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Hi, it’s a great theme.

I want to insert [Login], [My account] and [language selection box] on the very top of header section. Can I ? if so, where should I look for to edit?



Right now , there is no provision for it. However , a new update coming end of this week including those options. I will message you once its available.

Thank you but seems like there is no update yet. When do you think will it be implemented? I’m looking forward to it.

Sorry for delay, and I appreciate your patience. It took long as I added few more features too. I just submitted an update, it will be approved very soon.


I have a couple of questions about the template.

1 – In the area of testimony, is that I can change the color of the image (2) modifying the sprite-a.png file, but my problem is I can not locate how to change the color (1). Same is somewhere css?

Besides, could spread a little space between the title and the photo (3)?

View image http://www.innonweb.es/duda_1.jpg

2 – In the area of product categories (on the homepage). How I can make the image be a link to the category page? I mean that the image click on it as clicking on the button “View more”.

View image http://www.innonweb.es/duda_2.png

I am delighted with the template, but I also I’d like the update avisases when included functionality “login”.

thank you very much



First , I request you to email me via profile page so that we can communicate via email which is way faster and easier.

for changing the arrows , this is the code, you can place it in theme-options/general/display/customcss. If you find problem in modifying sprite u can just put any image absolute path in this code.
.widget_templatation_testimonials .bx-prev, .widget_templatation_testimonials .bx-next {
    background: url("images/sprite-a.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 #F3AD9D;

.widget_templatation_testimonials .bx-prev:hover, 
.widget_templatation_testimonials .bx-next:hover {
background-color: #E75A39
note the color colors in above code which you can modify as you want. First is default , second is on mouse hover. About space btwn title and image:
.widget_templatation_testimonials {
    margin-top: 20px;

For last question , please see : http://templatation.com/forums/showthread.php/3-How-to-link-the-images-in-product-boxes-to-product-details-page-too


Hey, Please could you tell me how to add an image to the BG of the nav and header around the logo and body? It is all the same tileable square pattern. Thanks

Sorry for all these issues…as I said Im no newbie but this theme isnt very straightforward to integrate into existing theme…I have enabled extreme bottom bar/copyright section but it does not appear. There is also a recipe category dropdown in the footer which I cannot seem to delete or change – it is an empty menu currently?

All my previous portfolio posts (all recipes) seem to disappear when I enable JustShop theme??

First, thank you for purchasing the theme.

Not sure what you are trying to do.

- This is already a theme , what do you mean by integrating it to ‘another’ theme? - There is no receipe category dropdown in footer. infact there is no dropdown in footer at all. - The theme doesnt even have anything to do with recipe, and I doubt if the theme has ‘recipe’ word exists in it at all.

Please email me from my profile page with your website URL , then only I can assist you better and easier. ( because then i can see things visually what you mean).

Thanks again.

Hi, Would you tell me how can I center the menu in the center of the page? Thanks for your support.


It needs some css modification , its coming in a new header layouts in next version within 3 days. I would suggest to wait for that :)

I am not sure if I am the only one having this problem with your demo, but the navigation doesn’t react when clicked on the first time. I have checked different browsers, desktop and mobile. Mobile seems to be the worst with no reaction from menu items and desktop will respond on second click.

I just tested it and it works fine on my end , also no one else reported this issue , can you try after removing themeforest bar on the top.

Also , in email its much quicker to get response , I saw you emailed too, I almost typed the reply there.


Firstly I would like to say this is a great theme, so thank you :)

I am building a website on behalf of a friend, the website URL is www.cakesbykels.co.uk

I would like to remove all responsiveness from the website. I read a few previous comments that this would be coming in the next update! If this is in the next update do you know when it will be coming, or would it be possible to show me which css needs to be removed from the code to stop it being responsive!!!

I have already installed a child theme with some changes, and have an ok understanding of css so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem once i know which code is to be removed!

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and I look forward to hearing from you,


Matthew Cornwell

Remove responsiveness feature is already done and implemented , please download the latest version and you will see it on bottom of General Settings :)

Request: I request you to message from the account the theme is bought please.


Where can i found below plugins.? ( its not included in download zip ) Revolution Slider (Cool Slider plugin) Magic Square Go-Pricing table (Pricing table plugin)


If you have latest version , you can install those plugins by a new menu added by theme in Appearance -> Install plugins.



it gives me below error.

Downloading install package from D:wampwwwRIG/wp-content/themes/justshop/includes/tt-plugins/plugins/envato-wordpress-toolkit-master.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

When i download theme files form theme forest thins plugins zip files not available in downloaded file. Please suggest where can i found this plugins zip file.slider plugin is paid and you mention that this plugin is available with theme purchase.

Thank you Nishit maheta

Update : Sorted via email. :)


Where can i found below plugins.? ( its not included in download zip ) 1) Revolution Slider (Cool Slider plugin) 2)Magic Square 3)Go-Pricing table (Pricing table plugin)

replied in last comment.

Hi. Is this OK with WordPress 3.6?

Yes it is. Updated on sidebar too :)

You mentioned in a previous post an update coming towards the end of the week. Any idea when that might hit? I’m looking at purchasing but want to get the latest version without then having to update it soon after.


Yes, but I thought about adding couple more cool features so it might take 3 more days. I am sorry for keeping you waiting but you will love the new additions.

Excellent. Thank You! :)

Its updated now and live. :)

Without doubt the best support I have ever experienced with a theme.

Theme itself is great – versatile, functional and stylish

Thank you very much :)

Hi, I found that when I added a product into my cart, the basket cart on the top right corner does not update till I refresh the page manually. Can this be fixed? Also, is it possible to clear my cart when I close my browser even I do not do any purchasing?


Dynamic cart update coming in next version. There is an option of cart management in woocommerce settings, but its when one logout. Please understand I merely styled wp/woocommerce by using css/images its woothemes.com who can answer this question better.


This message isn´t request to the author of the template, but yes a thanks.

I am delighted with the JUSTSHOP template and the tecnical support provided by the author.

A great service after sales and a great template.



Thank you very much , appreciate it :)

Any ideas why my page is looking like this?


Thank you for purchasing, and sorry for the trouble.

Please setup this page as “Homepage” in wp-admin/ settings/ readings, and it will work fine.

I have fixed this bug in v2.7 which I just submitted.

How can I add a table to a page (using default template)? For example, I’d like a a 3 column, 3 row table; row 1 spans all three columns and holds a title that is centered. row 2 will have the three columns with images and text. row 3 spans all three columns and has a button. I tried using the shortcode button but nothing comes up when I click on “column”. I found shortcode in the shortcode php and used this [threecol_one]text here[/threecol_one] but it didn’t work. I also tried div tags but that also didn’t work.

Hello! The Newsletter signup footer widget doesn’t appear on my woocommerce product pages but on all the other pages: http://fancypantsfood.com/product/monthly-plan. I have unchecked “enable woocommerce css” in woocommerce>general and the widget is in the footer area in “appearance” menu. Do you know how to make it appear? Thanks for your help.

Hey, Are you sure you havent defined a custom footer-2 widget area for woocommerce pages in Appearance-> Widget areas.

If not , is there any chance you can share your admin details from my profile page ?

wow, you’re good. I unchecked “disable in posts” and that made it appear. I didn’t realize woocommerce pages were considered “posts”. thanks!

Hi! Can you tell me how I can show more than three categories on the homepage? On your example it named “Celebration Cakes ”, “Fruit Desserts ” and “Little Cupcakes ”.

Hi, Please go to theme-options/homepage/product categories. Thanks


I saw the demo and it is amazingly beautiful, but I’m afraid I don’t need an store, more like a place where customers could place orders. It’s hard to have an entirely special cake baked to sell with the exact characteristics desired. I need a form where customers could customize products. And even so, I didn’t find an login area so customers could follow their orders. Is it possible to add those? I’m a little afraid to purchase it if it won’t serve my needs.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for appreciation.

Yes, its possible, you would need to install woocommerce plugin by the way , but you can disable the store from a button in admin.(this will handle login/registration etc)

Then for adding customization forms you can add a plugin like gravity forms or some other great free one’s.

Hi Templatation!

I want to add an audio player to my website. The problem is that does not work any of the plugins I installed (I tried with 5 or 6 plugins). Do you know what could be the problem? Do you know any audio pluggin could be useful? Thank you very much!

Kind Regards! :) Patricia.

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for purchasing , honestly I havent tried running audio player on the site yet , can you email me from my profile page with your website URL and I can further investigate and cure the problem.

Thanks :)

Is it possible to re-create the content area on the home page to an interior page?

Where it says About 2/3 on left and the right(1/3) is the testimonials. I want to duplicate this and the background behind it…

Yes , this is possible. But requires a bit of efforts.

The section you are talking about comes from a template file, you can see its code in template-home.php and reuse it for the page template you want. (you might need to create a new page template for it, you can reuse prebuilt and just rename the file name and template name on top of the file.)

You can email me from profile page if you need further instructions. :)


I have installed the theme and Wordpress works, but when i go to the URL, it gives the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_product() in /home/bestechocolade.nl/public_html/bestechocolade.nl/wp-content/themes/justshop/includes/wc-zm/class.yith-wcmg-frontend.php on line 87

Can anybody help me?

Hi ,

Thank you for buying the theme , ofcourse you will get help. 1) please make sure all files were uploaded fine. 2) I would prefer if you re-install theme from wp-admin instead of ftp. 3) Have you installed woocommerce , yet ?

please email me from profile page with your website URL and I can have a deeper look.

Update: Fixed when woocommerce updated.

Thanks for your fast reply! It works!