Discussion on JustLanded - Landing Page

Discussion on JustLanded - Landing Page

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Is there actually an updated version of this theme (1.7) as indicated under Appearance > Themes? The changelog is blank, so until we know what’s changed, we don’t want to update it. Can you please update the changelog or indicate whether this was a mistake?

Hey there. You are probably commenting under the wrong product since this is an HTML template. The last update for JustLanded for WordPress is version 1.7.0 (released 2018-04-29) as indicated on the changelog for that product here on themeforest. It can be safely obtained from themeforest, if in doubt. If you are not having any issues with the theme, you may not need the update at all.


So how to install this html? Just upload the file to my website folder?

And how then to edit the content?

Do we edit the content with an html editor or do we get a page builder?


Yes, and yes. That’s how you work with an HTML template.

Can I use this plugin with another theme?

Hi there! This is an HTML/CSS template, not a plug-in for any CMS.

Well, can I see some example of landing page?

Well, yes, on the preview page for this template: http://www.shapingrain.com/preview/3187737/

But please remember that this is an HTML template, not a WordPress theme or plug-in.

Nice design and flow, I like it.

One request, please consider adding some graphs like the ones here, http://template.themeton.com/hotstar/about.html

‘I’ always need sales graphs for product landing pages.


Hi DeanoX, There are actually loads of freebies available you can use in your Website. We will soon create a blog post about where to find different resources, which you can use in your project. But for now, have a look at this list http://www.noupe.com/essentials/freebies-tools-templates/20-free-dashboard-ui-mockups-graphs-diagrams-charts-and-functional-widgets-83036.html

It covers a wide range of graphs, charts etc.

Hope we were able to help and if you have further questions, just contact support@shapingrain.com , we are happy to help! :-)

Nice, but I really don’t need all that myself. If I really needed something, I could add in anything, from anywhere. But I am sure others would appreciate it.

I just thought that this one little thing, would add to the overall templates features.



? have bought your template about 2 years ago. Now looks it has a responsive design feature. How can i make my existing website with your new responsive feature?


Hi there! Mark-up and CSS code have changed quite significantly since this template was published in 2012, so you would basically have to transfer your new contents into the new mark-up. Please feel to contact customer support via support@shapingrain.com if you need assistance.

what does it mean? can you explain more detailed?

We provide customer support via email only: support@shapingrain.com. With your support request, please provide a live URL to your current site.

Love it for my product page ! All the best :-) Pat

Thank you, and good luck with your project!

if i already have a diffeerent wordpress theme or site can i just purchase this template? or what is the differnce of buying the theme itself for $58 dollars? vs the $12 dollar theme?

Hi there! One is a WordPress theme, one is an HTML template. The HTML template is edited using an HTML editor, and HTML/CSS skills are recommended. The WordPress theme is a fully-featured theme and can run an entire site. If you already have an active theme, it makes sense to install a second instance of WordPress with JustLanded into a separate folder, that way you can keep your theme and run landing pages on their own installation. Please contact support@shapingrain.com if you have any further questions. We would be happy to help.


I want to add this to an already existing wordpress website. My question is, can I easily add this to a folder on my site? for example…. mywebsite.com/landing-page.


Hi there! This is not a WordPress theme, but a plain HTML template, so, yes, you can just upload it to a sub folder of your choice.

Hi, a questin before buy, its posible to ad a contact form with a thank you page for tracking adwords conversions? Thanks :-)

Hi there! This is an HTML/CSS template and you are free to turn it into anything you like. You could probably modify the JavaScript that processes the form to directly fire a tracking call to AdWords, or add a function call to redirect the visitor to a ‘thank you’ page for manual tracking. I am afraid we do not provide custom development services for this product at this time, so this would have to be your own implementation. A developer should be able to do this for you in less than 10 minutes.

hey want to buy this, can I put the video instead of the image in the front?

And can I just have one buy button?

thank you

Hi there! This is an HTML/CSS template, so the implementation of your website is up to you. You can replace the image with a video clip if you like, and the call to action button is either a single large button or a split button. And you can copy & paste sections of mark-up as you like—again, it is an HTML template :)

Excellent work. It was easy enough to customize for my needs. The /config area was convenient, and the contact form was virtually plug and play.

Thank you very much for that feedback. Glad you are happy with your purchase!

Can you help me to integrate my mailichimp list with your template?

I have a lot of doubts… and some considerations.

1º – I don´t find “MailChimp form field ‘u’” 2º – I don´t want to my costumer getting out of my website, to subscribe my mail list.

Support is provided via email – and you have already contacted them. Thank you. You can set up MailChimp any way you like, and also instruct it to send people back to your website after submission. We will help you via email. Have a great day!


How I can lock the “Fully responsive”? I dont want convert my webiste to phone or tablet web-browsers. I prefer a one version my website for all mobile devices.

Hi there! This is a responsive template, as advertised, but you can remove the media queries and change the template to your liking. Support is available via email, if you need assistance with that, support@shapingrain.com – have a great week!

So can you write me instruction, How I can disable all responsive elements?

We only provide pre-sales support here, but as indicated, tech support can provide assistance with that: support@shapingrain.com – We would love to help you.

Pre buy question: could you offer a wysiwyg html editor compatible with your theme or I have to edit .html files manually to write my own content?


Hi there! Thank you for your interest in JustLanded. This is an HTML template, and as is the nature of these templates, they must be edited using an HTML editor (WYSIWYG or otherwise) or text editor (in case you know HTML/CSS). We do not recommend any particular application. The template is segmented for easy editing. We also have a WordPress version at http://themeforest.net/item/justlanded-wordpress-landing-page/3804089 which does not require any programming knowledge for editing the contents. Please contact support@shapingrain.com if you have any follow-up questions.

can i use rtl language in this landing page

The HTML template does not come with RTL styling and does not support Chinese or Arabic out of the box I am afraid.

Great work, really elegant!

Thank you very much :-)

I am interested in this product, because of the settings page. However there are some sections of the page that I do not require – can these be “turned off/on” or does the removal of a module/section require manual coding?

Hi optikonpress,

thank you for your interest in JustLanded. You can turn off/on or even rearrange any element of the landing page. No coding is required as you can do this via the JustLanded Admin interface.

Hope this was helpful and should you have more questions, we are always happy to help!

(We apologize. This description is actually for JustLanded for WordPress, our WordPress theme—we mixed up the origin of the comment. JustLanded, the HTML template, does have a basic interface through which you can configure some aspects such as background and text colors, but in order to edit content blocks you actually need to remove these sections from the template manually, by editing the HTML source, as you would do with any other HTML template. The code is very well structured and commented though, and editing this template is therefore quite easy.)

Hi, it’s written customizable via Web Interface, what does this mean? Am I getting any web editor with the template?

Hi! Using the web interface you can customize some of the theme’s aspects without having to touch the CSS yourself, like changing colors. You can also configure the form mailer script that way… See http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/3187737-justlanded-landing-page?index=5 for an idea.

Hi ShapingRain,

Could you please shortly explain me what the difference is between this theme and the same one for Wordpress? I’m not familiar with web-coding and all I know is Wordpress:) Specifically I’m interested in content management difference, if any.

Thank you in advance!

Hey kcherikov,

first of all thank you for your question. The HTML Version is for experienced users who understand HTML and CSS, the WordPress Version uses the power of WordPress to offer the User full controle over every aspect of the website, without actually having to manually code anything by themselves.

We have put truly a ton of features into the WordPress version, which you can go through right here http://themeforest.net/item/justlanded-wordpress-landing-page/3804089

I hope this was as short as you expected :-) However if you have anymore question, feel free to ask us or contact our support at support@shapingrain.com

Thank you!

Thank you for such a quick and friendly answer:) Decided to buy the Wordpress version.

Hello Author!

Is it possible to have a menu navigation on top of the logo as seen on the wordpress version? If so how? Can you please guide me? I purchased the wordpress version but I’m having difficulties designing it unlike the html version. Site is http://www.reputationexecutive.com/

Thanks, Haggan

Hi Haggan!

Thank you for getting in touch.

Customer support can help you with both the WordPress version and the HTML template.

We do not provide customer support through the comments section, but can I invite you to contact support@shapingrain.com or to talk to one of our support agents via live chat, if it is available? We provide free customer support 7 days a week and would be happy to help!

Thank you—and good luck with your project!


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