to any of the menu options: “Site Title & Tagline, Colors…” etc. I click, put no drop down of options appears. I’ve tried in Chrome 23.0.1271.64 & Firefox 12.0 with the same results.

Thanks for your help!

All the best,



The theme options can be found in “Appearance – Theme Options”.

You can find the instructions on setting up the theme in the help documentation which can be found in the theme package. Also we recommend installing the dummy content to have sample posts and pages. You can find instructions on installing the dummy content again in the help documentation.

Just published new site with this theme and someone tried to view in IE9 and their browser came up saying they are using IE7 or earlier and they couldn’t view anything.

Website in question is vanessadayphotography.com

Using latest WP, hosting on Bluehost.

NEVERMIND , turns out it was facebook messing up the link somehow for the user. Views fine in IE. Thanks


Just for the heads up, we use a plugin for that warning to appear in IE7 or earlier versions of IE, and it seems not to work properly when WP Super Cache plugin is used at the same time. The developer says he will fix it asap. Until then you can remove the function from functions.php file line 20 if you feel the need:

include_once (INCLUDES_PATH  . 'stop-ie6/stopie6.php');

Hello, Thank you for your earlier response pasted below.

I found the theme options page fine. The issue is that the buttons are not working when I click them. For instance, when I click “upload” next to logo, nothing happens—no upload option window appears. I’ve activated the 2011 theme and don’t have that issue there. I’ve also tried to customize the theme in Safari & FF, no luck. I’m currently using Chrome 23.0.1271.64.

Thanks for your help.



We haven’t came across this kind of issue before. Can you please try deactivating all your existing plugins and check again?

It seems that comments are running outside the box and not formatting correctly. Could you point me to a solution? You can see what I’m talking about on this page: http://vanessadayphotography.com/2011/02/28/709/

This seems to be the last issue I’m having with this theme.


You seem not to use the default theme comments but a plugin. If you deactivate the plugin comments will work properly.

How big should the portfolio images be?

They should have 500px of height. But if you use TimThumb they will be cropped automatically anyway.

Hello – How do I get “recent posts” to populate in the Wordpress theme? The “recent posts” space appears on the site, but the images are blank.



Your posts should have featured images for the thumbnails to show up on Related Posts.


I’m about to buy another theme from you (very satisfied with socialike) and I have some questions.

1. Is it possible to see any page that use Jupither theme (except your demo live preview)?

2. How many levels can menu have? On the live preview there are four?

3. On the bottom onf the page there are some widgets (?) like “popular”, “twitter” etc. Are they changeable? I mean, instead of twitter can there be a plain text box?

4. can we change the names of thumbnails on the portfolio->photo (people, nature, conceptual)?

Thanks in advance, Kristijana


Thank you for your interest in Jupither.

1. Unfortunately we don’t have a list of websites. But you should be able to find some if you browse the comments.

2. There is no limit for the levels of the menu.

3. Footer is a widgetable area and you can insert any widget you have.

4. You can change the content as you wish.


This theme is so cool :-) But I’ve got a quick question. I placed links to the original full sized images into the image captions to be able to open them full sized from within the slider. The links work fine and the images will open in a new tab.

Is it also possible to open these images with the built-in fancybox by adding attributes to the links? I tried some attributes and also some other light box plugin but I wasn’t able to open the big images in an overlay. Do you have any solution for me?

Thanks! Lea


The images should open with Fancybox. Please make sure you add the link into the “description” field of the image.

Hi! I’m having real issues with site speed since installing this theme. Page loads on average at 35 seconds (!). I wonder if it’s the theme or the fact that we went bilingual using the WPLM plugin?

Here’s where it is : blog.esthergibbons.com

Can you tell me why it’s so slow?

I will not be able to continue using it if it stays slow.

Thanks for your time!



The loading time cannot be related to the theme. It depends on the content (image sizes, plugins etc), internet speed and server. The theme has been purchased 300+ times and this is the first time we receive a feedback regarding speed. Also I just checked your website and it loaded instantly (20MBps) We cannot be sure if WPML or other plugins effect the speed. Please deactivate them and check again.

Hello two Question: I use Version 1.1 in my WP. How I can upgrade to 1.1.3 w/o Problems? Why isnt there a automatic update available? Regards Oliver


The theme won’t update automatically. There are two alternatives for updates: 1. You can install the whole theme again. 2. Or just upload the updated files which are stated in the changelog file.


how is this theme working with latest Wordpress? I have problems adding new sections/galleries to my portfolio. Did the theme get broken with the new Gallery functionality in Wordpress 3.5?


We’ve tested WP 3.5 and been able to create a portfolio post without any issues. The steps are the same, only the interface is different a bit. You need to upload images through “Add Media – Upload Files”. “Set Featured Image” using the button on left sidebar and publish and that’s it.

Kind regards, elemis

Hi elemis,

yes you are right. The theme work with WP3.5. But I have a problem with the portfolio. I deleted some photos and uploaded them again with a couple of new ones: http://www.frankps.net/portfolio/#/hoopoe

There is always one picture that will not show. Appeared broken when I uploaded only two pictures and the same problem occured when I deleted a new Hoopoe page and uploaded 5 pictures.


If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can take a closer look tomorrow morning. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page. http://themeforest.net/user/elemis


We are using your plug-in in our wp site. It works perfect. We like to have image zoom as an additional functionality without breaking the current functionality. Any ideas?


Sorry but we couldn’t understand your issue. Can you please explain? What do you mean by “We are using your plug-in in our wp site.”

We are using your “Jupither” theme in our wordpress site. We like to have image zoom like “Cloud Zoom” in addition to other functionality of this theme.

Any advice on how to implement, would be great.

A zoom example: http://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoom/modules/wordpress/


First of all you don’t seem to have purchased Jupither. And second of all unfortunately we don’t offer support for customization and adding additional scripts, we only fix theme bugs.