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Hi again,

I managed to change the theme colour intro red, but now the visual composer won’t copy the colour scheme as in previous predefined colour style. Also, I tried to change the style, with custom css code, but with no effect. Can you help me with this?



Can you message me concerned URL from my profile page please.

http://clickndrink.ro/shop-cnd/ This is the link.

Also, I can not see cart icon from headline bar. Thanks


You did not see cart icon because you overwrote that with a custom css rule to non-existent image in themeoptions. I fixed it for you (found your admin info in my email).

About other styles, VC will not automatically take on red style , they will need to style as well. However the components are mostly color independent so I dont think there is much problem. The tabs you are using are not from VC though.

I did an upgrade for the new woocommerce 2.1.0. I get an error message saying “Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files” Under system status this is what’s showing cart.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, add-to-cart.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, review.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0, Could you help with this? thank you!


I would need to debug the issue, is there any chance you can give me URL of concerned page and wp-admin password of your website from my profile page contact form ?

Let me know.



Thats because you selected green as the main color scheme, so thats overriding the button colors on frontend, if you want them orange, You can delete css rules on line 177 of green.css and all buttons will turn to default orange.

How to create a menu like this? Already tried with shortcodes and I can not. Could you help me?

This is a menucard Justshop—> http://prntscr.com/2s07z0

This is my site—> http://prntscr.com/2s07t9

best regards, Rodrigo

Hi Rodrigo,

Please make sure you have created menu items by going to Menu -> Add new.

Yes, I created and deleted and created again, but still did not work.

Please send me your admin access from my profile page and I will take a look for you.

Do you have any clue why I can’t auto update the theme? I tried to update from wp dashboard, but it’s still the old version.


Unfortunately theme doesnt have its own auto-updater this time , but you can update using Envato toolkit plugin easily , here are the instructions : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/updating_theme

i tried to update using envato toolkit form dashboard, but it returns blank page. I don’t know what to do. Also, I saw that some elements are not aligned (for example the buttons from price filter) – this may occured due to changes in css colour file?

Please send me your website URL and admin access from my profile page and I can assist better when I can see it. I will update the theme for you as well.

Is there any way to move the 2 boxes that show before the footer on the top of the page below the slider? ( the 2 boxes with the truck and the gift box)


Its not possible to move them unless you have html/css knowledge. Their code is in footer.php file , you can try pasting it into the header file, please try it only in child theme I wouldnt recommend changing theme core files.

Hi Dinesh,

I am having trouble with the twitter widget. It does not update tweets at all. Not even emptying the cache helps. Any idea?

Thanks, Nelly

Hi Nelly,

I would need to debug the issue, is there any chance you can give me wp-admin password of your website from my profile page contact form ?

Let me know. Dinesh

I updated my site and it got totally screwed up! Please help me :(

I saw your website, please update woocommerce to its latest version and everything will be ok. :)

Just purchased this theme and I am having trouble setting up the portfolio section. I loaded all the demo content into the theme and I have been following the documentation. Everything has been working perfectly except the portfolio section.

I went in to an existing portfolio item, removed the featured image, and posted a new feature image. When I click on the portfolio item my new image appears, but underneath the featured image is a placeholder image followed by the original demo featured image. Also there is a content arean enabled with the sidebar underneath it. I would like to remove the older featured images as well as the blog content area underneath and the accompanying sidebar. Please help


url: www.auntbutchies.com

Hi Sean,

I will help you with it , can you send me your admin login details from my profile contact form please. I will take a deeper look then.

Thanks. Dinesh

Hi Templatation!

I have a problem, I hope you can help me.

Yith Zoom Magnifier is not working, the images are frozen, the zoom does not slide over the image. When this happened the configuration was as follows: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0ae2363731

Then, as the Zoom Magnifier Yith was not running, I enable the PrettyPhoto Lighbox script but does not work with all pictures.

Please I need to know as soon as possible how i solve the problem with Magnifier, or at least with Lightbox.

This is the web site in question: http://ledecopatisserie.com.ar/

I have the 3.6 version of wordpress y 2.8 of JustShop.

I await your response. Thank you very much! Patricia.

Hi Again,

First of all, what a beautiful looking website, great work !

I saw the product page and I see the lightbox is working fine. About Zoom, You have few jquery bugs on the page : http://prntscr.com/2u3iu4 I would like to suggest that try disabling the plugins like social sharing etc.

If you would like me to debug , please give me wp-admin info from my profile page contact form.


Hi! Thanks for your help, was very useful! The problem was the social sharing plugin. I wanted to consult you if you know another alternative to that plugin. I would like to add icons facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc in each product. Do not know how to do this. Thank you very much! :) Patricia.

Hi, There is already sharing option in the theme, please turn it on from Themeoptions/woocommerce/product details.

Pinterest isnt there by default, you can put it by editing THEME/justshop/woocommerce/single-product/share.php and use below shortcode.

[pinterest url="URL" design="vertical"]
But the issue is to put URLs above dynamically, I hope you can handle it yourself using the_permalink function.

Hello. Can you tell me how to align the “Add to cart” button to the right on the shop view / categories? I can see on your demo site that it’s aligned to the right but on my site it’s on the left side.

thank you so much. BTW this is a great theme!

Which wishlist plugin do you use / recommend? I want to see if this is something we can use for our site.

I am glad you like the theme, I recommend and made compatible http://wordpress.org/plugins/yith-woocommerce-wishlist/ with the theme.

Hi Templatation,

I have some problem getting Google Analytics tracking code setup correctly. I copied everything from Google Analytics page (from <script> to </script>) and paste it into “Tracking Code” setting in General Settings. However, GA still reported that Tracking (is) Not Installed.

Where did I get this wrong?


regards, sastra

I’m sorry… please tell me where I can insert this code. Thanks.

You can enter this code in themeoptions/general/display/customcss

Thanks. It worked.

Hi Temptation,

I am following through your installation instructions to install the theme and I am running into a problem at this step: ... 7. From left menus, please select Theme-options -> Backup settings. 8. Choose file ‘Justshop-backup.json’ found in <main-download>/Resources/import-data folder of your download and click ‘Upload File and Import’ button. ... I cannot find this Justshop-backup.json file anywhere – is it still being provided as part of installation? Please assist me.

Regards, Rich

Hi again, Thanks for the quick response. I am not actually seeing this /resource directory at all. I am beginning to wonder whether my installation is correct. Where is it that I should look for this, please?

Regards, Rich

Hi Rich,

Please go to themeforest account/ Downloads and make sure you download “All files & documentation”, I believe you have downloaded “Installation wordpress files only.”

Hi, you’re right! can’t believe that I missed that

Many thanks, Rich

After the new updates to the theme I get error for cash on delivery in the order page. ReadyMadeDinnerssite/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/gateways/cod/class-wc-gateway-cod.php on line 110

Also, I get this message: “Sorry, shipping is unavailable to the United States (US). If you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements please contact us.” but we have selected the US as the shipping country only.


I first would like to suggest you to activate the default theme and see if the issue persists, because as you can see, the bug and the message both relates to the woocommerce plugin directly.

Do I have to download a demo version in order to see the pictures from the theme? I’m thinking maybe I missed a step in my download. Thanks


The demo images you see on the website are not included in the theme as they are not my property. I have included Free images from Flickr in the demo xml though. So images wont be same like my demo , but still enough to get you started. (In-turn you are supposed to upload your own products.)

Hope this helps and let me know if I can assist further.

To Whom It May Concern:

Seems that my installation didn’t automatically include the Revolution Slider in it as promised.

I also don’t see it in any of the files included in your zip file.

Please advise.

Great theme BTW>

OK, that worked.


How do you activate the lightbox functionality on the portfolio images?

Hi again, it seems I’m unable to get the lightbox functionality, aka getting the images to pop-up when a visiter clicks on the icon in the middle of the portfolio page image.

Instead it’s linking directly to the larger URL, with no frills or thrills.

What am I missing?

Please advise.


Please go to Themeoptions/dynamic images, and make sure last checkbox is checked.

OK, I checked the last box in the “Dynamic Images” area, that checkbox was for “Automatic Image Thumbnail” and that didn’t work.

Then I went over the the “Thumbnail Settings” and checked the last box entitled “Automatic Image Thumbnail” and that worked.


BTW, the work-in-progress site I’m working on can be seen by clicking the next sentence.

Ice cream parlor in Eatonvill, Florida

I’m trying to get it completed by tomorrow, so wish me luck.

Best of luck and feel free to let me know if you have any other question. :)

Hi, im having problems with the revolution slider. is there any way i can get it to be a boxed slider while it being responsive? When i check responsive, it stretches the slider across the page. Also, when viewing it in on my phone, the slider disappears. Ive always have had trouble with this slider, can you help me or does your theme work with another slider?

thank you

i cannot find the above code in the style.css… responsive.css does not exist that i can edit or i cannot find it. please advise.

thank yiou

please note the path : THEME/css/responsive.css

perfect, thank you!!

Hi There!!

Great theme!! Quick question. Is there any way to edit or get rid of or change the text “Subscribe to our profiles on the following social networks.” in the subscribe/connect widget?

Thanks! Tara

Hello Tara ,

I am glad you like the theme.

If you want to change text, you will need to edit text in the code in THEME/includes/theme-functions.php and change text on line no. 189 (please be careful about comma, only edit text).

Awesome! I figured it out!! Thanks for the reply. :)


Is there a reference document at all that details which specific css entries need to be changed in order to change certain styles in the layout? I am doing a lot of trial and error at the moment – maybe that is the norm but just thought that I would check first :)

Please assist Rich

Sorry, let me explain. I am using layout6. When I fullscreen the web page the logo image in the header will zoom to about half it’s actual width. I am trying to find the css that resizes the logo image at various breakpoints.

Kind Regards, Rich

You will find those css in THEME/css/responsive.css , but I do not recommend editing there, instead place the modified css inside its respective media query in themeoptions/general/display/customcss box. So that it will stay even if you update the theme.

Ok, i’ll take a look there. Many thanks

Hi! I’ve installed JustShop theme in my website and everything goes fine. However, a have done the translation to spanish editing the php files one by one; now I see there is a .po files to translate the website and I’ve found an es_ES.po file in “lang” folder with the translation already done. My Wordpress and Woocommerce installations are in Spanish but JustShop theme is still in English. How can I change the theme lang into spanish? I’m totally “lost in translation”. Thank you!


Thanks for purchasing the theme, you should never change any core php files or it will be pain when you update.

Please see this section for installation : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#!/translations

Wow, that was really easy! Since the only changes I made in the php files were the translation, i have overwritten all the theme and follow the instructions. One more thing… is there any way to add more fields in the Contact Page Form? ie: Phone Field. I guess than it could be done changing the code, but only to know if there is an easier way. Thanks again, great support!

Never mind… I just saw the answer in a previous question. Time to write code! Thanks again! :superbashfulcute: