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how can edit the exceprt in the the portfolio list on homepage? I have 3 itens on homepage and I would like edit with different text of the original text on Portfolio item’s page



Portfolio item page shows content while on homepage it shows excerpt, try putting different content and excerpt.

you can also contact me from my profile page form for deeper support.

I am getting this error:

Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Home not found. Maybe you mean: ‘Home Slider’


I gave you example of the shortcode, you will need to enter your own slider alias in the shortcode. Please check http://prntscr.com/4cqaou

Hi! How do I get the social icons links open in a new window? Tks!

Hello. Worked in parts. In the footer icons now open in a new browser, but the header, next to the phone contact, still opens in the same window. :(

I await help. Thank you!


On same file above , around line 1550 find the links of top icons and you can add Target blank to them to open them in new window.

Perfect! Tks

Am getting problem with the menu, I want the website to be same as the demo, but after having made everything as told in the documentation, the website became upside down, with menus scattered all over the web page. Am waiting for your help. Thanks in advance.

I received your email and will install it for you. However the menu issue arises because you have put more menu than it can handle. If you really need that much menus some css adjustment will be needed.

Hi Just starting using your theme. So far so good. Small issue…I am working on the footer customization. I select three widget areas….however no matter what I do I am only displaying two widget areas in the footer showcase. What am I missing???? Thanks in advance.


I will help you with it. Please share the URL so that I can see something.

Hello, This is a pre-sell question. I love that theme and would like to buy it. However, I want to have my website first as non commerce, and activate the woo commerce only in a few month. Is it possible, or will I face issues if my website is not ebusiness from the beginning ? Thanks a lot for your help


Thanks for the interest , and no there is no problem if you use it without woocommerce. Many users do not need woocommerce/products selling etc, you can just use it for an information website too. Its just a wordpress theme which has woocommerce compatibility.

Please check following bugs , http://i.imgur.com/GxKGmWu.png all are related to woocommerce plugin and shows 404 error. (except last which is not imp.)

When trying to add multiple images for a product, clicking on “Add product gallery images” sends me to the top of the product editor page and does not allow me to choose any imagery.

Please advise

Your question is related to woocommerce as you can see from the error itself. Please understand I sell a theme compatible with woocommerce I do not own/control woocommerce. To verify if its theme issue , you can switch to default theme and see if this error goes. If it happens let me know I will look deeply.

Enabling “Shipping” in the Woo Commerce settings is throwing the following error in the Shopping Cart:

Warning: array_intersect(): Argument #1 is not an array in /home/paperparties/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-shipping-method.php on line 180

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/paperparties/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-shipping-method.php on line 190

Please Advise

Your question is related to woocommerce as you can see from the error itself. Please understand I sell a theme compatible with woocommerce I do not own/control woocommerce. To verify if its theme issue , you can switch to default theme and see if this error goes. If it happens let me know I will look deeply.

PS: You can contact me privately with your URL and wp-admin for deeper support. you can create ticket at templatation.com/support-tickets/ or email me from themeforest profile page contact form.

Hi, in theme demo there’s no cart_icon or something that shows there’s an item in my shopping basket or there isn’t.

if it is possible please add some ajax functionality for cart_icon that would update automatically.

thanks, justShop is lovely.


Sorry , that feature is not available on the theme yet.


Is multi-tier categories suppported with this template?

eg. Accessories -> Silver -> Necklaces -> list of products



Yes, ofcourse it does. This is only a theme and it has nothing to do with functionality. It uses woocommerce for ecommerce functionality. You can try wordpress+woocommerce with default theme for free prior to buying to test all features and functionality. Theme only makes it ‘look good’.

I can’t activate the Lightbox in WooCommerce. When I activate it, it works one time, when I reload the page the lightbox is gone and the images just open in a window. When I reload the WooCommerce settings, the Lightbox-Checkbox is unchecked again.
Is something overwriting the WooCommerce Lightbox Script?
Thank you.

Okay, I found a solution. I just used a jQuery Lightbox, like this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-lightbox-balupton-edition/

It works great.

Great you sorted it out.

WP4.0 is out now and does the theme support this version?


I tried it on my test server and I have not noticed any compatibility issues at all.

With the recent happenings in the WP themes/plugins world, I am in a bit of update frenzy. While checking version numbers for all themes and plugins I noticed WPBakery Visual Composer is a bit behind. Thankfully, Revolution Slider is OK

Should I be worried about the 4.2.2 version of WPBakery Visual Composer the theme comes with? Especially, considering its asking me to update.


Theme is going to be updated this week with latest versions of plugins.


I am working on this template for a friend. I need to do some css modifications for the mobile and tablet versions, but they are not working. I am trying on the responsive.css file. Where can i find the css selectors for the toggle menu on mobile for example?



Please create ticket at http://templatation.com/support-tickets/ and I will help you with all issues.

I am thinking about buying http://templatation.com/justshop-theme-layout3/ and use 3rd menu options.

I also want to be able to change 3 things, which I think will be very easy but I just wanted to confirm before I purchase.

1. I want to removed the chef hat on the menu (home, blog, portfolio, etc) 2. I want to change the brown background at the top and bottom of the theme to another color ( have the exact color to change it to) 3. I want to change the framing to a basic square to the 3 main images (celebration cakes, fruit desserts, little cupcakes)

Are these easy things to change?



Thanks for your interest, and yes, those 3 changes you want are very easy to do , I will help you do them and it will not take more than 10 minutes.

Hi, Is the theme compatible with the new woocommerce major update 2.2 ? Thanks


Just checked with wc 2.2 on my test installation and everything looks fine.

Hey Guys -

I was curious if there is going to be a fix for revslider? Mine isn’t working at all on my clients site, I can’t even see it on the back end of WP as an option…. but when I go onto my server I can see the folder in my plugins (which I also can’t delete or access).

Any suggestions or advice would be awesome!

Thanks! Tara


I just updated the theme yesterday , please make sure you have latest version of the theme and try again. If still it doesnt work please contact your hosting provider , Its strange why you cant delete or access a folder physically from server.

If still nothing works , please contact me privately with FTP and wp-admin access from my profile page contact form.


This is a presale query.

I just want to confirm at home page main banner images are not clickable , Can I make it clickable so that it can redirect to a particular category /categories ?

If yes pls suggest how



If you mean the product images shown in featured products, then Yes, you can make them clickable by checking an option in theme options panel.


Thanks for your response , Well I was not meant for featured images for product.

My question was related to the banner images at to of the page, can these banner images be clickable and linked to product category ?



No, but you can do that easily. but that will need minor code hacking.

If I purchase it , will you be able to do it for me or can let me know that minor code hacking ?

Ofcourse, Ill be glad to help.