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Hi, I am still not having much luck changing the size of the logo image. If I alter the height it works but the width has no effect. Please assist me. I am trying the following below (as an example): @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { /* Desktop styles go here */ #header.f #logo { width: 500px; } #header.f #logo img { width: 500px; } } Kind Regards

Hey, thanks again. Issue is still persisting though :( what email can I get you on? I’ll attach screenshot of the issue.

Kind Regards, Rich

Hi Rich,

Now I have full fledged support portal , please contact here : http://templatation.com/support/

I have submit a ticket thanks. Great support portal btw :)

I am just completely in love with this theme, great job!

I just applied our SSL seal to the footer, and it has a white box around it. The SSL company said it was footer issue, could you help?


Thanks so much!

Ok, I’ve done something so wrong..I deleted some extra pages I didn’t need (they were showing up in search engines when my client searched for their site) and now the Product Categories disappeared on the homepage and when I go to create product categories…they delete after creating them. Please help!

Hi ,

I think you emailed me too and I saw cats are loading fine I believe the issue is sorted already.


RE: Homepage Product Category Images (x3)

Is it possible that the above three categories can be changed so that they link to pages? Many thx

That’s great, will give this ago, many thx :)

Hi , can it be bilingual?


Yes, it can be. but you will need external engine for it , like WPML plugin.

I bumped into a problem with the product attributes functionality of woocommerce. I created few products that I want to have arranged by attributes on the products archive page so that I can sort the products quickly and easily by just one click (like in a portfolio page). So I created few attributes and made them appear in a widget. Unfortunately, when I click on any attribute in the widget nothing happens. Although I have added specific attributes to the products they are not sorted out. What am I missing.


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I saw your website, did you do any change in core files ? please contact me using the new support portal I have setup here : http://templatation.com/support/ with your admin password as well so that I can take a look why AJAX filtering is not working on your website.


I am interesting to buy your template, but I would like to know if it’s possible to choose another color than your 5 proposals. Is it possible buy modifying the CSS or is there a way simple to change for another color?

Thank you.

Ofcourse it is, I am using http://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380 , you can check out more there and can also try their live demo.

- double posted -

- double posted -

Hello Templatation, I bought the them two days ago very nice. I have a problem with Revolution slider. I saw that other people had the same problem han. There isn’t plugin Revolution Slider in the package that I bought. I followed the directions you gave clicking on this link “http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/18399” but I don’t see the Revolution in Advanced Slider, but I WPBakery Visual Composer, Envato Toolkit, GO Pricing Plugin and Magic Squares. Where is?

Second question, meanwhile I have the plugin Revolution Slider in other project, so I uploaded the plugin, I create my slider , but when I go to Theme-options -> Header & Slider -> Slider Settings -> Slider insert my content area shortcode [rev_slider Slider_1 ] does not work and the Enable Slider is true. Why?

Thanks so much Fabio

Second question I Resolved…First question I don’t know.. Fabio

Hi Fabio, This is strange , may be you already have slider revolution active thats why you dont see it in the list.

about the shortcode, please enter the slug, i feel it should be[rev_slider slider_1 ]

if you still face problem , please contact me using my new support portal at :http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

There is seems to be an update to the visual composer. Is the update part of the package of your theme, or I need to buy the visual composer separately to get their updates? Thanks

No, you dont have to buy VC separately as it includes with the theme , I am updating the theme in couple days.

Great Thank you!

SInce I did the update the Featured produts show out of proportion, could you help on this? website is readymadedinners.com Thank you!

Can you share your admin details please , you can contact me using my new support portal http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

Hi guys, great theme! Very easy to set up.

How do I get my product to show “Price from:”?

at the moment I have added all my variations but instead of saying “price from £1.00” on the product description it says “£1.00-3.00”

Any help much appreciated


Glad you like the theme.

Thats actually woocommerce controls.

You can post on woocommerce forum on support tab on this page http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/woocommerce and the developer of woocommerce should reply.

Let me know if that doesnt work , I will then write filter function for you.


Found a useful topic – there’s a comment by the Author with a link on which solved it for me :) thanks!

Thanks for updating here , it will certainly help other people. :)

Good afternoon

I have a pre-sales question.

We liked the theme, but we need to have more than 5 color options to theme.

Is there anyway to add another color that we choose? Like a brown or pink?

Thank you


Thanks for your interest in my theme.

The theme already have Pink version. Also , please note I am updating theme in 2 days and adding Brown version too :)

Meanwhile, Its easy to change color, check it out the steps before you buy : http://themeforest.net/item/justshop-cake-bakery-drinks-wordpress-theme/4747148/faqs/17545


Many thanks for the previous help :) Had a small (I hope) query…

I have divided the footer into the 4 columns as standard. How do I put an image into one of the columns? I have gone via Appearance > Widgets > Footer 1 and added a Text widget and have used the following HTML:

I have this image sourced within the images directory but it can’t seem to find it (it’s displaying the broken image icon). Do you know if it is possible for me to add an image there? If so, what would I need to use to be able to do it?

Kind Regards, Rich


Please use absolute path of the image in text widget. I do not see the code you entered, please wrap the code in pre tag (google it plz).

But for example, the absolute path of image will be like : http://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/someimage.png

Hi, That makes total sense. I was trying to get it to work using a relative path to the ../images directory. I will try this out later today. Thanks :)

Hi again,

I just can’t seem to activate the footer widget area , can you help me with that


Please go to wp-admin/Themeoptions/footer customization and make sure you have selected icon for footer columns as per your requirements. After that, please go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag widgets to Footer1, Footer2 …

Hope this helps.

Hi. I’ve done it. Thanks again!

Hi Templation, looking at your layout 2 I see that uses an entire page to display products, http://templatation.com/justshop/layout2/shop-2-column-full-width/. What kind of page do you use? I have tried to put FULL WIDTH page, but it always remains with two columns. I would like to present the page as you made it yourself .. What should I set?

Thanks Fabio

-reposted due to error-

I sent you my wp-admin.. Thank, I await news Fabio

Hi Templation, I resolved!!!! I’m stupid..because I inserted list price and sold price!!!! :):)

Hey, Templatation! I bought your theme from another account. And I have a question: link on my site with your theme – http://comduk.bget.ru/ look on menu, how to resolve it? Because it’s bug(((

replied in other thread…

and on main page, when I add in cart http://joxi.ru/RGQpU_3JTJACdKeFhnw P.S sorry that i didn’t writed all in one post.

replied in other thread…

As I said, I bought you theme from this account. Fabio, anyway answer pls on my questions:
“Hey, Templatation! I bought your theme from another account. And I have a question: link on my site with your theme –
http://comduk.bget.ru/ look on menu, how to resolve it? Because it’s bug(((”
“and what about related products? Bad display if you see
http://comduk.bget.ru/?product=baumkuchen and what about this next?
http://habrastorage.org/files/3d0/a5d/343/3d0a5d343fa5475eb88048a3c1f9b8da.png” and “and on main page, when I add in cart http://joxi.ru/RGQpU_3JTJACdKeFhnw

Big thanks!

How to put a filter like at your demo? I put in primary widget all JS Woo… and 1 or 2 is working, others doesn’t work’s. What the problem? Thanks!

Hi, the template works fine but i have a question about Greek translation. I’m doing exactly what the instructions describes, allthought the template and all other plugins are in English.

can you help me fixing it?

Thanks, if you want further details (link, username,pass) please send me back.

Christ Pap

Hi Christ,

I sense you have not defined WP_LANG variable in the wp-config file, please share login details with me so that I can confirm.

please contact to http://templatation.com/support-tickets/ for faster response :)

Good morning Templatation, one question: In the template there are 4 possibility for change footer, If I selected footer to 3 columns, my columns aren’t equals in width, Why? I want , if possibile, equals width, but the first column is more big than other two columns..

any solution?? Thanks.. :):):)

I have to learn to throw away 2 minutes, before asking questions .. solved with CSS.

the next! ;)

I’m having some problems with the contact form. I’ve put the right email address in both the them options contact box as well as the the admin under settings>general. But customers are sending emails (I’ve tested too) and it doesn’t go to the email I’ve placed in those two spots. Can you help with this please? www.prissybritchesboutique.com


I believe this is not a theme issue, because the contact form works fine. I think this is related to your server email settings.

I suggest trying a famous contact form plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/ and see if their contact form works, so that you can debug further.

Do you know what could be wrong? I placed another email in the places and I received it? What’s wrong with this email?

I am not sure in that case, the script doesnt block any certain email domain , so I am guessing either your email receiver puts it in Junk email or is rejecting email from this script. Please get in touch with your Host they might sort it out by checking out the email logs.