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I have purchased this theme and it looks brilliant.

I want to use FancyBox as a pop up on some images within a page.

The only way I find to make it work is to include the script:

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(document).ready(function() { $(”.fancybox”).fancybox(); }); </script>

Otherwise it is not called.

I am giving the link class “fancybox”.

Also – have you any plans to include Retina support with this theme?

I have made use of on plugin to handle posts and adjusted the code that serves the image into the Portfolio to double (from 500px) the image if a Retina screen is detected.

That all said – it would of course be much nicer if you worked your magic on it!

Many thanks in advance.



You can use “fancybox-media” class in links. No need for additional script.

Unfortunately we don’t plan including Retina support with this theme.

Hi !

I want to know if it’s possible to translate the theme in french. I can do it myself even if it’s into the PHP files. Is it possible ?

Thank you !


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. The theme includes translation files so you can translate it into any language by following the instructions in the help documentation.

So nice ! Other question : Does it work with Wordpress who is installed on my server ? Does it work with Prophoto Blog ?

Yes the theme works with Wordpress, but we don’t have any idea regarding Phophoto Blog.

HI Elemis, Wow this is a great theme/Template.. so Simple and just what i was looking for in a design.. Its so easy to use and setup!! Only stumbling point for me is can i make some of the items in the menu drop down.. like one of your users Derryberryphotography.. E.g i have a menu title services, and would love to have a drop down list of maybe 5 – 6 items, is this possible?? I am sure i may have other queries, but that is the only one for the moment. Thank You


Yes you can make dropdowns in the menu. You can find instructions in the help documentation.

Hi guys, I can’t see the twidget as an available widget, nor can I see header sidebar as an available place to put any widgets. Am I missing something?! Have read the documentation about ten times and still not getting anywhere…

So how do you attach images to the post without inserting them into the post?

The documentation says “You can upload your gallery images via the “Add Media” button in the post editor.” which is what I did. The only option then is to insert into post.

You don’t need to click to the button. After attaching the images, just closing the box will be enough.

Also, have added a gallery, followed all the steps on the documentation, but the gallery is not displaying. I’ve been told by a programmer friend that this is a jQuery issue that came with the theme – can you shed any light on this? This is the error: TypeError: $ is not a function


Can you please provide your website link so we can take a closer look?

Ok Thank you for reminding me of the help file.. so menu now sorted!! Next little question?? Menu set up, website 90% there.. but the menu button to Blog sends me to a 404 error page.. i have set up a blog in pages.. not sure why this is happening..


Elemis , i am very very happy with this Template.. Well done.


The URL in the menu seems to be http://www.mediawisdom.co.uk/portfolio/blog/ which doesn’t seem right. Please make sure you add the blog page from “Pages” in “Appearance – Menus”. If you still continue to have the issue please give us permission to your wordpress admin so we can take a closer look. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Ok, Think i have sorted it!! , Trashed old blog page and re constructed new one, and seems to work… However as i have trashed old one the new Permalink wants to call itself /Blog-2.. can i find original blog page and trash it in history and server, and rename to /Blog

Thank you

You should be able to find the deleted pages in Pages/Trash


I’m unable to create portfolio post with a gallery. I can see the post and the thumbnail, but the gallery is empty. I have WP 3.5 and here are the exact steps I take:

Click “Portfolio” Click “Add New” Write the title of the post Click “Add Media” Click “Upload files” (and upload one image, 538×500) Click “set featured image” on the left side Select the uploaded image Click “set featured image” on the bottom right corner (now I can see the featured image) Click “publish”

The post and thumbnail can be see but the gallery is empty. Any ideas what I could do?

My site is: http://www.polygonplay.com

( I did make small changes to the CSS because I wanted the thumbnails to be 270×270 instead of 270×220. Could this change break the portfolio gallery? )


Please try changing the file permissions of “cache” folder in funcitons/img_resize as 777 and check if it helps. If it doesn’t, you can disable TimThumb plugin through the options panel and crop your images yourself, if you don’t crop them they will resize accordingly anyway but if they are not bigger than 500px of height, they will load much faster, so cropping is recommended.

I got the same problem as polygonblog. I have WP3.5 too.

My steps: Portfolio: Add New > Write a title > Click on ‘Add media’ > Create gallery > Selected some images > Click on ‘Create a new gallery’ > Click on ‘Add gallery’. Now there is the gallery symbol in the textarea. Now I click on ‘Set featured image’ > Selected an image > Click on ‘Set featured image’ > Publish

Now I can see the featured image on my portfolio site but when I click on it the gallery appears without the images.

I think this problem is because of the new media upload script. It also looks very different on the video. I hope you can fix it fast. And thank you for this awesome theme!


Only the interface is different a bit but the steps are the same. You need to upload images through “Add Media – Upload Files”. “Set Featured Image” using the button on left sidebar and publish and that’s it.

The issue may be related to TimThumb script which is being used to generate the gallery images. Can you please try changing the file permissions of “cache” folder in funcitons/img_resize as 777 and check if it helps. If it doesn’t, you can disable TimThumb plugin through the options panel and crop your images yourself, if you don’t crop them they will resize accordingly anyway but if they are not bigger than 500px of height, they will load much faster, so cropping is recommended.

Okay, now it is working. I had to upload the files again. So I cant choose already uploaded photos in my mediathek for a portfolio? Is it right that you cant edit an portfolio without uploading the files again which you want in your portfolio? It would be awesome if you can see the photos which are already added in an portfolio and you can add/delete photos. Thank you for your help!


The portfolio posts can display only the images that are attached to the post.

I disabled TimThumb and it works. Top quality product and top quality support. Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for the awesome template. I’ve been using it a couple of months and Jupither certainly suits my purposes. I’ve noticed however on the ipad that the home page boxes are doing something weird and not lining up. Can I have you look at this please? http://www.tanyazouev.com. Regards Tanya


It seems to be related to changes done on the theme because this issue doesn’t normally exist. Can you please try uploading the theme fresh and test?

Sorry to bother you again Elemis.. Couple of quick questions i cannot find in help! 1) How can i re arrange the order of the portfolio subjects?? 2) Trashed unused pages, and renamed new ones – but blog still keeps defaulting to /blog-2. 3) can i add extra photos to portfolios after they have been constructed – Upload to media, but how do i get them into relevant categories?

Thank you ever so much Giles Christopher www.mediawisdom.co.uk


1. You can rearrange the order of portfolio items by editing their dates or by using “Post Types Order” plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-types-order/) 2. We need to see the backend to try to fix this issue. You can send the wordpress login information to us via the contact form on our profile page. 3. You can attach new images to the portfolio post through “Add Media” in the post editor and they will be added to the gallery.

Hi again. How to make more as (now default 3 posts) in “popular posts” widget? Regards!


Please open functions/widget.php and edit the number “3” on lines 61 and 84.

you’re welcome :)

Thank you for your previous help.. now i am 98% there with website.. http://www.mediawisdom.co.uk However, small thing.. i need to re arrange the order of the images in the Media Library, (so they display in the portfolios in different order), i t would also be good to Categorise them at the same time, as there are quit e a lot.. Is there a way of doing this simply, or can you recommend a 3rd party plugin for this?


You can change the order of the images in a portfolio item/post, by dragging and dropping them to their correct place in “Add Media” in post editor, under “Uploaded Images”. Not sure what you mean by categorize them, can please provide more details?

Thank you Elemis for reminding me how to do that!! simple thing, can’t believe i missed that one .. as for categories, all i wanted was that as i have so many images in my library, i could group them into portfolios in the media library (i.e Like a post, where you can categorise by news, reviews etc) found a good 3rd party plugin :Media Category Library 1.6, so sorted!! Thank you again for all you help and patience!


Unfortunately it is not possible to categorize images in the Media Library in Wordpress. Just did a quick research and couldn’t find a plugin either.

How is it possible to update the theme? I have purchased the v1.03.


You can download the latest version of the theme from the “Downloads” page in Themeforest. Then you will need to reinstall the theme.

(But since you have a theme already named “jupither” you will need to rename the updated version. Unzip the theme package you downloaded, go to theme folder, unzip jupither.zip and rename the folder as “jupither2” for example, then zip again and finally install.)


I was hoping to re-add the links menu in the wordpress admin dashboard. Is this possible?

Yea no problem. I’m actually not sure if what I’m referring to is part of the default theme that comes with wordpress but you can see it down the left of the screen shot at this url



This is related to the latest Wordpress version 3.5. Links are no longer available in the dashboard. Please read: http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_3.5#Links

Ah right, I missed that. Thanks very much, excellent service.

Hi, I created a “Portfolio” menu item, with categories of my work under it (weddings, portraits, etc). Under each of these I have several “portfolio-type” pages. So, for example – under “Weddings” I have several sub-portfolios with specific weddings, etc. I would like my homepage (www.emotion-blur.com) to show all my main categories, but not the individual sub-portfolios. That is, I want my homepage to have thumbnails of the main categories (e.g. weddings, portraits, etc), that, when clicked, take to the main category portfolio page (which, in turn, displays thumbnails of the sub-portfolios). Can this be done? Thanks.. Arthur


Unfortunately there is no direct option for this in the theme.

Thanks for your quick reply! Another issue I’m having is that when I first upload images they are unattached. However, once I attach them, the only way to reattach them is to permanently delete them and re-upload. Is this the way it should be working, or am I doing something wrong? One more point.. I must admit that I find the whole structure and logic of this theme extremely confusing. I’m highly web-savvy, and yet I find myself again and again writing down instructions to myself just to make sense of things. For example, I don’t even really understand the difference between a “portfolio” and a “page”.. :-/ This is the first theme I ever tried on WP, so is it just this specific theme or are all themes this complicated?


You don’t have to reattach photos. You can see your photos which are attached to the post from “Add Media – Media Library – Uploaded to this post”.

Honestly we can’t think of any others ways of creating a portfolio page simpler than this. You just upload images and publish the post. Portfolio is a page, but it is a special kind of page which draws all the posts that are under the “portfolio” post type, while a regular page just displays what you insert in it as the content in the page editor.

What exactly do you find complicated about the theme?

Hi Elemis,

I have received two emails from people who say the site won’t work on Internet Explorer 10. Why is this?

Regards Tanya


This is the first time we receive such a feedback. And since we don’t have IE10 at the moment we can’t check right now. Can you please provide more specific details about the issue? Which part doesn’t work exactly and what is the problem? Thanks.


I changed the pages that are in the “Jupither” Menu. Since the change the TinyNav doesn’t seem to be working when I redice the browser size below 767px wide. All navigation seems to disappear.


If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can take a closer look. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Unfortunately the site is local at the minute so I can’t do that but when I make it live I will


I have an issue where upon importing new images into a portfolio, the changes do not show up. No matter where I have rearranged images, deleted or added, no changes are showing up on the site after a refresh.

I have tried to add a new portfolio to my site and the only way it will show up is to upload the images in reverse order and not make any changes. If I upload them in the correct order they are showing up reversed. Extremely frustrating as I have spent hours today trying to work out what is wrong.

Kindly advise.


The order of images while uploading is not important at all. Also you can change the order by dragging and dropping them to their correct place in “Add Media”. Please make sure you upload images in the post editor using “Add Media”. The images that belong to that particular post will show under “Media Library – Uploaded to this post”

If you still continue to have the issue please give us permission to your wordpress admin so we can take a closer look. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi elemis, you will need to go in to take a look. I am using the template on two separate sites and the same issue is happening on both of them. If you go to my advertising photography site you will see there are two published advertising portfolios. One is coming up on the home page, the second one (which was a test) is not coming up at all despite being published (I checked it wasn’t in draft form). I will send the credentials now. Regards Tanya

Hi, I can’t find any information in the “help” document about the way to set up a drop down menu… Is it possible with this theme ? Thanks a lot for you support ! Elisabeth


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