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Hi, How do i remove the Sku and category title from the product page?

I am sorry, but It seems you never bought anything from me , if you bought from any other account please message from that account.

How do I change the background colour of the ‘Top Nav Bar’ and am I able to change the icons used for social networks here? Thanks

It will need css changes, I will help you with it Please share your url and admin details (if possible) please , you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form.

Can you please tell me how I move the menu further down within the header?

Same as above reply of mine … (please note this comment section is not for minor customization issues, please contact me privately.)

Hello. I installed Justshop on a fresh WP install. Looks good. A few questions. I’m using template layout #2, so the logo and nav are on the same row at the top.

Under Headline Options, you can display the shopping cart block (with totals) and the Headline title and message.

1) How do I move the shopping cart totals block to the top right where the navigation is?

2) Where in CSS do I make the header block that contains the breadcrumbs and the header block text height? It’s too high and I’d prefer a smaller row for that area.

3) How do I totally skip the header row block (referenced in #2 above) when displaying things like gallery pages?

4) The Enable footer showcase area doesn’t seem to display the content properly. It displays it in a separate block but it’s not overlapping over the top portion of the footer as displayed in your demo page.



Thanks for buying the theme, the issues you listed are css customization and few requires code changes. please contact me with your URL and wp-admin details so that I can help you more. You can send me email from my TF profile page or can create ticket here : http://templatation.com/support-tickets/

Another question about the footer. Setting up the footer is confusing because there are two places to add footer details: 1) the Appearance>Customize section to add footer widgets 2) Theme Options>Footer Customization. The footer titles are “Footer showcase content” and “Extreme footer content’, but I can’t seem to get them to work properly. I’m just trying to add my social network icons/links to appear in the footer.

Ok, I got the widgets to display properly from the looks of it. The combinations are rather confusing, but I think I got it. Still can’t get the “Footer showcase content” to display overlapping the top of the extreme footer.

same as above … I need to see the URL to see whats the problem.

HELP! Hello, I bought this template, but I have a configuration problem. I followed all the steps without error, but I am not able to configure the base theme. Liked to have help in the base configuration (as is the template preview). .... Cheers Carlos


Please share your url and admin details (if possible) please , you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form.

I will setup it for you as my demo.


I am in need of some help to remove the gray line that separates the header area and content area. It is not visible if the slider is there but if the slider is removed, it shows a gray line where the top of the slider would be. If it needs to be there, can I make it transparent or style it with another color?

Thank you in advance!

Thats Shadow, to remove it , please put below in themeoptions/general/display/customcss box.

#header, #navigation ul.nav li ul, .navi > ul.b > li > div { box-shadow:none; }

Thank you!

Hi, how is possible from the control panel change the theme fonts ? i looked into it but i can’t find an option


sorry i’m blind. i saw all thanks

Hi Guys!

I wanted to add on sale products (offered at a discounted price) on my home page. But there is no such widget. Any idea about how to do this? Maybe I could modify an existing widget? Or is there a third party plugin? It’s strange that there is no such option….



Ofcourse you can do it, here is how : http://prntscr.com/44vpos


thanks for your answer, but I’m afraid that couldn’t do the trick. If I add a products widget in the homepage widget area it will show a single column with more products stacked on top of each other. While I want to display Discounted products like I display best sellers and new products: horizzontally.

I tried to modify the featured products widget to display products on sale, but nothing happened….

Please email me your wp-admin info and I will modfiy homepage template for you.

Is possible to have order cake form like this one on this website? http://www.charmcitycakes.com/order-a-cake#

No , its not possible without a plugin at this time.

which of the plugin will more appropriate for that?

You can search here : http://codecanyon.net/category/wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce you can ask suggestions from regular woocom users and developers on forum here http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/ they can suggest better than me.


Love the theme! Just one issue I have found. The “My Account” Page with woocommerce on the theme. It produces a table of “Recent Orders” and that table is not mobile optimised. The table stretches the whole way across the page.

Kind regards Lloyd

Hi Lloyd,

Glad you like the theme, I will look into the issue you informed.


Sent an email from the site over 24 hours ago, was wondering if anyone is in to help a newbie as the site says?? :)

Sorry i found no email from that email too , you can send me private message from form found on bottom of http://themeforest.net/user/Templatation

resent another message as asked to

I am sorry but I still dont see your email http://prntscr.com/48hcy2 I suggest you email me directly at templatation[at]gmail.com , please replace [at] with @.

Why can’t I find this > justshop.zip in the folder structure when I open the bigger zip file I just bought. It means I can’t start to build my site using this theme. Because I can’t upload the theme into WP.


You can try redownloading the theme, you can also download the theme only by clicking http://prntscr.com/46tdam

About screenshot is from second page of http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/ incase you need more help with it.

Hello I’m having some difficulties with the Portfolio

1 – I can not rearrange the gallery items the way I would like. Items appear in alphabetical order. For example:

Appetizers – Drink – Food – Dessert

And I need to appear Food – Drink – Dessert – Appetizer

2 – How can I add subcategories in Portfolio? Something like:

• Food Fish meats paste

• Drink juices beers

Thank you!

I means…
  • • Food
  • Fish
  • Meats
  • Paste

  • • Drink
  • Juices
  • Beers
  • I am sorry the default portfolio module was not built to function this way , I suggest you use plugin instead, I suggest https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-portfolio


    i try to add a second image in my portfolio detail article but i notice that it is also added under the main one(

    http://www.assolochocolate.com/web/linee/mistery/ )

    if the image i try to add is already attached to another item then this problem not happens:


    On the forum i can’t see the captha so i post here

    right but think about a client that can’t use html code to do that. is ok for agency but not a good way for the end user. Thanks

    You are right, I will do something about it in coming versions.

    Thanks, and congrats for the great job, the theme is fantastic and this problem is only a detail

    Hello! I have a client who is considering purchasing this theme. They would like to know if the shop items/featured items shown on the front page layout under the title “Few of Awesome Products From Our Store” can auto-scroll?

    Thank you!


    Thanks for your interest, and yes , they can, I will do a very minor JS update in order to make this happen.

    Hi, I want to set the email to in the Contact page. How can I do it? Thanks! Ariel

    Please go to Themeoptions/Contact settings to do that.

    Sorry, I want to set the SMTP data. Where can I do it?

    Please contact your host, its not part of theme, theme is only visual layer made with css/images.

    Could I integrate this with http://woopos.com.au/ ?


    I am not sure , I havent tried it.

    Hi, I bought the theme and configure without error, but I cannot setup the portfolio images on the homepage because there is no checkbox to enable this option on the setup page… help me please. I have tried so hard, but ineffective

    I saw you sent me email too, I have replied you there.