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Another issue : when I “select a media” to create a portfolio and tick the images that are in my library, it doesn’t work. Each time, I have to re-download my picts in order to have them appear on my page. How come ?

When I bought Jupither, I had the choice between creating an account and paying with Paypal. I paid with Paypal : here is the full reference of the transaction !

“Logo PayPal 22 jan 2013 15:09:54 CET Numéro de transaction : 7PT69207SU3763022 Bonjour Elisabeth Courteaud,

Vous avez envoyé un paiement d’un montant de $47,00 USD à Envato Pty Ltd (no-reply@envato.com)

Il est possible que la transaction n’apparaisse qu’au bout de quelques minutes sur votre compte. Marchand Envato Pty Ltd no-reply@envato.com Instructions à l’attention du marchand Vous n’avez pas saisi d’instructions.

Description Prix unitaire Qté Montant Purchase item Jupither – Responsive Wordpress Gallery & Blog from user elemis on ThemeForest $47,00 USD 1 $47,00 USD Sous-total $47,00 USD Total $47,00 USD Paiement $47,00 USD Le débit apparaîtra sur votre relevé de carte sous l’intitulé “PAYPAL *ENVATO” Paiement envoyé à no-reply@envato.com D’un montant de €36,45 EUR Vers un montant de $47,00 USD Taux de change : 1 EUR = 1,28943 USD

Vous rencontrez des problèmes avec cette transaction ? Vous disposez d’un délai de 45 jours à partir de la date de la transaction pour signaler un litige dans le Gestionnaire de litiges.

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Email PayPal n° PP120”

So please check with Paypal and answer my question. Thanks, Elisabeth


You must have purchased the item with a different account because if you had purchased the item, there would be a “purchased” badge on your comment.

Anyway we will answer your questions:

1. Portfolio: You cannot select images from the media library, a portfolio post display only the images that are attached to that particular post. So you will upload your images per post via the portfolio post editor.

2. Menu: You can find information about creating a menu under the “Menu” section in the help documentation.

Thank you ! I don’t know which account I might have used because I checked my boyfriend’s account (naonett) and the purchase doesn’t appear either on his account…? Anyway I finally found the answer in the video “creating a menu” and I can’t believe it was so easy and “unvisible” !!

Hi Elemis!

First of all love the site. I have been using it for a while and it has been working great. I have one question about an issue I can’t figure out though. I would appreciate your help.

In my RSS feeds, readers cannot see the full post. They only see a few words and then there is a link that says, “read more” which takes you to my blog post.

I have it checked the box in the “settings” menu that readers can view the whole post, but it has only worked on one of my recent posts. (And I am not sure why or how it happened, LOL.)

Can you help me figure out why my RSS readers can’t see the full blog post from their feed? Thank so much in advance



How do you check your RSS feed? Via your browser or a feed reader? Because the browsers not always show the full text but a feed reader will always show the full text if “full text” is selected in Settings – Reading.

I check RSS feeds through a feed reader via Mail on my Mac. I have selected “full text”, but it has only shown a true full text on one of my blog posts. I don’t know what I did differently inside that post. I just set up a regular post as usual.

It’s the, Bridal Extravaganza post.

In my RSS feed, for that specific post, I can see the text and images. But for only that post… it’s weird. I’m not sure why that happened. But I was happy to see it, because that is what I want. I just don’t know how I did it.

Like I mentioned, I am set up as “full text” but only that one post is showing a full text…

Would you be able to help me figure it out?

All the best, Leslie

Can you please provide us your RSS feed link so we can take a look? Also have you tried creating a new test post to see if it shows the full text?

Hi there.

I am having an issue reordering my images once I have created a gallery – I arrange them the way I want, add captions, etc, and when I publish they appear in backwards order on the website. If I go back to edit the portfolio, edit the media and rearrange the photos (which are now backwards from how I originally set them), publish again, and view the page, it’s as if I haven’t done anything. I’ve watched all your videos and read tons of comments and answers and have deleted portfolios and media, uploaded again, arranged, and rearranged so many times that I’m convinced I need your back end support.

I am also having an issue with portfolio 1. After I create a gallery, set the featured image and publish, on the site the images in the portfolio appear in a sporadic fan outside of the portfolio, kind of like a splayed deck of cards. If I click on one, it takes me to an attachment page of the images, but not the expected gallery. If I click on the featured image (which is sometimes difficult with the overlay of the other images), the gallery will open and display as it should.

Thank you for your help. This is a beautiful theme, and I’m very excited to get it finished. :)


Can you please give us permission to your wordpress admin so we can take a closer look? You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi there! I have purchased your theme and I am encountering some minor issues when displaying videos in my gallery portfolio. Clicking the thumbnail in the gallery shows the preview, but only loads a fraction of the preview picture, the right half of the preview picture is cut off. Am I doing something wrong? Find the link here: http://sophieschueler.de/62-2/#/826


I could do that, but in this case I just want one image to be displayed, as I’m showcasing my video work here, or is this the wrong way of putting videos in a portfolio?

I made a quick fix which seems to have resolved the problem:

//sliderW += $(this).outerWidth()+o.slideMargin; sliderW += $(this).find(‘img’).width() + o.slideMargin;

in zeta-slider.js

can you confirm that this is a correct way to solve the problem?


We no longer work with the Zeta Slider developer so we can’t say anything for sure, but it seems to resolve the issue and there are no errors.

Hi! I’ve one question regarding the slider before purchasing: is possible to set a different images height (for example 700)?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. There is no direct option for this but we can help you with a simple CSS setting.

Hi there. I’ve got most of the theme working just how I’d like it to (nice job, btw) but can’t seem to get the slider working at all. Clicking on a portfolio doesn’t open the slider – it just takes one to a page full of images.

I’ve followed all instructions to the letter and have gone through all of the comments on here, to no avail. Please help!



There seems to be a script conflict which breaks the portfolio. Please deactivate all your plugins one by one to find out which one is the reason.

Hi there. Problem solved, thank you so much! For anyone who experiences the same thing, it was the Wordpress Shortcodes plugin that was the problem. Thanks again!

Hi Elemis,

First of all congratulations for this great theme! I’m happy with the design and the simplicity of it. It is exactly what I was looking for. :) However, I’ve got a few issues that I can’t manage to fix, though: 1 – I’m not being able to rearrange the order of the images in the portfolio. I’ve tried over and over to re-edit and reposition them and then to publish again but with no result. 2 – I’ve got an issue with the use of portfolio 1. Instead of showing the generic thumbs, it actually displays all the content inside each gallery spread out all over the page. (Portfolio 2 works great.) Please, help me out with those issues. Thank you.


1. You can rearrange the order of the images in the post editor from “Add Media – Media Library – Uploaded to this post” by dragging and dropping the thumbnails to their appropriate places. http://cl.ly/image/453b3o3K0421

2. If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can take a closer look on this issue. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi Elemis,

Thank you. I’ve got 1st issue sorted. Where can I send you my admin info for the 2nd issue? I just email you? I’ll do so…

I just downloaded and installed this great theme. Is anybody aware of an already existing Dutch translation? Just to avoid doing things which have been done already by someone else… ;-)

Never mind for the first part (comments received; found that one in the them-options), but the “submit a comment”-part is still valid. On that screen is also shown ”# Responses to…”. Cant find a matching text in the PO-file either…


Thanks for the heads up. You can edit them manually through the following files:
1. Submit a comment: functions/jupither-functions.php line 165
2. # Responses to…: comments.php line 22.

Great, thanks for your quick reply!

Hi. I tried asking a question a couple days ago but it doesn’t look it it posted. I’m planning to buy your template but have a couple questions about its use. I would like to use the design portfolio layout but I need to put a couple line of text attached to each photo. I see some images have text at the bottom of the photo when you rollover, but is there a limit to the amount of text you can use there? Also, is it possible to add text between each image in the slider without making a jpeg of the text and adding it to the slideshow as an image? I’d appreciate your help! Thanks!!


There is no limit for the text that appears when you rollover the image, but unfortunately it is not possible to insert text between each image. Also please note that the rollover text is hidden in the mobile view, because the images are smaller.


I almost finalised the setup of my website with your theme. Got two questions left of which you may have a solution:

- One thing I did was reduce the Featured Image-size to max 300px. Is there a possibility to wrap the text from the post around the featured images. Having the Featured Image left-top aligned and the text around it would improve the readability…

- Furthermore, my logo has a large blank-space, mostly due to the odd-shape of my logo. Is it somehow possible to have the logo overlap the “intro-textarea”? I’‘ll have to do something with the transparency of my logo in that case, but if it is not possible, I think I need to redesign the logo itself a bit… ( example: http://www.lowspark.nl/images/header_opt.png ; website: http://www.lowspark.nl

Thanks again, Michael


Unfortunately we cannot access your website, we receive this error http://cl.ly/image/153J2N3f1Q3m no matter which browser. Can you please check? We can help you with the changes you request if you can give us permission to your wordpress admin. You can send the login information to us via the contact form on our profile page.


just sent an email via the contact form with the login. Website is online now, I know the hosting-povider was doing some maintenance on their server today.

Cheers, Michael

Thanks for the adaptation and proper response via email. Looks great now!

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your template Jupither for wordpress…love the portfolio viewing and the simple but classic design!

My website design skills are very basic, but I can wrangle my way through it generally. My current theme has a widget that locks down the site from right mouse click. If this site is not “widget ready” is locking down my site something I am unable to do? or do you have a lock down option built in?

Another widget I use is “tags” is this built in? or how easy is it to enable widgets to use something like tags?

Is there an option of adding items like “customer login” with password for viewing?

Is there an option/way to also add a newsletter link to sign up?

And am I able to upload my logo and tagline to the home screen? some other templates companies advertise this and you don’t, so not sure if that is just assumed.

Thank you so much, Kim


Thank you for your interest in Jupither.

  • The theme is widget ready, so right-click lock plugin should work properly.
  • The theme already has blog post tags. You can see this in the blog page.
  • Unfortunately there is no option for “customer login” or “newsletter”.
  • You can upload your own logo through the theme options panel. But the theme doesn’t have a direct option to display tagline.

Yesterday I published my page and got good feedback about it. However, there is an issue with displaying of the Portfolio thumbs in IE8. Got that comment from a friend an was able to reproduce this myself. The strange thing is that it is somehow site-related as on other sites using this theme, I don’t see a problem. On your demo-site however, it displays the same issue as on my site.

Below you can see a screenshot. On the left my site with no thumbs, only black rectangles. If you click on the rectangle you can see that there is a thumbnali behind it. On the right another site, same browser, no problems.

Any idea what can cause this?


When we entered your admin it wasn’t working already. We couldn’t test our modification because of this. You don’t seem to have a portfolio page.

wow, that’s strange. The only thing i yesterday did was upgrading from WP 3.5.0 to 3.5.1.

Just created the Portfolio-page again (it did still exist!) and it only works when the permalink is different the before. So “http://www.lowspark.nl/portfolio-2” results in a correct result. But when I use permalink “http://www.lowspark.nl/portfolio” for the portfolio-page it displays the archive-page.

Strange, have to find out where that comes from. However, I got the portfolio-page working again now (only not good for SEO to change the permalink) and it now display correctly in IE8. So thanks for that!

And if you have any idea about the problem as described above, any hints are welcome. But hey, you’re the Theme-guys, not the WP-guys, I know… ;-0

Thanks again, Michael

Not sure why portfolio URL directs the archive page. There might be a plugin causing this.

Hello !

Thank you very much Elemis for this theme ! Really simple & perfect design :)

Until now, i found only one issue and that’s why i’m contacting you… It’s about portfolio, when i made a password protected portfolio visitors can access this one just by clicking on the square thumbnail. So, the password seems to not work. Do you have a solution to solve that problem ? And do not hesitate if you want more information. Thanks for your answer :)


Hi again,

This play icon is for video pop-up. You need to enter your text to caption instead of description.

Thank you for your help.

One more question, is it possible to make a “Page” for each categories of my blog ? I would like to add intro text to the category pages instead of “les articles de la catégorie :” (http://bliss-out.fr/category/shoot/). Thanks


If you have can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can make the category description appear on category pages. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi There,

We LOOOOVE your theme thank you so much. One issue our users are having is that they are reporting issues when using IE to view it and I have been able to replicate their issue. When you hit the site in IE9 you get the IE7 upgrade page. Is there a fix for this and how can I disable this trigger in the meantime please. Is it using user agent detection that might be a bit off?

See screenshot here: http://imm.io/ZCiC


Dave and Tanya http://www.tanyazouev.com


Yes I am.

I just tried to replicate the error and could not get it. Do you think it was the cache plugin firing for the first time? I had hit the site in other browsers prior to IE9 though.

Thanks in advance for any insights, I appreciate the assistance.

Dave & Tanya


Just for the heads up, we use a plugin for that warning to appear in IE7 or earlier versions of IE, and it seems not to work properly when WP Super Cache plugin is used at the same time, so you need to remove the function from functions.php file line 20

include_once (INCLUDES_PATH  . 'stop-ie6/stopie6.php');

Awesome, I have commented that out. Many many thanks for your quick and concise support!!! You guys rock.

Hi there, I love this theme and I have just tried to upload it but it has failed because it says that it is missing the style.css sheet – please could you advise how to rectify this?! Thanks so much! Michelle

Please ignore my last post – I managed to upload it :)

Great :)


Loving this theme, but I’m having a problem: the main nav menu does not convert to a dropdown menu in narrow viewports. Maybe I’m missing something in the settings or CSS?

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!



Can you please provide your website link so we can take a closer look?


The menu you have doesn’t have the necessary classes and ids. The menu items should be wrapped with the following div and ul:

<div id="menu" class="menu">
<ul id="tiny">


My Jupither site is live.

I tried changing the Permalinks from ‘Default’ to ‘Post Name’. My Home page is good, however every other page is not right.

Please can you have a look?

Oh great. So how do I access my Wordpress account?!

My website has been down all day because of this.

I really have no experience of playing with the back end files. I am backing up now in case I muck up …..

Hi, I love this theme! I have a few questions: 1. How do I resize my background image? Currently it is too large. 2. How do I delete the header that says “My Latest Work” and “Elsewhere”?

Here’s my blog: http://justine.andrewtorkbaker.com/




1. That is becuse the image you use is 3203×2212px. You can resize the image using an image editor and re-apply. But keep in mind screen resolutions with 2560px of width.

2. You can hide the intro using the following code. Please paste it into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel:

.intro {

Thank you!!

Hi Elemis,

I have been using the template for a few months now and it works very well ! I’t looks great and pictures are very valorized in it… I would like to protect them and I have been trying to put a transparent image on them, in vain. Do you have a trick to do it ? Idem for the right click, how can I get access to the images in the portfolio to paste some code in order to prevent the right click ?... Thanks a lot for your answer ! Zaza

...And the “home > artistes” reference ? thanks a lot !

1. If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can try to fix the menu items issue in the footer. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

2. You want to remove elsewhere and breadcrumbs but still want to keep the intro?

Yes ! About the credentials, I’ve sent them last week but I’ll do it again…