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Hello to the Author

I purchased your theme JustShop Cake about a year ago. I’ve been trying to get it launched this month. Although i am in need of the “Sprite PSD” because some of the some icons and scallops around the pictures are not displaying properly.

Can I please get this from your. I have the other PSD you supplied in the download but this not the one needed. I am not an expert web so I have had to ask for help some one who is….and this is what is needed to complete my site.

Thank you for your help. Carey

Hey Carey,

Thanks for purchasing the theme. Please note I have updated the theme alot , I request you to redownload whole package, I now also include sprite PSD too along with other that I used to.

If you still need sprite PSD separately let me know.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately I still need the actual PSD in order to change the colors I am using. I appreciate your help and am excited to get me site launched! Could you please send that to me?

Best, Carey


This is the sprite PSD I have https://www.dropbox.com/s/v8dkiw6yiyczsc4/Sprite%20PSD.zip

I hope thats what you are seeking, if you need help in re-coloring any particular component let me know I can help you with some photoshop stuff. you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form. Thanks

Hi. When I disable testimonials the about section takes only left side. How can I make it full container?

Please go to wp-admin /woocommerce/settings/products and on bottom of page look for “Default catalog view”.

Doesn’t keep the settings. Where can be the problem?

Do you mean its not saving , thats strange then , please share your url and wp-admin details please , you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form. Thanks

Hi, is it supported for the latest version of wordpress?

Thanks for your interest, Yes, ofcourse it supports 3.9.1.

I purchased the template and I’m seeing the “Justshop-2013-10-08.xml” file in the import-data folder.

I want to know if that file is old and there is a new version to download.


There is a new version of this file coming in new version soon , I have emailed it to you already.

I’m using Justshop 2.65; Framework 5.5.5.

Do u have any guide on how to upgrade Justshop theme to the latest?

Visual Composer seems to be crashing the site when the plugin is enabled. Any ideas why this would not be working ? Are you able to have a look for me?

Sure, please share your url and wp-admin details please , you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form. Thanks


Just updated the WooCommerce plugin and on my products page, it shifted the product listings from a nice 4 column, full width grid to a two column grid with an empty area that looks like it is intended to be a sidebar to the left. Any idea how to get it back to the way it was?

Thank you!


In order to help you with it please share your url and wp-admin details (if possible) please , you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form. Thanks

I am having trouble with the slider in layout 3. The slider is stretching to the full width of the page. I have grid width and grid height set to 960 and 350 respectively. Is their some thing i am missing?

Great theme! BTW.


Please make sure you have not setup the slider as Full Screen. They updated it recently, please select autoresponsive.

If you still face trouble. please share your url and wp-admin details please , you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form. Thanks


I noticed your demo is using Ultimate VC Addons. Is this included with the theme? I didn’t see it listed as included in the item description. Thanks.


Yes, Ultimate VC Addons is included with the theme. Its not listed because Author of that plugin has now stopped allowing theme authors to use the plugin, I have special written permission from author to do so. Ofcourse if it wasnt part of theme I wouldnt have used it in my demo :)

Hey there,

first of all, thank you for this great template. We have a problem: On some computers the Footer is not coming in, nothing is displayed but the links are there. Is there a possibility to delete the movement of the footer? Or better, do you know why the footer is shown sometimes, but somtimes not? We are looking forward your answer and hope you can help us.

Best Wishes Andreas


Please edit THEME/footer.php and on around line 43 , find
                    <article class="double-a <?php if ( 'false' == $footsettings['jsanim_no'] ) echo "js_animate";?>">
replace it with:
                    <article class="double-a">
Please note it will wipe of when you update , unless you use a child theme.

Thank you again for your support. In our case it didnt work :( We changed the code and updated the file on our server, but the footer is not displayed. The animation still seems to work. The Problem is: The Footeranimation doesnt work with a resolution of 1920×1080 on 100% in browser, on a resolution of 1280×800 it works fine also on our smartphones. Also it works, when i zoom in to 120% in my browser with the fullhd resolution. Could you help us with this problem?


I think if you do one more change it should be fine. Please edit THEME/includes/js/general.js and on around line 198, find below code and Delete it.

Hi guys lovely comments Fews question first CAn I have your xml file, in order to have your own demo. Secondo question. CAn I integrate Etsy shop inside the woocommerce. ( probably yes with few plug in) third tdo you have any raccomandation for selling food and buiscuits ? like etsy. anyone know any other social selling market?


Thanks for your interest. Yes , my xml file is included. About your second and third question , I am sorry I can not help about functionality or usage of woocommerce/etsy, I am only a programmer.

Presales question.

1) I will have a lot of categories (like10) and I want to display them in home page. In your demo you have only 3. Is this a problem for the theme?

2) I will use it in catalog mode, can you explain better this: “Configure messages to replace price / add-to-cart buttons or remove them.” Will I be able to have a button or link in product page that send people to a contact form?? Do you have a demo for the catalogue mode???

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for your interest. 1) Yes, you can have as many categories and the number seen on homepage is managed from theme options , I have setup it to 3.

2) Yes, catalog mode removes price/add to cart button. Sorry right now no way of sending people to contact form , but its as easy as adding a line of code in template file(I will help you). Sorry dont have demo of catalog mode at this time.

Thanks for replying… I’m still drafting the project and I think in a month I will get your theme…


thanks for this great Theme.

I have a two questions:

1. on my homepage is a grey arrow. How can I get rid of it?

Here is a Screenshot:


2. on my homepage there are some thumbnails of products. unfortunately those thumbnails look squashed and the ASPECT RATIO is totally wrong.

is there any way to get the thumbnail shown correctly? and how do I chose the product that is shown on the homepage?

oh and one little question:

I have this button on the front page: http://i.imgur.com/Muc5Fh8.png

how can I modify the text on this button? I dont want to change the whole language, just modify the text on this single button.

how can I do this?

Thank you in advance.


1) To remove grey arrow , please go to Themeoptions/Layout & Header, you will find a checkbox there that enables the top bar to stay fixed.(which removes gray arrow.)

2) You can setup correct images sizes like this : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/#woocommerce_setup_product_image_sizes Note that if you change them now , you will need http://wordpress.org/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/ to apply that on old uploaded images.

If you are talking about featured products, you can make those products featured that you want to show on homepage. About 3 categories shown on on top of homepage , sorry no way to choose them as of now , last 3 valid will show up.

You will find that word in line 70 of THEME/justshop/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php

Hi I have the same problem than Akalex with cash on delivery in the order page. Also, I get the message: “Sorry, shipping is unavailable. If you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements please contact us.” Could you help me ? Thanks a lot


As you might already know, the theme is just a visual layer on wp/wc. It has nothing to do with woocommerce functionality. I suggest you to post on This forum http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/ someone will surely help you out.

Sorry I wish I could help you more with it.

Hi, How to remove the black mobile round icon at the right of the pages ? Thanks a lot


To remove it please go to wp-admin/plugins and disable/delete ninja kick sidebar plugin please.

Hi, I have disabled Product categories and Featured products on the homepage. Is it possible to place About/ Testimonial section after the content area ? Thanks a lot

Yes, its possible, please edit THEME/template-home.page and you will find all sections clearly commented, just move them as you want. If you need help let me know and I will do it for you.

Hi I have another question, can I present, in the homepage, Menu Cards with the same design than Product categories of WooCommerce ? Thanks a lot

Yes, you can do it , but this is a bit tricky , you can use the PSDs supplied with main download and insert menucards in those frames and use that as image in text-widget, that you can put in Appearance -> widgets -> homepage sidebar.

Great theme. I would like to swift my existing theme this theme.

But, how could I changing to your theme without missing my product listing i had posted on my existing e-commerce site?


Glad you like my theme. Themes are only visual layers on wordpress/woocommerce. If your previous theme followed all standard practises, it should be as easy as deactivating that theme and activating this theme :)

Do you plan to support LayerSlider?

LayerSlider should work fine , just place shortcode generated by layerslider like you would do for revolution slider and it should work.

How do I move the menu bar down? I would like to increase the size of the header to allow for a taller logo and for the menu to be aligned. Please advise.

Please go to Themeoptions/Layouts, there you can find a textbox where you can enter your desired height of the header.