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Hi Templation,

Thank you for creating such a nice theme!

I noticed this question has been posted before, but couldn’t view the answer because it was emailed to the user. So, please provide the answer here or email it to me. My contact information is here, http://valmedia.net.

The revolution slider will not show up in the JustShop theme. I have tried deactivating and reactivating the plug-ins. The theme looks very different from the demo. Any idea where I went wrong or what I should be doing differently?

Thanks for your help!


Thank you for purchasing the theme. The problem is not clear to me , you didnt give me your URL so I cant see anything.

What I can say now is did you try doing basic setup found here : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop/

Please message from my profile page with your website link then only I can assist further.


I’m having an issue when using image captions. For some reason the background for captions isn’t showing up (just white). I tried changing in the CSS but no luck. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks again for the great template and support.

Please provide more details , url to the page/object you are referring. You can send me email from profile page if you want url to be private.


This is a nice theme. I would like to ask before purchasing, can the client add multiple address on the the checkout page? Like they want to deliver it to different places.

Thank you


Thank you for your interest. Please understand its only a theme and the feature you are mentioning is related to woocommerce core.

But to answer the question, by default there are 2 addresses user can enter , billing and shipping address. If you want to enable multi-address shipping , there are extensions like this http://docs.woothemes.com/document/multiple-ship-to-addresses/ its not free , there must be free options too but I am sorry I am not aware about them.

Thanks again for appreciation. Regards.

Hi there, I was thinking about purchasing this template, but I had a few questions before I did. I am interested in the option of having radio buttons on the menu. Can we switch in the radio buttons in place of the default? I also wanted to know that if we could add in radio buttons, if a customer was to order something by pressing on the radio buttons and then wanted to press on another radio button to indicate that they wanted extra, can we set a price on individual radio buttons even the sub categorical ones? Thanks


Thank you for your interest, please understand its only a theme, and not a complete functional shop software. Its a mere styling for woocommerce plugin. In my opinion you should look at Gravityform plugin seriously for this requirement. The theme styles Gravityfrom plugin well. (Please note gravityform plugin costs extra and I am in no connection with them, just suggesting you a solution that I know of.)


Ok, so I looked up different forms of the Gravityform plugin and I found that this one seems to work best with what we want to do: (http://www.woothemes.com/products/product-add-ons/). Would we be able to use this plugin on your template? Thanks

Hey, Yes, this addon will work. Actually all addons from top sources (like if its from creators of woocommerce themself) will work !

Great theme, Pls how do i change the header to a different color instead of white? This is very important for my web project. Thanks.


Thanks for purchasing. Which layout are you using , This should work:
#header {
    background: #CC6600;

Please email me with your website URL as well , so that I can help deeper.

Could you help me with the bottom portion of the homepage (featured area). For some reason it looks like a mask of sorts, so like one of the choices is being cut off…not sure what setting to change to get it to display as your template did in the beginning…I have a screenshot i can send.

There are hundreds of ways to share image today, try http://prntscr.com/. Sorry I cant help without seeing it because it might even make things worse.

ooh thanks. Here you go – see how it only shows 2 at the bottom and it’s cut off? I want it show three like the template. http://prntscr.com/1vzabe

Nevermind, i think i got it. Sorry to bug ya. =) Thanks for all your help!

Hello, I want to buy the them but can you answer if this theme comes with demo package?


Yes, theme comes with demo xml that you can import. Please note images used in demo are not included , placeholder images are included in the xml instead.


Is there a way to show all testimonials on one page with a shortcode?

can you help me get this section of the theme setup? I try following the documentation but I can;t seem to figure it out :( http://prntscr.com/1uqone

a step by step instruction will help or at least what is require so that they show up.



If you shared your website URL I could have told you exact problem :) Anyway, Sure , here are the steps….

1) Make sure you have “Custom homepage” page template selected for the home. 2) Theme-options/Homepage make sure you have enabled the product categories to show up. 3) Make sure you have no widgets in “Homepage” widget sidebar in Appearance -> Widgets. 4) Make sure you have woocommerce plugin installed , and it has atleast 3 categories with products and thumbnail assigned to them.


Is there a way to hide the meta in single blog posts? I don’t want to see comments/categories. thanks!

Ofcourse , please edit <theme-root>/single.php and you will find code of everything. Its laid it well so that you can identify what is for what.

if you still face problem, please email me with your website URL and what exactly you want to remove and I will help.

Hi there,

I am wanting to buy this theme but want to change a small thing on it. How much do you charge to add something below the menu bar? It will just be a PNG image of a shop front that I can give to you.

Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam,

I think its better if you email me from my profile page with more details of what you exactly want. May be share the png image too.

Hello, I purchased your theme and I was wondering if I can add more than 1 location in the contact us area. Thanks in advance!


Thank you for purchasing ,yes , Please create a normal page and in content editor place locations manually. Then select ‘Contact us’ as page template and this editor box content will show up above map and contact form. In other words we are not using theme options Locations settings , we are putting them manually on page editor itself.

Hope this helps.

Hi! I want the products to have the sidebar to the top of the page, is that possible? I remember that it was possible but I cant find the way to do that! Also, I want to hide the “related products”, is that possible? This is my products page: http://duplee.com.ar/tienda/bowls-flor-roja-borde-rojo/ Thanks!

Hi! I tried but it dissapear everything under the product info. I just want the sidebar to be at the top of the page. Like that: http://duplee.com.ar/Captura.JPG. Thanks!

Hi! I tried but it dissapear everything under the product info. I just want the sidebar to be at the top of the page. Like that: http://duplee.com.ar/Captura.JPG. Thanks!

It seems like it requires some more settings, I will send you updated file please send me message from my profile page so that I can attach files to you.

Another question i had is – is there a way to make the product viewing page display in the alternate view? The one that you can choose to change it to next to the sorting dropdown.

I would like this to be the default instead of the first option. Is that possible?

Yes its possible, please go to theme-options/woocommerce/settings/Catalog , and on bottom you will find a way to switch the default view.

Aw, perfect! Thanks for the quick response!


very nice Theme ! I would like to purchase it to use it as a product show place and description but not for ecomerce and sales. Is it possible or I have to use it with WooComerce ? Can I only just use it as a Wordpress Theme ?

Thank you :)


Thank you for your interest, and yes ofcourse its possible , using woocommerce or not is completely your choice. This is indeed a wordpress theme (compatible with woocommerce). But please note few features will not work if you dont use woocommerce. My suggest is you use woocommerce but change the theme to catalog mode, then eCommerce functionality gets disabled. :)

Great !

How (where) can I change the theme to catalog mode ?

Thanks for purchasing. Theme Options/woocommerce , the last option )

Hello,we are developing a site with this theme and for some reason not matter what we do, we cannot get the homepage to display anything other than the latest posts. In “Settings/Reading” I have set the “Front page displays” as a static page “Homepage”. THAT page has the “Custom Homepage” template applied to it as per the instructions. Funny thing is, it WAS working fine and then just all the sudden switched to display posts for some reason. Been troubleshooting this quite extensively so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can view here: http://holly.sitesee.ca/. Please let me know if you require backend access. Thanks!

I’m sorry, I totally forgot about the maintenance plugin, I’ve disabled it now. You can now see what it’s doing. I’ve done the following things:

Theme Options/Homepage - Display About / Testimonial section. >> Checked - Display the content area with either page content or a list of blog posts. >> Checked

Settings/Reading Settings - Front page displays: A static page (selected “Homepage”)

Pages/Homepage - “Template” under page attributes is set to “Custom Homepage”

I tried creating a new home page and applied the “Custom Homepage” template which works (http://holly.sitesee.ca/home/), but as soon as I set this page as the frontpage in the Settings/Reading Settings, it has the same result.

This really sounds strange, may be some plugin playing here ?

Can you please email me your wp-admin details from my profile page, I will have a look deeper.

SOLVED! Did some more troubleshooting based on what you said about the plugins, deactivated all my plugins and slowly added them back one by one and found the culprit to be “The Event Calendar” and a setting within there that was checked “Include events in main blog loop”. Unchecking that fixed the problem.

Thanks for your help.

Hi- This theme looks great, I just have a presale question:

Your theme would suite my client nicely. However, I was wondering how difficult customization would be in the terms of branding. Would I be able to change the color of the footer and background textures? The clients colors are pink and pink/white stripes. I was looking to incorporate that somewhere?



Thank you for your interest. yes , you can rebrand the theme easily if you know bit of css and photoshop. Many customers do a new color scheme within few hours. :)

Hi there,

I can’t seem to get my Category images to be the same size as yours. I must be missing some thing really obvious? =] Also was there a plugin for the slider or images I need to download? I recall seeing something in the instructions but couldn’t find it again.

Thanks! Sam.

Thanks for that sorted it! I’ve come across another issue now. My product images have become small on the product page and I have made them bigger in the Woocommerce part under the setting you put yours in but they won’t become the same size as yours.. http://bloomsberry.actrix.co.nz/?product=emergency-dark


It seems like you have setup 3 columns by default , thats why images are being shrinked to fit the 3 column. Please go to Theme-options/woocommerce and select 2 in product columns. Hope this helps.

Awesome! Worked a charm. Thanks for your help!

Hi Templation,

I’m really interested in buying this theme to use for my website, however before I do I just wanted to clarify whether it’s possible to change the the colours of features such as the background and body texts etc. I realise that this would be a straight-forward change in the CSS but I have had some themes which have been limited in their customisation so would just like to assuage my concerns before purchase.

Beautiful theme, I really would love to use it!

Hey Recluso,

Thanks for your interest , and ofcourse , you can do most of changes like those from theme options panel. But to make it perfect and to next level, you can write a few line of css styles (in themeoptions panel itself) and it will work like a charm. (It is indeed straight-forward like you said, as all standards of wordpress and general webdevelopment were followed.)

Can you please tell me how i can make the widgets sidebar in the Shops base page go right instead of left (like your demo page)?. I tried the layout option in the page editor but it doesnt do anything.

Also i cant find the “Sort by color” widget you have on your demo site.

I have done some major changes in the layout.css file, can you point me the fixed class so i can replace only that?

Thanks again for you answer and support.

Nevermind me, i saw your comment in the css file, don’t forget to add the line in the non-responsive.css file too :)

Ofcourse, non-responsive.css gets updated right before I push the updates on themeforest. :)