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Hi, I am interested in buying this theme tonight, but i want to find out from you if there is a video tutorial for me to install the theme, i also want to find out from you if i run into a problem, if i could send you me wp-login details, and you help with the installation.

Thank you.

I look forward to your reply


Thank you for your interest, I have detailed documentation listed here http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ , I am in process of creating videos here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6pUN0K2c8k&feature=share&list=PLwvDLtX5sHQFUSJ0Nbwgn21UpNiF2NEVz they are not perfect yet though.

And yes, incase you run into any problem I can setup it for you within 24 hours just like my demo.

Thanks again.

I have Bought and installed the theme, but i have not been able to make it look like the sample page. Please can i send you my wp-login details, so that you could help me in the set up.. look forward to hearing from you

Sure, I got your email. Setting it up now.

...figured out my question…sorry

I’m interested in buying this template for a cafe. Can all cupcake images be replaced? and is there a way to add a side bar to the home page? Can the color scheme be changed?


Currently, menu card items doesnt have provision of adding add to cart button automatically, but you can manually insert add to cart button using a shortcode easily. I will help you accomplish it.

I dont understand the last question.

I purchased and installing now, but the index instructions have most of the pictures mixing.

Oh, i will check it, till then you can see the online documentation where images appears. http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/

If you have any other issue , please email me from my profile page.

Hi! great work :)

I’m in trouble with menu. I’ve changed, removed, tried all things, but my menu don’t change.. Any idea?

Oh forget.. I figured out. Thnak you


I’m sorry I do not have a good English first.

I’ll try to support my questions with screenshots.

1) “You are here:” I want to delete the line. Where is the relevant file. header.php not found in the file? SS : http://prntscr.com/2mg4uz

2)”Few of Awesome Products from our store” section found in the product “Read More” entry “Incele” I want to change. Which file can I do? SS: http://prntscr.com/2mg64k

I hope you can understand me :) Thank you!


Please add following 2 functions in your child theme functions.php file. If you are not using child theme, you can place them in Justshop theme’s functions.php but they will get overwrite when you update the theme. (Yes its very imp however it doesnt seem to be at this moment.)

// Change the add to cart text
add_filter('add_to_cart_text', 'js_custom_cart_button_text', 11);
add_filter('out_of_stock_add_to_cart_text', 'js_custom_cart_button_text', 11);
function js_custom_cart_button_text() {
    return __('Incele', 'templatation');

// Customise the breadcrumb
add_filter( 'woo_breadcrumbs_args', 'js_breadcrumbs_args', 11 );

if (!function_exists('js_breadcrumbs_args')) {
    function js_breadcrumbs_args( $args ) {
        $textdomain = 'templatation';
        $title = get_bloginfo( 'name' );
        $args = array('before' => '<span class="breadcrumb-title">' . __( 'You are here :', 'templatation' ) . '</span>', 'separator' => ' ', 'show_home' => sprintf( __( "%s", 'templatation' ), $title ));
        return $args;
    } // End simone_breadcrumbs_args()

HI….this is such an incredible theme, great job!

I have searched and done my best to figure this out but I can not get a picture to display in the three product categories on the homepage. I have: ) Make sure you have “Custom homepage” page template selected for the home. 2) Theme-options/Homepage make sure you have enabled the product categories to show up. 3) Make sure you have no widgets in ”Homepage” widget sidebar in Appearance -> Widgets. 4) Make sure you have woocommerce plugin installed , and it has atleast 3 categories with products and thumbnail assigned to them. ....and still nothing.

Can you help please?

Sorry, I figured it out…I’m an idiot! Great theme!

Is there any way to make the about us part on the homepage span the whole length with viewing it on a responsive device (iPad)?

Sorry I dont understand what you mean, I saw your website and it looks good. Why would you want it to go full width, it should be inside the website viewport like it is currently. No ?

Hi dinesh

Thank you very much u av been so helpful. Couldn’t wait to write a review on u. I will certainly do biz with u over and over. Your support is d best av had since av been shopping with theme forest.

Guys this guy deserves an award. His support is out of this world

Thanks alot. Your so deep appreciation is itself an Award :)


I want to ask you if I can translate the site (breadcumbs / widgets / buttons) and also the woocommerce plugin (all names and buttons) using the .po files – (I don’t want to use wpml plugin) ? I want to do this after I finish the whole site (add all products and create all pages).



Ofcourse you can, every string in the theme can be translated. And woocommerce plugin is translatable as well. Let me know if you face any trouble doing it. Here are the instructions : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/translations

Hi there!

I would like to change the text of the buttons like “view more”. Can you help me with this?


Hello, You can do this by editing file THEME/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php line no: 70
echo '<a class="readmore" href="'. get_term_link( $category->slug, 'product_cat' ) .'"><span class="view-more">' .__('View More', 'templatation') . '</span></a>';

Hi again :)

Can I make the product item page full width? I checked the full page item layout from page option, but I would like the related items to be stretched to full layout. Is that possible? thanks

link to the produc page: http://clickndrink.ro/product/elephant-vanilla/

Hi :),

Ofcourse, please find that option in Themeoptions/woocommerce/product-detail page.

I really like the theme, the only thing is that is there anyway you can make the homepage slider bigger/wider (the revolution slider). I like to display high resolution pictures of cakes and dessert and i feel like the slider is not wide enough especially after i put captions on it may hide some of the details of the pictures. Would it be possible?


Thank you for your interest. The theme has 5 header styles and in some of them the slider is full width of the screen. Actually the width in that case is controlled by slider itself , not the theme.

Hope this helps.

so can the can you possible make slider bigger/wider for example like the the following theme template http://quanticalabs.com/template/medicenter-responsive-medical-wordpress-theme/4718613

Ofcourse, the slider is as big as that template here : http://templatation.com/justshop/layout2/

This template is well worth the $$$ I’m almost done with the final touches, but I have a few questions. How can I set up memberships, we need customers to sign up to a weekly or bi-weekly program when the register and then have special prices show depending what program they are signed in. Any way this can be done with this template? Thank you!


Thanks and I am glad you liked the template.

As you might know this template was made for woocommerce, which doesnt by default support memberships. There is a paid addon on woothemes.com for managing memberships.

Also, you can google “wishlist member” too as its a great free plugin for memberships. There are many addons for woocom on codecanyon too.

Note I am not trying to sell you anything nor I am associated with them, only trying to solve your issue.

Thanks again.

I’m facing this problem on the last category added; i have an infinite loop of the produscts list in the last created category.


I have no clue what could generated this!? can you help me, please?

Please send me your website login details from my profile page contact form. I will look into it.

Also, I would like to make some changes in design, if you colud help me:

1. i’d like to change the colour scheme to a red one, and for footer i’d like to use a black colour (i’ve seen in css file, that there is an image). Also, for background slider, i want an image as background.

2. How can I erase the hat icon, which appears over the menu buttons?

If I use responsive design, I suppose I have to modifiy multiple ccs files.

I tried to edit by myself some of these feature, but I ended up with a blank screen for login (maybe it sounds stupid, but there is a chance to destory the website if I don’t use the right method of modifying the css). Thanks in advance

Please send me your website login details from my profile page contact form. I will help you with these things you want.

Hi i recently purchased and installed your theme and i can’t the plugin, i didn’t install with the theme. You stated that you have an extended license however i cannot find the plugin

can the menu background be changed on the homepage (e.g brown) and can the logo be put in the middle instead of on the top. A very good example of what I mean is if you look at the homepage menu of this website http://marbleslab.com/


Yes, did you mean this : http://templatation.com/justshop/layout5/ and yes, menu bg color can be changed by editing few css styles, I will gladly help you with it.

Hello I was hoping that layout 5 PSD was included. Can you provide it? Thanks :)


It seems you bought nothing from me , if you bought from any other account please message from that account from my profile page.


I was wondering if I could add a Facebook Like Box widget to the testimonials section, as in remove the testimonials and have my Facebook Like Box there instead.

You can view the site at www.istanbulbakery.co.za and understand why I’d rather have the widget on the testimonials section.

The template is wonderful :)

Thank you


Thanks :)

You can edit includes/about-home.php file and edit the code responsible for testimonial, you can show the FB like using shortcode there, or if you want , you can display widget there using http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/the_widget function.

If you still need help, you can email me from my profile page.

Como deixar alinhados os produtos em destaque. Assim como no exemplo de Justshop.

My site—> http://prntscr.com/2rqpls

Justshop—> http://prntscr.com/2rqpx3

Best regards, Rodrigo

Hi Rodrigo,

However I dont understand your language, but I guess you mean the box height mismatch, to fix this :

Please setup woocommerce image sizes as shown in this image : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/assets/images/woocommerce-catlog.jpg

Once you do it, run this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ to sort your previous images size too.

I did what you said, the pictures were all the same, but still this same.



As you can see its because the text and the title differs for them. While they are same on my website , you can set the min-height for those blocks though. Like this :

.home .widget_woo_featured_products ul.products li.product { min-height: 259px; }
Note that you can change the value as per your liking and you can place above code in themeoptions/general/display/customcss


Hi. I sent you a message re my site’s layout.

Can I change the color (default orange) to any other colo? I can’t seem to find it in the css file.

I want to the change the orange color on the top menu and the footer to brown.


Also, how do I get the same layout (category) on my page like your sample page? Can I email you my wp login details and set it up? Thank you so much.

I saw your email and replied there :)