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You are so fast, I love it!

One more question:

Can you please look at my page: http://www.sunhealthaz.com/contact

and tell me why the Twitter widget from the footer is pushing its way up above the contact form?


Thats not Twitter widget from footer. Please turn this twitter widget off by going to Theme-options -> Contacts page and turning off ‘Enable Subscribe and Connect’

Thanks – but that was already off. Any other suggestions?

Sorry for the confusion, I was wrong earlier, Actually please make “Theme-options -> Contacts page : Your Twitter username” blank to disable twitter. Please refer: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d31eipb8c

PS: I noted twitter widget is not working , thats due to API changes in twitter, I will release fix in 2-3 days.

Oops, one more thing…

The fix that you sent to make the homepage widget body text black did not work. It is still grey.

Sorry earlier I thought you meant sidebar widget. I am not sure which text you are referring as “Homepage widgets” , so I will assume you want all text black which is gray on homepage. To do this , please add :
.cols-b, .double-a { color: #000000; }
Also may I request you to communicate via email, thats faster and easier for me. Or if thats hard , please keep our convo in same block, you can click reply just below this line of this box. :)

Thanks that worked great!


Thank you for providing such a great template (JustShop)

How can I get the same settings of Slider which are implemented in Demo ? Please help me because I am very confused with all text backgrounds, animations and length of slider etc. I really need settings of Full Width slider layout just like (http://templatation.com/justshop/layout2/)

I will be very thankful to you.


I am sorry , but I do not see you bought my theme. I would appreciate if you could spend some bucks to use my months of hardwork. (If you bought it from your other account please message from that account.)

Ok. I will message from that account.

Sorry for confusion with my accounts.


Thank you for providing such a great template (JustShop) How can I get the same settings of Slider which are implemented in Demo ?

Please help me because I am very confused with all text backgrounds, animations and length of slider etc. I really need settings of Full Width slider layout just like (http://templatation.com/justshop/layout2/)

my website: http://pizza.itmaverix.net/ I want to make exactly the same.

I will be very thankful to you.


Hi Salman,

Thank you very much for your purchase. :)

For setting up slider exactly like the demo, you will need the slider backup file too, please email me from my profile page and I can share it with you. Please note that you will still need to upload your own images to get the slider working like demo. I can not share the images used as they are not my property.


Hi, I have now purchased the theme, installed and made some colour changes to the css (using the BLUE as base). The site unfortunately is under maintenance mode – so if you need access, I must give you admin details. How do I replace the little cook’s hat that appears in the menu – or the image frame decorations? I only find them in an image sprite. I am not too used to image sprites. Is the only way to modify the sprite-a.png or can I replace them with single images? Would that cause the lining of the image be out of whack? Many thanks for your help! BTW – I love the way you have CLEARLY written the css file. It makes it so much easier to look for things!


Thank you very much for your purchase and appreciation :)

You can ofcourse use single image for the hat icon, just place it in the background: like you would normally do. Just make sure you remove the background-position and any positioning in the background: as well. If you still face trouble, you can send me access to my email using my profile page and I will provide deeper help.

Wonderful and quick. I am doing something wrong, yet do not see it myself where I am going wrong. I have sent you logins and messgae via your profile page a moment ago. Many thanks!

Got your email and fixed it for you :)

Once you activate the theme, you will see a notice to add recommended plugins on the top in yellow color.

I dont get this message i instaled the theme on localhost once and once online ??

Thank you for your purchase. I apologize for the confusion , in the new version I removed the notice and you will find that link in Appearance -> Install Plugins. PS: I am working on a improved documentation for v2.5 release soon.

I get this when i want to install any of 3 plug ins “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

Please update to latest version of theme, I solved this problem in v2.02 updated on 16th June.

or you can install them manually, they are in includes/tt-plugins/plugins.

Hope this helps. :)

Please respond quickly cruelty 1-How to change the orange color Below 2-I do not know how to add content in down Slider directly


Hi, Thank you for your purchase. The content below slider is coming from ‘custom homepage’ page template. I request you to read the Documentation/index.html in your main download. Specially ‘How to Setup Homepage’ point. You can email me from my profile page form for ‘deeper’ support.

There are no detailed explanation i send email for support

I apologize you had hard time with documentation , I am improving it for my next update. Your all issues solved via email :)


Just wondering if there is a possible to add countdown timer on each product ?:)

Thank you!

Hey, I am sorry but I can not help you with this question(because I am not usage specialist of woocom). I can help with code related issues. For usage related issues I recommend contacting woocommerce support :)

hi, i cant install theme,everything is messy,is it posible to provide you my admin account so you can do it for me?

Hi, Sorry to see you are having troubles, sure please email me from my profile page. I will help as much as I can.


I have problem with the portfolio: http://barbiebakery.com/portfolio/portfolio-2-column/

as you can see the proportion is completely wrong, how can I solve this issue?

Hi, Thank you for your purchase. The images are not being re-sized for some reason. Please make sure you have all checkboxes checked in Theme-options -> Dynamic images.

If you still face problem, please email me from my profile page with your admin info (if its ok to share) and I will sort it.

Hello there,

I sent you the information

thanks in advance

Got your email and solved your issues :)

I am considering the purchase of this theme for my business website, and apart from a few questions, can the logo be changed for a circle logo ?

Nice work

Thanks for your appreciation , ofcourse you can upload any logo that you want from admin panel. You can also set is horizontal and vertical offset as per your logo size. :)

I have just gone ahead and made the purchase. Thanks again

Thank you for your beautiful theme.

How can I create an our team page like demo?

Any help would be appreciated.


Is there any short code to show all the testimonials in a page called Testimonials?

Yes, there is a shortcode, but it doesnt list all of them, it will slide them.

[templatation_testimonials limit=”10” size=”100”] But the point is good, I will try to cover in future updates.

Is it possible to add to cart straight from menu card?

Actually at this time , menucard items are totally different from products, menucard items are custom post types of theme, and products are custom post type triggered by woocommerce. I did this to provide flexibility to use menucard in varioius wasy as catalog, offers, deals etc.

I will look into merging possibilities in next major release.

Bought your theme. i Hope that you will consider merging menu card items with products in your next update.

Thanks for purchasing :)

beautiful theme, nice! I have a some question send to your E-mail at yesterday, I am looking forward to your early reply. :)

Hey, Thank you for purchasing my theme. I already replied you yesterday itself. To your ..@icloud.com email. Let me know if you want me to send the email again :)

where is the sldier in the download folder, i cant find it?

Please make sure you have latest version, then you can install slider easily with one click by going to Appearance -> Install plugins.

and how to you change the top colroing?

you can change colors by going to wp-admin/Theme-Options/General Settings.

I would request you to email me from my profile page so that I can help you better and sooner.

Hi, Is there a way I could download the theme and try for a period before purchasing. I’m a programmer but new to the web and want to make sure I can handle this theme. It looks very nice and would not have a problem paying the fee if I can handle it.

Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim, I am sorry but this is not possible as per the envato policy I am bound with as an exclusive author. If you are a programmer it will be breeze to handle the theme , its mostly point and click. And if you stuck somewhere I am here to help all the time, you can check comments history above. So there is nothing to worry about I think :)

Changes to styling->background doesn’t seem to work. I tried to change both Body Background Color and Body Background Image with no success.

You can check it here: beta.kaistinkorfikanela.gr

It is actually working, but not reflecting because of over-riding of background by another selector. It was needed for specific design of this theme. I will find a work-around of this problem today.

this issue is fixed , and updated on themeforest, please redownload :)

Furthermore, you mention in Homepage-> About us/Testimonials

Show Testimonials: Display the Testimonials on the right side of this, if disabled about section flows to full container.

However if disabled, about section remains in the left side and not to full container.

Seems like a little bug with my yesterday update. I will fix it today and re-submit update. PS: If you email me from my profile page, I will reply you alot faster :)

this issue is fixed , and updated on themeforest, please redownload :)


We when I am going to install your recommended plugin then I am getting error for two plugin. Please help me ASAP.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home3/escom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_output.class.php on line 54

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home3/escom/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_output.class.php on line 54

Please help on these issue on urgent basis.



Thank you for your purchase. This error is not related to my theme or the plugin, its because of memory allocation settings in php.ini file of your server. What you can do : 1) Try adding this line to your wp-config.php file: define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘64M’); 2) If first doesnt work, I suggest you emailing your webhost about it and they increase the limit easily for you.

Please read more about this problem here : http://wordpress.org/support/topic/fatal-error-allowed-memory-size-of-33554432-bytes-exhausted-2

Also, if nothing works, please email me from my profile page and I will provide deeper help. Thanks.