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Hi I seen your demo video. Does wordpress 3.6 support gallery function. I tested on my current site I was unable to save gallery.


You don’t seem to have purchased Jupither. There is no purchased badge on your comment. Please send your question via the account you purchased the item.

On the demo site in the blog section, one can move from page to page by clicking “1,2,3” etc… My question is once I purchase this theme, how easy is it to change the way a user moves from page to page example – “Older Posts” “Newer Posts” instead of “1,2,3” ?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. There is no direct option for this, some template files need to be modified in order to achieve it.

Hi, i upgrade wordpress to 3.6 and the menu in my right sidebar did not work. Is there any way to make that correct?

I create a menu with only the collection years and it suppose to show 2 items, not the overall main menu.

Here is the page

I forgot, thank you ;)

Hello, work the Template with WooCommerce ? I need a small Site with only three Items and not a classic Shop. You have any Information about this ?

Greeting and a great small Template !


Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately the theme doesn’t have WooCommerce support.

Hello!! Congratulation for this beautifull work. Before buying it, I would like to know if it is possible to show the names of the pictures under them?

Thank you very much

No, there is no restriction for number of images you can upload in the gallery.

Great!!! two last questions and I think it will be perfect for me. I have to write a little introduction for only one gallery, is it possible? and finally, I want an opening page with a link that lead to the actual home page of your theme. Do you know with which pluging I can manage it?

Again thank you very much


If you use this version of the portfolio http://themes.iki-bir.com/jupither-wp/design/ then you can have introductions for galleries.

Unfortunately we don’t know any plugins for having an opening page because we haven’t needed one, but surely you can find many in wordpress plugin repository.

Hi! Overall very good theme, but I encountered this problem with portfolio: I can’t make portfolio galleries work. If I add a gallery to portfolio in administration, the gallery is shown to left of portfolio thumbnail in frontend. I am using Wordpress 3.6 and have also tried to disable all the other WP plugins. Thanks for your help!

OK, this seems to work, thank you. I even managed to add a picture to an existing set, but how can I remove a picture from gallery – let’s say I uploaded one by mistake or I simply want to remove one from the set?

Open “Add Media” dialog box again from the post editor. Then select “Media Library – Uploaded to this post”. You will see all the images attached to that particular post. Then you can select the ones you want to remove and click “Delete permanently” on the right side of the dialog box.

This works too, thanks again for your support!

Hi there! Been using this theme for a while and love it. My only complaint is that now the featured images on the blog seem blurry as if the pixels are being stretched. The rest of the blog images look fine. I’m sizing all blog images 658px wide. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? http://www.kiraderryberryphotography.com/blog/

Aha! Thank you- I don’t know how I got off on the widths. Is that information listed somewhere?

Also, is there any way to manually up the size of the featured image so it matches the width of the title bar at top? I’m familiar with HTML and CSS, if you tell me which file to peek at I probably can quickly modify it myself. Just tell me where to look!

Sorry we are not sure if we understand your request. The featured image widths already match the size of the title bar? If you upload images with 640px of width or higher.

Thank you for the excellent theme. I’ve been using it for about a year now. I’m not sure why, but all of my thumbnail images are suddenly not showing up. I haven’t changed the ‘feature image’ in months. Any ideas how to fix this? www.jvanhill.com

Thanks, -Jeremy


Could you please give us permission to your Wordpress admin so we can take a closer look? You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi, I created my photography blog with Jupither about a year ago. And I love it! I’ve been trying to upload more photos, but it is now not working. This is the first time it has ever happened. When I upload a photo to a portfolio, it just looks like a blank, white photo with a broken image icon. Do you know why this is happening? Is there a limit to how many photos I can put on my website? Here’s my website: http://www.justinerothbartphotography.com/

Thanks, Justine

I think that is the issue. I re-uploaded the same image but with a smaller size and now it works. Thanks. Do you know the size limit for Jupither?

It is the limit that comes from the script TimThumb which crops the images and its limit is 10MB per image.

Hi Elemis,

I have created a contact form with the Jupither theme. But when people send me a message I am getting an email from:

nobody <nobody@opus24.register.it>

How can I change this into my own email address?


Greets, Mathijs


Do you include email field in the form? If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can take a closer look at your form and find out what is missing. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.


I’ve just purchased the theme and trying to import the dummy content.

It seems that all media files and external page links for dummy content are removed from the hosting. Can you please fix that?


Just checked the dummy content and only “blog1” image seemed to be missing according to the error message. Just added it to our hosting. The issue should be fixed now.

Congratulation for producing an elegant, understated gallery template. I must have looked at every single gallery template on Themeforest and Wordpress before choosing Jupiter. What sets it apart from the rest is a clutter free, clean display which is what you encounter in real galleries. Adding content is simple and everything is well explained. Well done!

Thank you for your kind feedback. We really appreciate it :)

I purchased the theme and followed the instructions on downloading wordpress and creating a new database, but when it seems as if i have two blogs and only when my server is online i can see my theme. Otherwise, the regular wordpress theme appears.

what step am i missing for the theme to show up with my regular link to wordpress?

It sounds you installed the theme locally using MAMP. But for an online working website you need to work with a live server, not MAMP. Please follow these instructions: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress#Famous_5-Minute_Install

Hello, I am interested in the Jupither website, very elegant. My question is about how the Jupither site displays on my Samsung Note 3 phone, which has a very large screen. Comes up fine but once you click on a portfolio, the sizing of the portfolio images is slightly larger, and after viewing the images I can’t close the portfolio to see another portfolio. It seems to be locked and no other functionability is available.

It sounds like you are testing with Themeforest iframe on. Please test from the direct theme demo link: http://themes.iki-bir.com/jupither-wp/

I clicked on the the link your provided and the sizing is right, however after viewing a portfolio on Jupither using my phone the site locks and I can’t get to any of the portfolios or anything else for that matter. The little X button seems to be highlighted when I press it but it doesn’t close the portfolio, hence stopping all functionability. I hope we can find a solution before I can purchase it.


Unfortunately we don’t have Samsung Note 3 to test but we tested with iPhone and iPad and everything worked properly. Which browser do you use on your phone?

I am really interested in purchasing the Jupither theme for my blog. Is it possible to increase the width beyond 960 (and to increase the width of the blog content beyond 650?)? Would I be able to do this directly in the stylesheet?


Thank you for your interest in Jupither. Unfortunately there is no direct option for changing the widths in the theme. You may need to edit not just stylesheets but some php files as well.

Hi, is it working with wordpress 3.8.1?


The theme seems to work properly with 3.8.1

OK, thanks.

hello, I am interested to buy this theme and have following questions before i buy it.

1. The logo image is too small i need it bigger is it possible to customize it? Can i do it my self or do i need to hire someone to do it for me.

2. After buying this theme how should i install it as i have a godaddy shared hosting services. I do not know much about programing so Please help with these question so that i can buy this theme. Thanks Pulkit


Thank you for your interest.

1. There is no specific height for the logo. You can install a logo with any sizes.

2. Unfortunately we cannot provide any instructions on installing wordpress on a hosting. You will need to contact your hosting or follow documentations on web. If you are not familiar with Wordpress we don’t recommend purchasing the theme.

Beautiful theme, one question, can I make slider taller? Thanks.


If you can give us permission to your Wordpress admin we can change the height for you? What height do you need exactly? You can send your Wordpress credentials via the contact form on our profile page.

Thought I’d let you know I purchased the theme since in going over past comments you hinted that making the images larger was possible and that the user should send a note to get mod CSS. I refreshed the page page to see if the purchased badge appeared next to my name and it did not, hence this repeat query. Thanks again.


If you can give us permission to your Wordpress admin we can change the height for you. What height do you need exactly? You can send your Wordpress credentials via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi Elemis,

Hope you can help. I have updated the template. But after the update somehow the images get all stretched out on the mobile version. I can not find the solution anywhere. Hope you can help!


Thnx! Haan

Nevermind I found the solution. Somehow Jetpack was not working together with the theme. Especially the funtion Proton.