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My mobile site has all the pages listed individually in drop down menu, and not as it does on the full website version. The mobile version shows only header/slider and “Leave a Reply”. How can I remove mobile version OR have as one page as on desktop version. Thanks!

Hi there! Thank you for your message. Please contact customer support via for any support questions you might have, and please also provide your Item Purchase Code as proof of purchase when doing so. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

The tablet and iphone image – that is a mock up and do you provide the link to where to get this per a purchase

Hi there! The theme ships with PSDs, but we can provide links to individual resources to our customers as well. Please contact if you need assistance with any of that, or if you have any further questions.

The demo version – How responsive is it suppose to be? I noticed the logo and text not to be centered, is this is a setting in the back-end or a CSS tweak needed?

Hi there! This is a fixed-width responsive theme. Logo and headline are aligned to the left, not centered on separate lines, to save space. This is by design, though the theme does have provisions to replace the entire header with your own, and indeed you could also use custom CSS code to change that aspect of the theme. Please contact if you need assistance with any of that, or if you have any further questions, and check out for another responsive marketing theme by ShapingRain.

Hello .How do I connect this to an actual page where the customer buys the item using their debit/credit card and/or Paypal?

Hi there! This is a WordPress theme, so you can use WordPress plug-ins to add shopping cart features. We support the popular WooCommerce plug-in out of the box. If you are a customer and need help implementing this, please contact customer support via

Hi. Could you please quickly let me know how to display the post titles on posts? I can’t find an option to hide/show it, but it’s not visible. Thanks.

There is an option for pages, not for posts though. Has that solved the issue then? In that case we would close your support ticket as well.

Yeah, it’s sorted the problem.

Excellent. Thank you. Have a great day! And please contact if you run into any issues in the future. It’s the fastest way to get help.

We have purchased this theme already, but are not receiving the update to 1.5. How do we upgrade to this version please?

Hi there! You can either update using automatic updates, or manually, using one of the two methods described in the user manual. Please contact customer support via if you need assistance.

Hello, I just finished building my website and was looking for some nice landing page templates for my marketing campaigns. Came across yours and very tempted.

Few questions. - Is there a problem if my site is built on Genesis framework? - My intent is to use this for my landing pages only, but you offer few nice little features. Could I copy parts of your template and implement in my own? - Do I need to know coding to work with your template? I’m not very good at that so just asking if I need to find a developer. - Your sign up contact form. Can this be linked with my mailchimp to generate follow up emails?

Thank you, Regards, Armands

That was quick reply. - Ok so let me get this straight. Say is I do purchase this theme, where would it be stored? Would it go under my domain or how does it work? Sorry was wondering how this gets implemented with existing websites. - I would create landing page, visitor signs up, could I make a page next step page in same template like PDF or just a page? - My guess is that I could make this page to look very similar to my website. Like header, branding colours etc?

Thank you, Regards, Armands

One more question. Can landing page be without menu?

This is a regular WordPress theme, so you install, activate and use it as such. If you have any further questions, please contact support via

I can’t figure out hox to edit the word “or” in the call to action button

Hi there! All phrases used in template files are translatable. Please feel free to contact customer support via if you need help with that.

Having some SEO trouble. Im using SEO Toolkit: and I have about 14 failures that I cannot figure out. Missing H1 tag is the biggest issue. How would I add my H1 tag to my pages? There are also Javascript and CSS errors. Could you help me out?


Hi there! Please contact customer support via if you need any assistance involving a ShapingRain product. Thank you.

Don’t have portfolio page?

Hi there! JustLanded does not have a portfolio feature, no.

I love your theme but have really come to depend on Visual Composer. Any future plans for integration?

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. You can use Visual Composer for regular pages, but the items we designed specifically for our theme (landing page blocks) are not available as Visual Composer items. We do not have any plans to integrate Visual Composer more tightly at this point due to its overhead, reliance on shortcodes and overall impact on speed, particularly in shared hosting environments. That said, we are looking into leaner options for visual page builders; and a very simple one is built into this theme to build landing pages without having to write any code. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via, any time.

Thanks for such a quick response! I”m going to think about buying and give it a shot without VC even though I’ve had no success in the past without, but I really like the theme. Thanks again.

Please feel free to also contact our support team via if you need further advice on what product to choose. Best of luck with your project!

First timer looking at landing page. Will this work along side my current theme chosen for my page? Or will this replace it totally?

Hi there! JustLanded for WordPress is a full WordPress theme and WordPress only supports one active theme at this time.

Any chance it would work on Wordpress 4.5.1?

JustLanded works with WordPress 4.5.x :)

Hello !

I am looking for a landing page to sell my ebook online.

I am really interested in JustLanded theme but I have one question.

When my landing page will be online, people will be able visit this page. When someone will buy my ebook, how JustLanded manage the payment ? Can I setup this part in the JustLanded theme ? Do I have to subscribe to another service like Stripe or Paypal or do JustLanded theme manage this part of the process ?

Thanks for your answer. Sara

Hi Sara,

We have many clients selling eBooks with JustLanded. One way of doing this would be to set up the site with JustLanded, let Paypal for example do the payment process and after the payment has been done, redirect the visitor to a download page you have created with the theme.

If you have any further questions please ask us or contact support via

Thank you!

Great theme, it’s served me well.

I have a question about a file found in the theme…


Is that supposed to be there? Or is this a file I need to be concerned about?

Sincerely, Marc

Hi there! Everything in /wp-admin/ is part of the WordPress core, not the theme. And I believe the file is used by WordPress to unzip theme and plug-in packages downloaded from the repository.

Oh, sorry about that, but thanks for confirming that the file is OK.

No worries :)

Hi there, beautiful theme. I could do with some help please. I am using Profile 2, I am trying to location the follow which is situated at the top on the orange banner. – Large text at the top – animated image on right hand side – small text with ticks

Thanks for reading

Hi nubian,

Thank you for getting in touch, could you please contact customer support via . Where we can help you in greater detail. Thank you!


icotech Purchased

Hi I love your theme and i just checked out the demo and i did’t see a footer menu. does it have a footer

Hi there! Thank you for your interest. Yes, JustLanded for WordPress does have a flat, one-level footer menu and a copyright notice which form the footer.


mdubeb Purchased

I love this theme. It’s very easy to customize and it comes with shortcodes for many features such as action buttons, list styles and layout blocks. This makes it user friendly for people who are not familiar with html and css. Even better,I don’t get to use many plugins that will slow down my site. Overall, I couldn’t be more happier.

website :

Thank you very much!

When is the next update?

The next planned update is scheduled to coincide with the release of the next WordPress version, within the next couple of weeks.