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Hi! I wanna make revolution slider on all pages (simple pages, categories,news, woocommerce pages and etc…) How I can do this? My site is http://comduk.bget.ru/ I know that in visual composer I can put revolution slider, but he didn’t like on main page (full width).

what’s up man???


Did you miss seeing this setting : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ir2xze8iwym95yc/Screenshot_4.png I hope this is what you were seeking , let me know if you need any further assistance.

oh, sorry! Big thanks!

OK! Great theme!! I really love how this thing works! I’m not sure how to display either a side bar or full screen for the product pages. http://bitemecookies.co/wordpress1/product-category/cookies/ and when I change the pages to full screen in theme options > woo commerce > product archive and product details – and click save I get a “options updated” pop up box, but no change. I don’t see other side bar options in the widgets area either. Can suggest what I might be doing wrong?


I am glad you like the theme. The link you gave is not a product details/single page , it is a category page. The option you listed controls the single page overall. If you want to remove sidebar from any particular product page , there are icons to choose layout on extreme bottom of product edit page.

If you want to make http://bitemecookies.co/wordpress1/product-category/cookies/ full screen , please go to themeoptions/woocommerce/product archive and make it full screen. You said you did it , I insist you try again and see. If doesnt work , please share wp-admin details here : http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

I am using layout 3 – I have the slider set up against the pink background strip – can I change that pink strip to a textured strip ? if so how do I do this please ?

Sure, please put following code in themeoptions/general/display/customcss and place your image path and/or color.
.slider-layout2, .slider-layout3 {
    background: url("http://sitename.com/images/bg-pattern.png") repeat scroll center 0 #C95980;

I have an interest in purchasing a template to revamp my website for my cake business. I am familiar with using wordpress to maintain a website for another business. Do you offer hosting or do I need to look for a system such as Godaddy to host the site?

From what I see, I will be able to upload photos but need to understand the menucard and is that how I enter pricing details?

Are all parts of the templates customizable? Example: the contact us form being able to customize the labels for information provided.

Thank you for your time.


Thanks for your interest.

No, I do not provide hosting , you will need to purchase third party hosting.

Actually menucard is not attached with price of products or products , they are stand alone at this time. You can manually link a menu item to give product though using woocommerce shortcode.

Yes, template is customization, but you wont be able to customize the contact form , you could use external plugin to achieve this.

I also suggest you check out http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ prior to buying so that you can see which parts are customization and how :)

Thanks again.

Hi, I have a client who is interested in JustShop for her cake website. Please could you confirm how flexible the layouts are, i.e. can you create unlimited layouts using shortcodes or a visual composer, or does the homepage layout have to be the same as the demo? Many thanks


Thanks for your interest, ofcourse you can create as many layouts as you want. Everything is customize-able, and with VC you can almost do anything that you could imagine.

Thanks again.

Hi I have just installed the theme but I can’t install recommended plug in. I had this message : An error occurred while installing Ninja Kick Sidebar An error occurred while installing Revolution Slider Plugin An error occurred while installing Ultimate VC Addon An error occurred while installing WPBakery Visual Composer An error occurred while installing Envato Toolkit(To update theme easily) for all : Le téléchargement a échoué. L’URL fournie est invalide..

What can I do. Thanks a lot

I am not sure what the error could be, as all scenario are different, please share your details here http://templatation.com/support-tickets/ so that I can look inside and sort it for you.

I’m going crazy… Where is the file or template part of the top navbar #tools? I need to customize this navbar where user can login, logout, and where appears social logos. ¿What is this file? I need also to translate it, but I’m afraid these text aren’t in .po template file.

Could you help me?


The top bar content can be managed from Themeoptions/Layouts.

Its text is ofcourse included in po , some texts are controlled by woocommerce too, please rescan. Please follow these steps : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#theme_options_translations

Hi, I want to change the theme main color #E75A39 to #AE1F2F everywhere. I tried every tips but the color remain the same. Do you have any other idea how to change?


Please share your website URL, and if possible wp-admin too from here templatation.com/support-tickets/ . If you have already changed the color , but its not reflecting that means something is overriding them, so I will need to see the URL.


ok, I sent to you


My twitter feed on my site is not showing tweets.

I have cleared cache, cleared update locks however it is still not working.

If you need access please send me email so i can send log in details.



Was it working earlier , have you setup it as described here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#faq_do_amp_don_39t

Please send details from here : http://templatation.com/support-tickets/


It has been working for several months but now it is not showing any tweets.

I have opened a support ticket.


Hi, pre purchase Q: is these theme RTL (right to left) for hebrew writing? Thanks Tal


No, currently its not RTL supported.

I have the following setup in woocommerce/settings/products Shop Page Display – Show Subcategories Default Category Display – Show Subcategories

Because I do not want to show products on the home shop or category pages but it is still showing products after the categories.


Please note this seems like woocommerce issue. I researched on it a bit, so if you want to hide products…

- on home page: ThemeOptions>HomepageSetup> 'uncheck' Enable Featured Products
- on shop page: Setting "woocommerce/settings/products Shop Page Display – Show Subcategories Default Category Display – Show Subcategories"
- on a category page: products will be seen for a particular category(i tried it even with default wp theme)

I suggest you post on support forum of wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce so that plugin authors could suggest you more with this issue.

Even with those 2 options set it was still showing products on the shop page. But I hacked product-archive.php to only show products if(!is_shop()) so now its ok.

Hello Templatation,

Just a simple problem concerning the shop page (grid) : only the title is clickable to go to product details: I’d like the image to become clickable too…

Here’s a picture in case my question is not clear enough >> http://hpics.li/74f9d27

Could you please tell me which part of the code I have to change?

Many thanks :-)

Ok I figured it out: it is in theme option > woo commerce >> product details. Simply check the “Link product thumbnail to product details page too” option… It’s as simple as that… Thanks anyway :)

Where can I get an updated demo xml file for layout-4? There is a demo xml file is included in downloaded file., but that is not like live preview …


I will update it in next update, for now , here is the xml of my main demo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/81tr7q0tmcki8ut/justshop-demo-all-content.xml

Hello good morning, first a very good theme,

I've bought and am very happy. I have a small problem, no way to put the widget on the homepage one shortcode for the portfolio? for now I do not want to use as e-commerce but I would like the products I put into the portfolio section is seen in the homepage



Glad you liked the theme.

Yes, homepage page template is customized alot, but still it has the possibility to add content as you desire, please share your website details with wp-admin here templatation.com/support-tickets/ and also let me know in detail about your requirement and I will suggest how you can achieve it.

Hi there The Shortcodes generator icon isnt showing on the contenet editor tool bar. Please help.

You no longer need to use shortcodes from recent version though, you can use page builder to create whatever you want with point and click easy-ness:

Please read more. http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#page_templates_page_builder here is the official website for visual composer I attached. http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431 http://vc.wpbakery.com/


It doesnt look possible to have two pages; one that shows a list of posts from categoryA (for example), and the other shows a list of posts from categoryB (for example).

Is it possible to do this using a shortcode?

Yes, you can do it using Visual composer Posts Grid component.

Other thing is that each category has its own archive page where it shows posts inside it, normally it will be sitename.com/category/name (exact url depends on permalinks setup)


I cant find any documentation on how to recreate the Team content as per your demo.

Please could you advise?

The Team page was built using visual composer plugin, for your ease of duplicating it I have put together instructions and code here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vb7kykt8erwcs4p/kqgN8t68Xc


Is there a simple way to remove the Ninja sidebar? Thanks again

Sorted. Just seen that its a separate plugin :)

I’m awesome too ;)

Absolutely you are ! :)

Wordpress 3.9? Will there be any theme difficulties with the 3.9 update? Thank you – considering a purchase

Yes, it works fine with 3.9.

Thanks so much!

I just buy this theme, and i imported “demo” XML and try to repeat step in documentation how to theme look like original demo, but its something wrong with WP or theme.

Is your theme compatible with lastet 3.9 WP!?

Wow that sound great, i will. Just to register on site and will send u detail.

Whats going on with this?

I replied your ticket , you dont need to buy VC thats included with the theme, just go to Appearance -> Install plugins to install it. :)