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How can I remove sidebars completely ? I don’t want any one in the whole website.

And is it possible in the product list page, when showing them 4 by 4 to make each product frame at the same size ? I noticed that it depend on the product name length and I would like to make them same size no matter which title size difference I have between each product.

Great !

Thank you for the fast and quality answer !

Many thanks.

Sorry after making some test, all the changement worked except on the product pages ( when you see different product where you told me how to change the min height for example ). It still look like there is a sidebar but it’s all blank.

please email me from my profile page with your website url and admin access and steps to generate the problem you are facing. I will sort it out.


I’m interested in buying this theme but as I’d like to demonstrate it to a client first, is there any way I could receive a demo version of the template?

Thanks in advance


Sorry, this is not possible(not sure if TF allows it). You can show them demo website (or just buy it, they will like it for sure :) ) ?

Hi There,

I’ve downloaded and been installing the theme as per the instructions inside the documentation – however the documentation refers to plugins that would be available, namely:

1. Revolution Slider 2. Magic Square 3. Go-Pricing table 4. Envato Toolkit Plugin

but none of these plugins are included inside the downloaded theme’s files? Can you please advise so that I can finish my installation accordingly.

Many thanks.

Please ignore this. I found my mistake and have installed as required! (Apologies!)


First off all your theme looks amazing. Got a couple of question before purchasing the them. 1: Can I turn off the woocommerce plugin, since the website i have to make is not a shop? 2: Is it possible to link the products “celebrations cakes, fruit desserts and little cupcakes” to a menucard? And not the shop? 3 If so, is it also possible to make it a 4 column product page?

Looking forward to your respons



Thanks for your interest. 1) Yes, you can turn off woocommerce plugin. 2) Yes, you can link those products anywhere you want. (needs a little HTML editing) 3) Yes, you can set number of columns from admin panel.

I have the following problem, if I insert a variable product, you do not see my cart

It seems you also sent me an email, variable price products shows Select Option button instead of add to cart , this is handled by woocommerce plugin. I replied the email with more detail.

I’m getting this error below when I click on a portfolio-gallery link. Also, the 3-column layout is inconsistent. Sometimes it only shows 1 or 2 columns. I submitted a ticket #20 with more info.

Fatal error: Call to a member function have_posts() on a non-object in /home/content/66/10797866/html/wp-content/themes/justshop/loop-portfolio.php on line 187


Please send me URL and admin panel of your website to my email using my profile page contact form and I could check it.

Thank you for fixing. Great support!

I’d like to put the shopping cart in the top bar where the account details are. I figured I could just get a plugin for the cart - but how would I put it on the RIGHT side by the search bar - or move the search bar? Thank you.

Hi, To do this you will have to edit some code. You can edit the function for top bar found in THEME/includes/theme-functions.php file.

When using IE9 the testimonals show incorrect on IE9. I also see the same behaviour in the demo sites.

check.. http://oi41.tinypic.com/1omvzk.jpg

Is there a solution to this?

Can you email me URL of your website please, it works for me in IE. I will check out whats wrong.

Hi, is it possible to remove the line that says: “You are here : Home => some page”? Thank you!

Also, under the portfolio, where all the pictures are, is it possible to jump from picture to picture?


In Themeoptions/Display options, there is an option to turn off Breadcrumb. I am not sure what you mean , do you mean the slideshow ? If yes , no its not possible. You have to use external plugin to achieve this.

Thank you, everything is alright now! :)


I didn’t install the woo commerce plugin at first, but now i want to install it. Porblem can’t find the plugin in appearance anymore. What to do?


1) You will find plugins in Appearance -> Install plugins link. (theme adds this option)

2) That edit is added by wordpress, not my theme , and its only visible to admin, if you logout , you will not see it. So it wont hurt you as only you see it, nobody else does.

3) You will need to edit a file to do it, please edit THEME/loop-portfolio.php and find:
<h2><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h2>
in whole file (there are 2 occurrence of this ) and replace with:
<h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

I really cant find the woocommerce plugin anymore.. Is there another solution? I only want the products shown on the website Like celebration cakes, fruit desserts and little cupcakes?

Please check woocommerce installation step here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/installation

if you still face problem, please email me from my profile page with your website url and admin access and I will sort it out for you.

Good evening, I’m using your product but I have trouble on the slider. How do I remove the “white-space: norap;” from your settings template? Your instructions say me to check the following file; caption.css, but I do not have it. What can I do? thanks Betty(Italy):P

Hello there,

I’ve just purchased your JustShop bakery Theme but I have a problem with AJAX Filtering.

The widged “JS WooCommerce Ajax Navigation” is simply missing. I have all the attributes set.

Do you know what might be an issue?

Thanks in advance, Radek

Thank you for your quick reply, I’ve managed to solve this by:

1. Removing “require_once( ‘includes/wc-ajax-nav/init.php’ );” from themes functions.php

2. Installing manually the YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation plugin.

Good to know you solved it , but the 1st point does the same that you did in point 2nd :)

The point 2 without the point 1 returned me an error which led me to the point 1 :)

Hi there,

I have never used Wordpress at all, but I do know how to use Drupal.Are you going to have this theme in Drupal7?

I’ve paid iPage for hosting service and they can install wordpress for me. Do I need to install a specific wordpress theme on iPage’s server or I can overwrite the code/ files/ folders later?

Wordpress is very easy, if you can use Drupal you can use wordpress as well.

Once you have wordpress installed, you can login to admin and use point and click interface to install the theme and content.

Also I have step by step documentation as well, and I am happy to help if you get stuck somewhere.


Where can I translate portfolio? if i make a photo gallery the H1 is portfolio.

Oke cheers man.. Mobile looks great now and slider too :)

Its so weird but i got it menu card tuitles on no link, but still there is a link behind it :S

  • Asked you about how to delete testimonial section title (what people say about..) Its on line 6 about.home.php but I deleted that line, but still it shows the title (first when i deleted it it didnt showed the title.

*Can i translate the mobile version “navigation”?

Hello, I would request you to email me your website URL from my profile page so that I can have a deeper look. Thanks

Fixed via email. You had the link in menucard shortcode that I removed. And you did not delete testimonials section title from themeoptions which I did for you.


hello excellent theme I wanted to know you can help with this 1 -. how can remove the exceprt in the the product list

thanxs regards

Hello, Thank you for purchasing the theme.

To remove the excerpts, you would need to do minor code editing. Please follow these steps.

1. Please open THEME/woocommerce/content-product.php 2. Find this code on Line No. 63

<?php $tt_short_desc = strip_shortcodes( $product->post->post_excerpt );
echo '<div class="prod-excerpt">'. substr($tt_short_desc, 0, 100) . '...</div>'; ?>
3. Remove those 2 lines and it will fix the issue.


hello thanks for the help, that supports so good and so fast, can you tell me how I can change the color of the top navigation bar regards


To change the color… I have created FAQ here… Please follow it. http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-shop-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/17545

If that doesnt help, please share your website URL with exact color you want to change from my profile page so that I can assist better.


Is there a way to use rectangular images instead of square (350×350) images on the product pages? I’m trying to set up a clothing site, on which almost ll photos are vertical shots of models. I’m currently searching through your code, but could use some direction.

I got it figured out by playing with the image sizes in WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog, and then resizing thumbnails.

I do have one more question – any idea how I would change this to disregard the “Catalog Zoom Images” size and just use the image as uploaded for the zoom image?

Found that too – in product-thumbnails-magnifier.php, I changed

wp_get_attachment_image_src( $attachment_id, “shop_magnifier” )


wp_get_attachment_image_src( $attachment_id, “full” )

The YITH Zoom Magnifier quit working – as if it’s not installed. Any ideas how to reactivate?

Interesting… I just set up the site in a new directory with a new install of WordPress and after a whole bunch of configuration – the magnifier eventually disappeared again. I’ll send the login credentials.

Yes, its strange. ok, I am waiting for your email.

Ok, I installed the theme on the live site and all worked fine for a couple weeks. I just updated to WooCommerce 2.0.20 and the magnifier disappeared again. I will send a message with an admin login.

hi there after theme reset all, this is how my portfolio looks like http://cakestyling.de/portfolio/ tried to reupload files, but cant fix it :( i dont know why it resize some pictures and some not, can you help? (all check in dynamic images settings) and how can i change dimension of thumbs?

also lightbox whont work

i also tried instaling everthing as new theme, last upgrade,still same, cant find error

Hi, Can you email me your admin info from my profile page please if its ok with you.

Hi there, I would like to display 6 product categories on the home page – 2 rows of 3 each. I set the “Number of Product Categories” to 6 but it still only displays 4 categories on the home page. Do you know what the issue was?


Please note that homepage product category section can be managed from widget area too.

There should be 2 reasons for the the problem you are facing.

1) You actually have widget setup in Homepage sidebar (Please go to Appearance -> Widgets and make sure there is no widget in Homepage sidebar). When there is no widget then categories can be managed from themeoptions/homepage. Also note that you can increase the number in widget itself too.

2) Make sure you have 6 categories with products (category with no products will not show up.)

Hope this helps.

Good afternnoon, Just before buying this theme I would like to know if it works properly with the last version of wp 3.8 ? Thank you in advance for your answer

Thank you for your interest, and Ofcourse, it will work fine with 3.8.

Great, I just needed your positive answer before my decision to buy it ...