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Wow, very good, mate :)

Thank you mate. :)

Good Morning,

I purchased the previous template ($16 license) because it said it was Wordpress ready. Now I see there is a $55 purchase fee for the Wordpress version, what is the solution for me to pay the difference?

Hello, just wondering if the colors are ready…need to finish my site by tomorrow night.

Colors are ready and update is submitted yesterday. Its in review queue. Message me from my profile page if you want sneak-peak :P

5 color version is now live. :)

Very nice theme.
Good luck sir :-)

Thanks alot Saputrad. :)

Is this template is compatible with japanese translation. And is it plu-gin ready for e-commerce in wordpress. including shopping cart and more.?

Thank you hehe.

Sir can you give me a screenshot for the whole web page pls. including the main and shop only. Please

Nice Template.

Thanks mavreyas.

Hi, Documentation theme? Regards.

Hi, Thank you for purchase , easy to understand and follow Documentation is included with your download. You can find it in Documentation/index.html.

That is one gorgeous theme! Great job.

Thanks alot for your appreciation. Means alot.


Can I have categories in the shop? I need to have 4 or 5


Ofcourse you can have as many categories and as many products (simple, downloads, virtual, affiliate) as you want.
These are features of powerful woocommerce plugin.

Bravo! Great work! Good luck with sales! :):):)

Thanks alot. :)

Nice design , congratulations.

If I’m not using the cart system, is it possible to hide to prevent mistakes on the WP admin?

Thanks and good luck with sales

Thanks for your interest. cart is completely optional, if you do not activate woocommerce plugin , options related to woocommerce wont even show up.


I am new wordpress user. In order to understand to create a sales page such as your demo site. Could you create a new read only user in your demo site. I want to create same page as yours demo. One more question. I am using this theme in Turkish language. Some buttons and infos are seen in English. How to solve this problem.

Thanks in deed

Thanks for purchasing the theme. I provided demo xml with your download , and step by step instructions are included in documentation folder to implement it. The buttons/info you see in english probably are coming from post editor , please contact me from my profile page so that I can assist you directly.

Hi, This is a beautiful theme!

I’m interested in purchasing it but first need to know:

1) what the five theme colours are (I don’t see them anywhere); 2) the size of the theme zip file.

Thanks! Janet

Hi Janet,
Thanks for your interest.
1) Color update is done and is in review queue. You can check out 5 colors in my html version till then here: http://themeforest.net/item/justcakes-responsive-html5-for-bakery-items/3546097 (little icon to change colors on left in live preview.)
2) Total size of download is 42 MB as it contains PSD too , theme itself is 2.8 MB.

Hi again, 5 color version is now live. :)

Good job my friend. Congratulations!

Thank you insirah :)

Hi, I have a few questions about your theme: 1) Can I replace the cupcake icon in menu with another png? 2) Are the 5 colour variations the only options? Ie to change the shade of blue – I would have to adjust the css file? 3) I can see the demo site is using WP super cache? Would the theme & site be really slow and heavy without it? 4) The notebook looking page element? Can I use that in any page position / place I wish? Many thanks for your assistance!

Hi 8web,
Thank you for your interest. Here are your answers.
1) yes , you can replace cupcake icon with another png , but I suggest it should be of same size.
2) Yes , the 5 colors are prebuilt one , if you want another shade you might need to do some css changes(isnt hard and I can help).
3) cache I only installed to save some server resources, Its not heavy or slow without it. To prove my point I have disabled it, check out main layout now.
4) I guess you are talking about portfolio items , they can portfolio items being shown in a portfolio ‘page template’, so the answer is no. I might build a shortcode for it incase people need it.
Thanks again.

Hi, Wow – probably the speediest response EVER! Thanks. Re point 4 – no I mean the thing that on the home page is at the bottom of the page above footer – with a truck icon and gift box icon and text: Title (Left side) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipisc in elit, sed diam non ummy nibh in euismod tincidunt ut liber tempor laoreet. Noun set adipisc in elit, sed diam non ummy nibh in euismod tincidunt. Title (Right side) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipisc in elit, sed diam non ummy nibh in euismod tincidunt ut liber tempor laoreet. Noun set adipisc in elit, sed diam non ummy nibh in euismod tincidunt. Many thanks

Hi again, Thanks for your compliments :) About qs 4, no, unfortunately you can not move that block at this time. If you dont want it you can remove it easily. I will consider about making it flexible to move in next big update though.

Hi! I have a few questions before purchasing. First off the theme is beautiful so great job! - Will the navigation menu work with a third tier (parent/child/child)? - Are the chef hat images easy to replace with a custom image? (i.e. in the menu hover, and in the portfolio hover?) - I have products on the site I will be using this for, however it will not be eCommerce. can I turn off the shopping cart but still display the products? thank you for your help!

Hi, Thank you for your interest and appreciation. Ofcourse third level menu works. I just setup demo for you , check out theme features last menu in http://templatation.com/justshop/layout2/ .
Chef hat image you can replace with your own image easily(manually in images folder+bit css change). Last, no, the products are coming from woocommerce, but you can set a product as affiliate product too in woocom where cart functionality will not be used you can just link the buy now button custom to anywhere. ( checkout: https://www.diigo.com/item/image/3wik9/a9yn )

Hi, is it possible to change the main colour theme, using 1 or 2 different colours than the 5 currently available, will I be able to customise and match the brand guidelines of my client? Cheers, Thomas.

Yes , changing to custom colors is very easy , you just need to edit a color stylesheet to create another color scheme. It takes 1 hour to me (not sure about your experience/expertise , but I can help.)

Can I change the background/pattern colour as well? T.

All layouts works good on all widths. I have tested it multiple times :) . Thanks alot for your interest.

Would it be possible to have more PSD file, especially the shop onces, there is only one shop product category available.. thanks.

Sure, adding more files in main download makes it heavy as most users do not need them. Please message me from my profile page and I will send them to you.

Great theme. Setting it up ready to run.

Would like to turn off responsive functions for mobile devices as I don’t need a vertical styled website on those devices. Would rather have a scalable desktop version. Can this be done?

Also the 5 colour settings… Could you point me in their direction, because for some reason I can’t seem to find that setting / option.


Hi, Unfortunately there is no option of turning off responsiveness for now , but I will do it in next update which is due very soon. If you have latest version you will see color switching options in Theme-options – > General settings – > Theme stylesheet …the first option.
feel free to let me know if you have any other question.

Thank you for the reply. Bummer on the RWD for now. Only just downloaded the theme, turns out to be an old version.

Grabbed the new one now.

Hi There! Good looking theme! I see in the description: Ready made translations coming soon. Will this include BR_PT ? If so, any ETA on this? Thanks!

Did the last update include the pt_BR translation? Ty Ty

Hey, Translation is ready, but in last update I added 2 new features which added few untranslated terms. So if you are ok with 95% translation then good to go ahead. Also .po file is not included in download at the moment because it wasnt 100%, you can email me and I will send it asap.

Hi man! Cool, 95% is no problem for me! Once I buy it I will contact you for the translation!

Ok – maybe I’m just thick or something… Where do you change the color and layout (to one of those included in the theme)?

Where is the documentation (as far as instructions) for setting up this theme?

Hi, Thank you very much for purchasing the theme. Please unzip your main download file. Documentation is in documentation folder. Color change is the very first option in the Theme-options once you install the theme.(please make sure you have the latest version of theme, I updated it few days ago and added color options.)

just downloaded today. I feel like I’m missing something. I build websites all the time. The first thing I see is the custom logo option. I have looked everywhere in theme>options

This sounds strange , you dont see this? https://www.diigo.com/item/image/3wik9/x97a if not , please send me your admin panel details from my profile page contact form, so that I can see whats wrong.